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  1. Izuri

    It is possible?

    My insurance covered it without any medical tests or nutritionist visits, diet or documented weight loss attempts. Just had the requirements from my barix clinic, which was a psych eval, blood test, and liquid diet the day before surgery. It can happen - lucky us for not having to jump through a ton of hoops =)
  2. Izuri

    Early for a stall?

    Stalls are normal, and they are not clockwork. Not everyone gets them, some people get a number of them, and they can strike whenever our bodies feel like being frustrating. You've lost quite a bit, your body will catch up and start losing again. Hang in there =)
  3. I always was heavier than my BMI said I should be. I was larger than most of my friends growing up, but I was taller. Looking back, I was barely overweight at the time, but family and friends did make comments and I felt huge. So yeah, I have been battling my weight my entire life since I was about 7 or 8 and my parents put me in a 'shape down' program.
  4. Ok. Not trying to slam any type of relationship, but from your comments, the type of relationship you have set up with your husband is not really helping your self-esteem at all. If you disagree, or you think I have no right to bring it up, that's totally fine, and this is my - I'm going to have an opinion - disclaimer. You are working on you. Your husband married someone who was 'in progress'. At marriage we are almost all at some in progress point, be it career or body or spirit. No matter what you have/will lose, you had a major surgery. That means that parts of your body and mind were altered in the process. If you have an open relationship, then what he said while maybe he should shut his mouth and be more respectful, is less hurtful. I could never see being ok with my boyfriend oogling other women in front of me. We have NO open in our relationship. I expect him to be faithful. Do I expect him not to have thoughts? Absolutely not. But he had better well respect my feelings, and I will do the same. Even if we were open relationship - there would have to be an agreement about whether we talk about it or not. It feels like you guys have failed somewhere in this communication. Would I leave him? Honestly, yes. For me, hearing about him lusting after another woman would stay in my mind for a very long time. Had we agreed upon an open relationship and I hadn't heard it? I might not leave. Either way, you matter. You are important. No matter what you said, no matter what he said...you need to observe your own feelings and practice. No one can give you a 'right' answer to this. You need to move on as you feel comfortable.
  5. Izuri

    I hate skinny Beotchs

    I struggle with this! Working in health care you have to develop the ability to empathize with everyone. Maybe she feels so icky and bad about her 90 pound figure that she feels like she needs to lose 10. Imagine how that must feel. How she must hate her body with no curves. I bet it's just as much hate as I had for myself when I had WAY too much curve! So the truth is, we're all in the same lonely boat. No matter if it's over or under target weight, many of us feel the stress of achieving that 'healthy weight'. I've tried to remind myself of this as classmates whine about losing weight while stressed. It's hard to stay objective, but being THIN is not always amazing. Being HEALTHY is what we're aiming for, whether too thin or too fat.
  6. It's normal to gain. If you are losing, losing, losing, and have a high day, you gain. It is Water usually. If you are following the diet and doing well, then your fluctuations in weight will be water only. If you don't eat much your body panics. Where is your water intake?! Are you going to eat again?! It's not smart enough to know that you're feeling poor and will eat the next couple days so it holds on to all that water in hopes that it will keep you from dehydrating. This is NORMAL. i gained between 3-5 pounds every once in a while and I would lose it again. No big deal. I drink occasionally. When I drink, I retain AT LEAST 1 pound the next day. I just know it's coming and prepare myself mentally. It disappears again. Just follow your diet, it will pick back up.
  7. I am saving for a boob job. I have lost a lot in my chest area, went down maybe 2 cup sizes so far. They look great in a bra, but not so amazing out of it.
  8. July 8th was my birthday! I hope all you July 8th sleevers are doing well!! =)
  9. Izuri

    Before/After 5 months out

    You look incredible! Keep flaunting off that body =)
  10. My quick easy losing phase ended about two months ago, which was about 10 months post-op. I am still losing but it has slowed down a lot. Over the past 2-3 months I have lost about 7 pounds. I still have to get down quite a bit more, so I gotta kick up the exercise since it's not coming as easily. But I am down 137 pounds in those 10 months so it's not a big deal that it's slowed down a bit =)
  11. Izuri


    I get more full on thick proteins. I have never had a problem with hunger other than head hunger, but I can fill myself up quickly with a piece of chicken or beef if it's not shredded, so it may be partly in the food stage that you're in. Maybe you need more protein filled foods? Add some protein powder and see if that helps maybe. If you are still having a lot of hunger after adding more dense proteins/foods, maybe give your doctor a call.
  12. Izuri


  13. Izuri

    I have another ?

    Yes, you can use an equivalent dose of childrens tylenol, that's what I did. However, I would pick up the adult liquid tylenol because the children's is SO sugary that it was pretty icky to drink so much of it. At least with the adults liquid you don't have to take quite as much.
  14. Izuri

    One Year Before and After Pics

    You look amazingggg! =) And you are so close to goal - keep going strong!
  15. Izuri


    Yayyy!!!! You can hit 175! You should be so proud of yourself =)

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