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  1. Jenhort

    hardest workout you have done post op

    I just started pushing myself on my eliptical. I usually do 20 mins on level 8. Three weeks ago, I started doing 250 strides on level 18(highest is 20). I have tried to improve every time in my reps per min. Its getting close to 48 today. I never ever would have challenged myself before this surgery. I so enjoy being able to walk my dogs for an hour no problem, ride my bike and just then spend the rest of the day not being wiped out or discouraged. Love this feeling! Oh yeah, I try all kinds of dance videos too. I could never do them before. I dont do them for exercise, just for fun..imagine that.lol
  2. You know what? I had those exact same worries during my preop and directly after my sleeve...Those thoughts exactly.....every social thing EVERYTHING is centered around food! I though to myself that I would never be able to partake in anything social again! I had forgotten about those thoughts until you had brought them up! lol I have gone to many social gatherings in the last year....the first one was about 6 weeks out....I just pushed a bit of food around on my plate....but I really did connect with everyone there! I have actuallly become more social now because I feel more comfortable in those settings. My relationships with family and friends have improved because it is not about the food anymore, it is about the people. When I go to social gatherings, I eat some kind of protien...fish or some other piece of meat and then I also have tastes of things that are really good. I dont care too much for sweets anymore, I dont feel good afterwards.. As for alcohol, I used to drink a few times a week especially duriing the summer, party party party, now I dont really care to.. of course summer is coming again and I am sure I will drink more. These issues didnt become the big thing I thought they would. I just roll with it and do my best. If I want to continue to lose, I have to make the right choices. sometimes I focus on having a good week instead of a good day. Hopefully this will happen for your husband too. I hope you and he do well with this, it is hard and I know you want to support him...and I think there should be more support for family....kinda like al-anon. cuz yeah, how do you know what to say or not to say??? Good luck!
  3. This IS HARD!!!! Most of us "know all there is to know about losing weight" We know it backwards sideways and upside down! I have discovered and finally come to terms that this is an addiction and I am playing a head game! These battles I am fighting are all in my head. This surgery made it easier to stick to those rules and helped me to think more about my choices...why am I hungry?? or am I really hungry??? what is it that I really want?? I have experienced alot of self discovery this past year, sometimes I think I have it down and then I realize I still have to work for this... and damn I wish I could have done this without such an extreme surgery...but I had to do it for my own health. Time was running out in my life. I would not wish this on anyone. And I dont expect anyone to understand me, but it sure does help when people do attempt to understand! Yup I did this allll to myself over a lifetime. I am the only one that can undo this. I am also lucky to have family and friends that support me and this website sure does help too!
  4. Jenhort

    Kick Ass April - Fitness Challenge! Who's In?

    ow...100 squats....lol
  5. Jenhort

    Kick Ass April - Fitness Challenge! Who's In?

    ok yeah, explain what they are i will do it!
  6. sweets are carbs and the more you eat the more you crave... try counting your protiens first...get them all in. Then maybe you wont have room for the sweet stuff. I went thru the same thing and had to start keeping my food diary again. I use myfitnesspal. I went thru this at about 7 months..it is a bit easier now. good luck! I didnt gain weight but I certainly didnt lose any either! This is hard dammit! I also made sure to get all my water in too.
  7. Jenhort

    Hair Loss after WLS

    I am a year out and I cut my hair short so my thinning hair wouldnt be so noticable but good news, I can see new growth!! It is about 2 inches so it has been there for a bit. My hair is thin and fine anyways...but if you keep up on getting your protien in...yay
  8. Jenhort

    I miss my friend "food'

    It so funny that after a year, I still want to gravitate back to my old ways..at least I am strong now to recognize and not go there. I have to figure out what it is that I am actually wanting or missing...food was my friend for so long. I have been exercising more and I feel better about that. Soon the weather will be better and things will be easier I think.. I think I have been dealing with the winter blues and it is time for the sun to come out so I wont be in the house so much! One day at a time...
  9. Jenhort

    Best high protuen foods to eat

    I eat alot of chicken breast...I bake it, cut it up then add a little fat free mayo and salt and pepper, or whatever spice I feel for the week. It does feel like a brick in my stomach but that it the point for me! It keeps me full with lots of protien and low carbs/cals. I eat alot of fish and turkey too. If I get my protien in first, I dont have room to munch on other things. I eat alot of poached eggs and greek yogurt too....plain with a packet of sweetner. At this point, my diet is pretty bland and alot of the same foods but I decided I have to to do this for awhile if I want to get to my goal. Once I am there, I will add other things. I went for a period of about 3 months at a standstill because I was not concentrating on protiens and I had the cravings for meals that everyone else in the house was eating. They were for the most part healthy but too many carbs and not enough protien. I will go back to that when I want to maintain. ( I hope this grand plan of mine works...so far so good, I broke the plateau)
  10. Jenhort

    One year ago

    A year ago this week I started my two week pre op diet....I was so scared that I couldnt do it! It was tough! But my mnd was right and I knew that I needed to get healthy. Now as I look back, I am proud of how far I have made it. It is a journey and it has been slow going the last 6 months but I have always moved forward and it is a process of lifestyle change. Almost 35 years of bad habits are hard to change and break. I had always thought that this was an impossible dream and I have never had success with something this hard. I have and advanced degree and THAT was hard work but school was not that hard for me and I had no doubts I could do this. When I started this weight loss journey I had so many doubts and had always failed before. This tool that was provided for me helped me, but I have never worked so hard at something like this. It is life changing in so many ways. I knew going into this that this is a lifetime battle. I will always have to fight this. It feels good to have some kind of victory though! Keep moving forward....slow but sure...I can do this!
  11. Jenhort

    Back on track

    I haven't posted in awhile....life is getting in the way. I am finally on track again, I started tracking my calories and protien and making a point to drink all of my water and of course exercise. I am at 220 now and I am on my way.
  12. Jenhort

    Beer or Wine

    I do, but I drink Bud select 55 or vodka with diet or rum with diet....it still makes me very sleepy later and the next day I have no energy. Everything else seems too sweet to me and since I count calories, its just not worth it.
  13. Jenhort

    Anyone Suffer With Ulcers?

    I think I have an ulcer....I am almost one year post op and have been doing ok with my high protien low carb diet but at six months I started drinking coffee again...just one large cup most days....and a few weeks ago I took ibuprofen twice for a bad sunburn....now for the last 5 days I have had some pretty bad burning pain in my stomach...cant really eat too much...just my greek yogurt and some eggs and string cheese. It hurts a bit even after drinking water. I am pretty sure it is an ulcer. I am going to stop my coffee for awhile and start a 2 week course of prilosec and see if that helps. I have my one year follow up in 3 weeks so i will ask then. good luck!
  14. Yes, I can so relate to this! I have been at a standstill for 3 months...have had a ton of stress in my life and resorted back to emotional eating. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far but I want to get the ball rolling again. I am going to count my protiens and calories and get back on track! We have to do this! We deserve it! This is soooo hard! But dont beat yourself up, take one day at a time and let us all support each other! It is our fight!
  15. Jenhort

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    you could try PB2 it is a peanut butter powder only 45 cals per serving. It helps when you crave that peanut butter taste. I add it to my shakes or plain greek yogurt or even spread it on a lo cal bread.

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