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    Ahhh, that's awesome! How are you feeling?
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    Congrats! You deserve it.
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my blog and offer your opinions and expertise. You are all correct- it's about smart thinking now. Drinking as many slurpees as I have in the past is part of the problem and why I am where I am today. Therefore, I decided NOT to have a slurpee and treated myself to a Minute Maid Light Lemondae instead. Who knew 5 calories could taste SO good
    Thanks for the compliments regarding the weight loss. My thoughts towards both my eating and drinking habits have changed drastically and I couldn't be any happier. And the weight loss before the pre-op diet was unplanned but very rewarding. I decided to cut back, fearing that I would go on a "food funeral" and then struggle for 14 days without food. I feel cutting back as early as I did has and will continue to help with the transition. Now it's time to add a bit more protein via shakes. Here's to hoping that I find one I like!
    P.S. I love the term "food funeral". Reading all of your replies tonight is the first I have ever heard of it.
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    I am pre-op and have already incorporated protein drinks into my day. I have one for breakfast (sometimes made into a smoothie with frozen fruit), and sometimes I'll have one in the afternoon when I start to feel tired. The brand I have tried and liked the best, so far, is Isopure... they have no carb vanilla and low carb chocolate that are staples in my house. I do understand my taste may change post surgery... but they are definitely needed for the two-week liquid diet leading to surgery. I am planning to join Sam's or Costco for some of the offerings they have on protein.
    All the best to you on your journey! I am a Melissa, too.
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    I say you are already doing awesome, it is totally your decision and yours alone; you have to start deciding for yourself what is a good choice for you, but on the other hand if its all your thinking about and cant get it out of your head then maybe have a small one and dont deprive yourself and put it behind you. That is the whole point of this right, to start making "smart" choices, I dont know about you, but I have not been smart at all in my choices and cant believe I got here.
    But, I know the feeling I have to kick the coca cola habbit, I love my soda (coke) and I used to drink so much of it. Now I have been telling myself to quite it now, so I wont crave it later...good luck with your choice and your success with the surgery.
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    Well, my opinion on it is this... you are looking at it like you deserve to have it. Its what got you where you dont want to be so I think that is a poor choice of words.. You deserve to be happy and healthy and a slurpee is not on that path. Its not healthy, its pure sugar. You dont "deserve" unhealthy stuff. Your body deserves so much better than a slurpee. There is no real need for a food funeral. You will be able to enjoy things again in MOderation. You will get to have some slurpee here and there again so dont look at it with such finality. After you are sleeved, slurpees wont be that important anymore anyway and a few sips of one will be enough to satisfy. I would wait until then. JMHO
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    Wow! You've lost 15lbs before your pre-op diet. That's terrific! Yes, I say go for it.
    Get an extra large slurpee, and then put those things to rest, forever!
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    You might be surprised that post-op, you don't want the slurpee. I have changed my eating habits dramatically. I question myself as to whether I really want to put something that contains that much sugar into my body. Getting the sleeve has brought about a total change in my relationship with food, which is what I needed. Why get the sleeve if I am just going to do the same old thing. It just didn't make sense to me. Do I always make good food choices ... no. But compared to my choices pre-op, it is night and day.
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    You wouldn't be the first person to have "that one last thing" they are craving before the new dietary restrictions begin. Some people call it a food funeral. I thought that was funny. I wanted a steak and lobster dinner, now I had been doing a pre-op diet for 6 months - just calorie restriction because I was in the Kaiser pre-op program (I only had one day of clear liquids before surgery) but I hadn't had a full steak and lobster dinner with a loaded baked potato in a long time...well I went ahead and had it the weekend before my surgery, and I am glad I did.
    Fast forward....I went to the same restaurant with my girlfriend the other night...and it was all about making the right choices. I ordered scallops on a skewer with skewered veggies on the side, no rice, and I took half of the order home for dinner...and I ate about 1/3 of the salad and took the rest home for lunch the next day...I didn't feel I was missing ANYTHING. It feels good to make the right choices, and after awhile it seems second nature.
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    All doctors have different diets and times. The most important thing is to get your protein in and fluids. You will not have room for carbs. You will not want them. Protein drinks will become your friend. My doctor want 4 drinks a day I could only get in 2-3. Seek out different brands and flavors. Watch the surgar and carb, People working out can have that not you. Sugar will make you sick after surgery. I did me and still does 3 month out. i just read alot on this page and learned alot. Seek out a support group or other tha have had the surgery. Good luck
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    www.obesityhelp.com is a good website. There is a lot of information there.
    As far as protein drinks go, you need to check out the food forum under protein drinks. There are places you can order samples. It's best to do samples until you settle on something you like. Most people end up liking something after surgery, than they liked before surgery so it's best not to stock up on a lot of anything.
    It depends on your BMI on whether or not you will have to drink them pre-op or for how long. You will definitely need them after surgery.
    If you have a costco, the Premier protein drinks seem to be something everyone agrees on and is extremely popular.
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    Thanks for the helpful information, ladies!
    @MinaT: SOOOO many helpful tips and suggestions... WOW! I was never big into coffee but pop/soda is a habit that needs to be broken. I usually drink up to 20 ounces per day - eek! After reading your post this morning, I decided to take my remaining cans and donate them by placing in the breakroom at work. Instead, I grabbed a crystal light lemonade packet and sipped on that throughout the afternoon. Who knew how good 5 calories and 0 grams of sugar could taste!?
    @Kathy: Thanks for the advice and support! Congrats on all your hard work over the last 6 months. You're almost there!!

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