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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Tamie in Acid reflux   
    My first fill went fine, one poke and 3cc. Second attempt 10 pokes, no go, went to xray and port was flipped completely over. Dr tried manually turning it back, but wouldn't budge.
    As long as it's just tipped, you should be fine.
    Even with this bump in the road, I'd do it again.
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from tankheadmommy in For all of my Christian Family - STOP ... NO guilt over getting or wanting a Lapband!   
    You wrote this almost 1yr to the day of me reading this and it's really something I needed to hear. I've been struggling with this for 6mths now and I believe God just used you to confirm what I already knew.
    Thank you for being faithful to God's word! God Bless!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from jules50 in Be Honest- Is Banded Life Hard?   
    I'm almost 4 wks out and so far it has been easy. I have no cravings. Matter of fact, I used to only drink Water with Propel in it and now it is way to sweet and I prefer plain Water.< /p>
    The best thing you are doing is asking questions and researching everything you need to know before being banded. Continue to do that because I believe knowledge is power. I spent 7mths learning before being banded and so far nothing has surprised me. I practiced the banded way of eating, small plate,small bites,chew 20-30 times, put your fork down between bites and wait one minute before next bite, healthier choices ,more Protein,less carbs. Drink lots of water and try out some Protein shakes and see what you like. I lost 35lbs before banding and I really believe it made it easier after banding.
    Keep asking questions and reading post.
    Best wishes on your journey!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Introduction (Per first message)   
    That is fantastic! Welcome to the forum. Will be watching for your success story.
    I was just at my drs yesterday, for a fill. I was telling him about my time on this board and he said " I'm really happy you are on the forum, support is very important in succeeding".
    Good Luck on your journey!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Welcome Lap Band Veterans!   
    Happy Baniversary ajtexas! 1yr and below goal. WTG, workin that band!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Welcome Lap Band Veterans!   
    I never came on here before b/c I thought it was for ppl at goal.
    Think I have enough post.lol
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in she didnt know me it was me..   
    Bout time everyone caught up with us, we've known you are awesome from the get go. Some ppl are just slow.lol
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Shelf Butt Blues   
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Shelf Butt Blues   
    I think I feel a song coming....
    Yep, yep definitely ....
    I got my apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur. Something something looking at her.
    Give my big booty a smack
    Going low low low
    You started it!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Shelf Butt Blues   
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Shelf Butt Blues   
    You got it babe!!!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Shelf Butt Blues   
    Oh you guys have done it now.
    Can't get the song by Sir Mix A Lot, Baby Got Back out of my head.....
    I like big butts and I can not lie......
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from naenaern777 in Maintaining For 10 Months   
    Hey FL, I've been wondering about you. Congratulations on your 3yr Bandiversary! You have always been an inspiration to us all. I just celebrated 1y Bandiversary on Oct 15. I have lost 102lbs and 30 lbs to go.
    Really happy you stopped by.
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    Maddysgram reacted to pink dahlia in Spirituality and LapBand ?   
    Hmmmmmmm. Good question. Im not religeous in the typical sense, I dont go to church or read the bible, but I have great faith in God and talk with him often. I couldnt get my body to respond to a popular weight loss program , so I got banded and have done well the last 2 years. I believe that God has great plans for me, I often ask him what he wants me to do, and I could'nt live a happy life while being overweight. I think I can do more for myself and the world if im healthy and strong, in mind, body and soul. I dont know if this is the answer you're looking for, but it is what it is. Best of luck to you !!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Debbie3sons in Is It True What They Say???   
    Dr Oz says its true.
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from Joy1961 in What do you like?   
    Love shopping for regular clothes, not 1x,2x3x.
    Love being able to walk.
    Love not worrying the table is too close to the bench seat in a restaurant.
    Love the fact I no longer need any b/p medications.
    Love the fact, God willing, will be around to see my grandchildren grow.
    Love the friends I made coming here.
    Like Floridays said "this lust is endless". Love that girl!
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    Maddysgram got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in What do you like?   
    LOL "This lust is endless. For the first time I feel my body matches my mindset!"
    Can't wait to get there....
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    Maddysgram reacted to FLORIDAYS in What do you like?   
    Since getting to my goal weight I found I like to shop!! Ok maybe I love to shop because EVERYTHING fits!!
    I also don't mind being photographed. I don't mind telling my weight or age for that matter. I like that I can sit in the middle seat of a car, plane or restaurant booth all of which I wouldn't have attempted before. I love knowing I am not the heaviest girl in the room. I love dressing up just to run errands. I now like not craving dessert or bread. I actually now like lawn work, putting on a bathing suit and parking far away from the door.
    This lust is endless. For the first time I feel my body matches my mindset!
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    Maddysgram reacted to kll724 in What do you like?   
    All of the above!!I Also, I love that no one remembers the fat lady at church, anymore. Church is my main activity, and I am considered normal. Being able to keep up with a grandchild at an all day outdoors field trip. Congrats to us oldtimers for a job well done and the job ahead at maintaining our losses! Karen
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    Maddysgram reacted to PattyGirl66 in What do you like?   
    As I am still losing weight, and I have a lot more to go, but...
    I like that I am getting back into some clothes that were laying around forever in the closet.
    I like that I can fit into jeans that are 4 sizes smaller.
    I like that I can bend down to tie my sneakers/laces.
    I like that I can walk and exercise without feeling like I would die.
    I like that I have a lot more energy.
    I like that my wedding rings are no longer tight.
    I like that my hip doesn't hurt as much as they use too. (this is a big deal because I have one hip replaced and the other one is going).
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    Maddysgram reacted to DELETE THIS ACCOUNT! in What do you like?   
    1. My 2 mile walks, especially since before I couldn't even make it to the corner
    2. Being able to walk without a cane
    3. People's reaction to seeing me who haven't seen me in a year or more
    4. Flying without needing a seat belt extender
    5. Not worrying if I'll fit in chairs
    6. Being able to be active in my kids' lives
    7. Not feeling like a total embarrassment to my kids (though they never made me feel that way, it's just how I felt)
    8. No longer having a sleep apenea. In fact, no longer snoring at all.
    9. Having hope for my future
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    Maddysgram reacted to Dulci in What do you like?   
    1. Parking on the top floor of the parking garage on purpose and taking the stairs by choice. Some mornings I used to use my DH's disabled parking pass because my knees hurt too badly to walk.
    2. Folding clothes. I keep thinking that my shirts shrank in the dryer because they are so small. I slip them on, and they fit! *I* wear a size small.
    3. Seeing my PCP. Last time, she told me to check in with her next year, unless I have something pop-up sooner. No more quarterly visits for med refills.
    4. Going to the beach.
    5. Looking in the mirror.
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    Maddysgram reacted to JennyBee in What do you like?   
    Wearing low rise skinny jeans!!! Just bought a pink pair today....size 7!!!!!
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    Maddysgram reacted to willowcat in What do you like?   
    Crossing my legs
    Fitting in economy seats on planes (plus not having to ask for a seatbelt extension)
    Not sweating profusely from moderate activity
    Wearing shoes without orthotics (I had to because of all the weight my poor feet had to carry)
    Sitting in any chair I want to without having to gauge whether or not I am going to fit (chairs with arms were the worst!)
    Eating in public without feeling like people are thinking "No wonder you're fat."
    Pain-free knees
    Wearing clothes picked for aesthetics rather than for camouflage
    No more sleep apnea
    No more insulin resistance and fear of diabetes
    Feeling normal
    Some of these I'd forgotten about. Wow! I don't ever want to go back! That was horrible! Thanks for the opportunity to be oh-so GRATEFUL for where I am now!
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    Maddysgram reacted to Holly Dolly in What do you like?   
    1. tying my shoes without getting out of breath
    2. paint my toes with ease
    3. shopping for pants in the size 4 section
    4. running a 5 k
    just to name a few!

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