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    Side view: Highest weight of 295 pounds (post-op)

    Thanks to the both of you for your kind words. I am very proud of who I am today. Whenever I feel down, I just look at the pre-op pictures and instantly know that is not who or where I want to be again. Love my sleevie
  2. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Side view: 6 months post-op at 183 pounds

    From the album: Pre-Op VS. 6 Months Post-Op

    I'm part flat, not all round!
  3. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Be MyFitnessPal Friend, Please?

    I just put the 'MyFitnessPal' app in my phone and am looking for friends. I've tracked my weight since the beginning but never really used it. I want to give it a shot with friends, allowing me to praise others and receive motivation along the way. I'm learning the app so below is my info. Please add me!! Name: SpartanMello09 Greatly appreciate it- THANKS!!!! -Melissa
  4. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    I fu@#ed up today

    It's okay- we're human and I'm sure we all will have our days. Last week, I decided to go out with my family not knowing the restaurant of choice. It ended up being Chinese. Even though I know veggie dishes were better options, I decided to give noodles a try, ordering Shrimp Lo Mein (just reached six months post-op). I highly enjoyed all the veggies and shrimp but allowed myself to have some noodles (was very strict with myself) so I wouldn't jump off the deep end and eat something worse or even triple the amount of a slider food. Even after feeling guilty for days, I increased my workouts for the week and am looking at 6-8 pounds gone this week. I know we all fear going back to our old selves but you have to remember that life is short and we only live once. So allow yourself to have a Danish once a month, maybe even splitting it with that coworker of yours. Congrats on all your hard work thus far
  5. AND vitamins + protein are always good to have for bariatric and non-bariatric patients. No problem there. I will add that some people find that their taste buds change, sense of smell changes, and become lactose intolerant. Try different options to prepare for post-op. I was fine with milk but was unable to tolerate the protein drink I liked pre-op. additionally, Oscar Meyer oven roasted turkey was my fav but I can no longer eat it due to it's smell... something I never smelled before. Having turkey and Munster cheese rolls were a favorite lunch option that I had to completely alter. Keep positive and your options open
  6. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    I need help getting back on track

    I had the hardest time finding a Protein drink that I could tolerate day after day. After going to a weight management office for follow-up, I purchased a hot item-- two drinks (16 ounces) gives me 46 grams of protein! What helps me is that it's a warm drink and is very thin/smooth. Hot chocolate by Healthwise. It is 15 grams of protein for one; however, I make it with milk giving me 23 grams per cup. Maybe you can try to find it? I pay a little over seven dollars for seven packets- well worth it! They have different flavor s like mint, raspberry, cinnamon, marshmallow, etc. I'm a plain Jane and pass up the variety packs for the traditional mocha Just a suggestion. The drink is very satisfying and really fills me up You are doing great!
  7. After struggling for months, trying to get down unsatisfying protein drink after protein drink, I finally found my groove and am getting 90-100+ grams of protein a day! TWO eight ounce cups gives me 46 grams alone. And thank goodness I can still tolerate dairy post-op because I usually get three glasses of milk in, giving me 24 ounces right there. Drinks alone- that's right, 70 grams of protein!!! Add in meals and a protein bar and I'm good to go Thanks to all my VST friends for your continuous support during my protein struggle.
  8. The only negative for me would be the same as above- not being able to guzzle water. It took time but I have easily adjusted to the change. I always bring a squirt bottle in with me and drink squirts frequently during my workout. This is best for me as I sometimes slip with bottles and take too much. I stay hydrated and actually don't feel 'blah' like I used to from chugging. Last but not least, research states that only small drinks should be taken when physical activity like working out occurs. So I guess it's for the better
  9. Congratulations! You look A-MA-ZING
  10. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    is this right?

    I find myself eating the same foods over and over to ensure I reach my Protein goal for the day but I've learned to switch it up now that I can eat more. For example, I made chicken enchiladas the other day and they were beyond soft and amazing! I stuffed them pretty good with chicken and ate at least 20 grams of protein for one (20 for sure but I bet it was a bit more since I loaded the tortilla for protein sake). Not sure if these are appetizing but refried Beans and eggs have a nice amount of protein in them. I always add a bit of 2% cheese to each to increase the protein count, too. Turkey taco cups are my fav because you can make them different every time and never get sick of them I'm not sure how far out you are but those are my suggestions.
  11. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    How do you reward yourself?

    I started with purchasing few clothing items- the last being a winter coat since mine disappeared. However, I just crossed that idea off the list for awhile since everything I buy is now too big. Don't get me wrong, I'm much happier floating in a large shirt versus swimming/drowning in an extra large. For now, I'm going to place money I would have spent aside in an envelope to use when I have reached what would seem to be my lowest. That way I'm not regretting big credit card bills at that time My other treat/reward involves food. If I've done well on my weight and committed to the gym as planned for the week, I allow myself to eat a frozen whipped yogurt. Usually happens biweekly. Granted, I dont eat near half (four ounces) because of the sweetness and large amount; however, it's Protein and it satisfies my sweet tooth
  12. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Reflections on last year

    Sounds like you had a very successful year- CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck with the goals set for 2012. I think you'll do fabulous
  13. Sounds great! HW: 295 DOS: 271 CW: 186 Goal weight: 155 Thanks!!!
  14. ~*~ Melissa ~*~


    DON'T weigh yourself everyday. I did it all the time, and still do now and then, and it gets me down more than ever. Try to keep it to a minimum of two times a week if you really need to see the numbers. If you eat something high in sodium, chances are your weight the next day will increase because it's takes your body so long to get rid of the excess water. Same thing goes with exercise- you may have gained on the scale but it could easily be muscle. You are going to do fine. We are all here for you
  15. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Where Oh Where Are The Ladies?!?!?

    I'm doing good, and you? Still having issues with my incision sites but we're taking it week by week. I actually ordered from Unjury.com- the chicken Soup and the unflavored Protein. Best decision yet! The unflavored protein mixes well with just about everything and it doesn't thicken drinks, either. The chicken soup is very tasty as well. You get 15-17 scoops out of the bucket for roughly $25.00. Probably a bit more expensive than other brands and such but it tastes well and I received my order within a day. Hope all is well with you. Update us
  16. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Just Joined The Loser's Bench!

    Surgery went well and recovery is off to what seems to be a good start (I'll post more details at a later time). Drinking liquids is SO incredibly hard as it feels stuck going down. I'm really hoping this goes away in the near future. I have been walking much and feel great. One thing I am worried about are my stitches. All five areas are a bit red and one had liquid on the outside that was of a yellow color-- I guess it could be pus. They don't hurt, no fever, etc. Is my fear of having an infection coming true??
  17. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Less Than 24 Hours..... Hopefully!?!?

    Here I am, writing this blog from the Detroit airport. I still can't believe how fast this day has come! I'm feeling happy, anxious, nervous, excited, scared.... etc. While most people in my position would be worried about the procedure tomorrow, I'm more worried about getting to California in time for my procedure. I have sat through TWO cancelled flights and am praying I'll board and depart on the third booking. And then there's the connecting flight in Arizona.... ay caramba! Please say a couple prayers for me. I need this and am beyond ready to begin this journey to my new, healthier life.
  18. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Thinking Of Surgery

    Everyone's provider is different. You have to present your individual case to insurance and they will determine if you are approved and for how much.
  19. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Happy July!

    It's official- July is finally here!!! Has anyone started their pre-op diet yet? I'll be thinking of you all as time passes on. Please keep the group informed on your pre-op diet, procedure, as well as the post-op after care if you have time. If you have any questions, please feel free to start a discussion. We all will be going through with the same procedure over the next 30 days so it would be nice to hear new info or even refresh our memory of the old If I don't hear from any of you in the next couple days, have a wonderful holiday!
  20. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Panic Attack!

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I am 18 days away from my procedure and have good moments and some not so good moments. At one point, I was getting ready to call and cancel or move my date; however, I need this tool to help me achieve my goal of becoming a happier and healthier person. If I pass this opportunity up, who knows how many more years of my life will be taken away. Knowing the surgery is coming up, I have cut back on portions in prepartion for the liquid diet and am down over 20 pounds. The surgery has changed my outlook on life-- what I can eat and can't eat, what is good for me and what is even better, etc. Yes, there is always the chance of complications and death for ANY procedure done on the human body; however, if I don't get this done, my life will continue to be shortened. If you ever need to talk, send me a message. I'm in the same boat
  21. Bummer. Missed it by 20 minutes.
  22. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?

    Thanks for joining and commenting, Laura! Congrats on your decision and I'll definitely be thinking about you come July 10th. You'll have to keep me posted on the surgery, as well as the new journey I am definitely worried about loose skin but am already searching for specific exercises to target the areas of concern when I'm allowed to resume working out post-surgery. Weight lifting will be an important focus. Every person is different-- I have seen (on this site, particularly) some individuals who are my size or larger and only needed a breast augmentation while others had a Tummy Tuck, breast augmentation, and had excess skin removed on their arms and legs. I'm going to give it my best for two years post-surgery and see where I end up. I'm sure I'll be just as insecure with the loose skin as I am being overweight so it's another hurdle I'll have to address when the time is right.
  23. ~*~ Melissa ~*~

    Things You Wish You Knew/did/didn't Do Before Your Procedure....

    Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much for all of the wonderful advice. I can't thank you all enough for taking time to answer my blog. I spent the evening writing and organizing everything in a notebook so I can review and have with me during the recovery process. Thanks again. I owe you all the world and more <3

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