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  1. From the album: Pre-Op VS. 6 Months Post-Op

    I cry every time I view this picture. My pre-op pictures have been very hard to accept. To this day, I still can't believe I let myself get THIS big.
  2. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Dating Post-Sleeve (advice needed!)

    I was sleeved on July 19, 2012 in Mexico and it was the best decision I ever made, a decision I would make again even knowing the severe complications I had (i.e. losing my ability to walk). It has been 9 months and I have lost 130 pounds, being less than 20 lbs away from my ultimate goal of weighing in at 150 (happily accepting further pounds off). I decided to give online dating a try now that I possess this thing called confidence and am overall happy with myself. I met a wonderful man who I enjoy conversing with, as he is exactly my type- has a healthy lifestyle, smart, driven, loves sports, etc. He has seen pictures posted, despite being a tad heavier in each photo compared to where I'm at today. He shared a skeleton today that involved him getting a DUI in the past. This is something that doesn't phase me as long as the lesson has been learned and drinking has slowed since the college years, which he states it has. I shared that I have lost much weight and plan on keeping it off, never sharing that I was sleeved as I would prefer telling him to his face, allowing me to see his reaction in person. For those who were single when sleeved and now in a relationship, how did you share the news? Do you consider it a 'skeleton' in the closet? Even though I know it was the best decision for me, I fear he may not understand despite him sharing that he strives to live a healthy life since obesity runs in his family. Any suggestions? While I look and feel great in clothes, I still have small rolls and saggy skin which has me thinking of surgery in summer 2014 on the areas I am unable to tighten through exercise alone.
  3. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Front view: 6 months post-op at 183 pounds

    From the album: Pre-Op VS. 6 Months Post-Op

    Extremely goofy smile. Look at them curves!
  4. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Side view: Highest weight of 295 pounds (post-op)

    Thanks to the both of you for your kind words. I am very proud of who I am today. Whenever I feel down, I just look at the pre-op pictures and instantly know that is not who or where I want to be again. Love my sleevie
  5. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Front view: 6 months post-op at 183 pounds

    Congrats on your 88 pounds lost! I know you will get the remaining 50 and I will be on the sidelines, cheering you on along the way
  6. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Has anyone stopped having their period?

    I had one after surgery and then they stopped for a couple months. My PCP said due to all the drastic changes, from weight loss to nutrients, the body is in shock and it sometimes happens. Same thing goes for hair loss around three months post-op.
  7. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Urgent care

    Fyre- PLEASE keep us updated on your health. Glad to hear you're finally home after a long day at the hospital. P.S. the end of this thread is HILARIOUS.
  8. You ate 4 ounces in the hospital following surgery!?!? I'm six months out and can only eat 2.5-3.5 ounces. Goes for broth as well. Odd
  9. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Urgent care

    So sorry to hear you are going through all this. I had a couple complications myself and had to deal with doctors who talked down to me and my decision to get sleeved. I felt like crap for hours and sometimes days, but laugh at how arrogant and awful they were now that I proved them wrong. Sure was a great motivation
  10. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    6 Months Post-Op + Pictures

    Hey everyone! I spent an hour of my time yesterday, trying to place my pre-op and six months post-op pictures in my blog but gave up due to size restrictions. Therefore, please go to my gallery and check out the uploads. Feel free to leave a comment or advice (either here or on the pics) as I will use it to help motivate me over the next six months and beyond. It's been a wonderful journey- learning much about myself along the way. Despite becoming dehydrated and malnourished, ultimately loosing my ability to walk, I spent many months in rehab and am walking better than ever... with this thing called confidence. I spend 5-6 days at the gym and am working on building strength/muscle, toning, as well as cardio to help with further weight loss. I couldn't have come this far without you and the rest of my VST family, so thank you for all your support over the past 6+ months. 112 pounds down- 33 more until my first goal (150), gladly accepting anything else beyond that. Feel free to add me as a friend on VST or MyFitnessPal (SpartanMello09). Melissa
  11. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

  12. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Front view: 6 months post-op at 183 pounds

    Thanks to everyone for their comment and support. I could not have gotten this far without my VST family I noticed the smile, too. I cried hundreds of tears the day I took my pre-op pics, taking a break after each picture. The sleeve has been a wonderful tool and has taught me so many things. I absolutely love and am proud of the person I have become. Heres to 33 more pounds (first goal) and beyond!
  13. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Side view: 6 months post-op at 183 pounds

    You put the BIGGEST smile on my face. Thanks for your support
  14. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Side view: 6 months post-op at 183 pounds

    From the album: Pre-Op VS. 6 Months Post-Op

    I'm part flat, not all round!
  15. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Pre-Op VS. 6 Months Post-Op

    Beyond embarrassed and ashamed of my pre-op pictures. I walked the Earth and looked in the mirror, seeing what I wanted to see. Never realized how big I let myself get. Still have a long journey ahead of me but I now carry this thing called confidence, something I never possessed before. Thanks for looking :)
  16. From the album: Pre-Op VS. 6 Months Post-Op

    How can you smile being this big? I remember balling my eyes out after every picture taken that evening. This is somewhere and someone I never want to be again.
  17. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Be MyFitnessPal Friend, Please?

    I just put the 'MyFitnessPal' app in my phone and am looking for friends. I've tracked my weight since the beginning but never really used it. I want to give it a shot with friends, allowing me to praise others and receive motivation along the way. I'm learning the app so below is my info. Please add me!! Name: SpartanMello09 Greatly appreciate it- THANKS!!!! -Melissa
  18. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    SpartanMello09 PLEASE ADD ME! I just joined and have no idea how to add others just yet. Thanks!!!!
  19. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    I fu@#ed up today

    It's okay- we're human and I'm sure we all will have our days. Last week, I decided to go out with my family not knowing the restaurant of choice. It ended up being Chinese. Even though I know veggie dishes were better options, I decided to give noodles a try, ordering Shrimp Lo Mein (just reached six months post-op). I highly enjoyed all the veggies and shrimp but allowed myself to have some noodles (was very strict with myself) so I wouldn't jump off the deep end and eat something worse or even triple the amount of a slider food. Even after feeling guilty for days, I increased my workouts for the week and am looking at 6-8 pounds gone this week. I know we all fear going back to our old selves but you have to remember that life is short and we only live once. So allow yourself to have a Danish once a month, maybe even splitting it with that coworker of yours. Congrats on all your hard work thus far
  20. AND vitamins + protein are always good to have for bariatric and non-bariatric patients. No problem there. I will add that some people find that their taste buds change, sense of smell changes, and become lactose intolerant. Try different options to prepare for post-op. I was fine with milk but was unable to tolerate the protein drink I liked pre-op. additionally, Oscar Meyer oven roasted turkey was my fav but I can no longer eat it due to it's smell... something I never smelled before. Having turkey and Munster cheese rolls were a favorite lunch option that I had to completely alter. Keep positive and your options open
  21. Yes, I think it is possible BUT I do believe it will be an adjustment period. If I were you, I would cut out all bad food options now making the transition easier- minimal sugar, low carbs, nothing fried, etc. seems as though many refuse to let go of things like Diet Coke and struggle fighting the cravings afterwards. I cut Pepsi and Coca-Cola slurpees months ahead and it was the best decision I ever made. On occasions, I do wish to have one in my hand but simply say no because those things were on the list of terrible choices that got me to my highest of 295 pounds. The decisions made now will only help you in the long run. Also, no rush but since you do have time, check out the recipe section and other bariatric recipe sites and build your own cookbook. The same food gets old after awhile Congrats and good luck!!!
  22. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    My only regret

    I have the same regret. Just hit six months post-op and I'm down 113 pounds. My health is so much better and I now possess this thing called confidence. Congrats on going through with it
  23. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Weight Update For August 13 Sleevers!

    Congratulations!!! I was sleeved in July and am down 112 pounds! My sixth month surgiversary is on the 19th and I plan to post pictures that day. I work out 4-6 days a week and have fallen in love with Water classes; water aerobics being my favorite. I LOVE going to the gym now versus pre-op. I have much more confidence and I always look forward to see the scale drop. The joys of the new me
  24. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Eating out! How do you sleevers do it?

    GREAT question! I wondered the same thing myself when going through the journey. Protein is number one- I usually order fajitas because I enjoy all the fixings without the bread. My mom says she benefits as well because we usually split an entree since I only eat around 3 ounces. She has been losing weight and is happy to share portions
  25. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    I gotta give up gum too?

    I chewed a piece today and was fine. They just dont want you to accidentally swallow the gum and have it result in damage to your new sleeve.

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