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  1. JD7176

    289 Lbs To Go. Is It Even Possible?!

    I started my journey at 465 and I am 5"11. Day of surgery I was 442. My surgeon actually preferred doing the sleeve on me v. RNY because I already had some serious vitamin deficiencies that would only become much worse after RNY. I'm setting my weight loss goal at about 230. Yes, that's still pretty heavy, but considering where I came from... Oh and today I'm 359 and 5.5 months post-op.
  2. I just so happened to come in with a reply and have found some of my sleeve family! I was sleeved by Dr.Carlin on 6/12/12. I'm picking up my last script of actigall this week.
  3. Your bodies are still swollen and bloated from surgery. Stay off the scale. My doc told me don't even think about getting on a scale. The first time he wanted me to weigh was my 3 week post op appt at his office.
  4. JD7176

    Post Op Naseua

    I was extremely nauseous about an hour or so after surgery. I really thought I was going to die!! I vomited what little I had in my system and heaved the next 2 days. I remained nauseous for really that Tuesday, ALLLL of Wednesday and finally on Thursday I begin to feel a little better. The medicine for nausea that they gave me, forgot the name, helped very little and for a very short time. My surgeon kept telling me that it would eventually pass...didn't believe him lol...then all of a sudden, it did. Once I was home, maybe the first week the nausea would hit me, but nothing like when I was in the hospital. Then after that, again every once and a while after I drank Water I would get it. Nothing to remember.
  5. JD7176


    I went back to Zumba at either 3 or 4 weeks out, but skipped the gyrating lol. I didn't move as I normally would....kinda eased back into it.
  6. Hello! June 12th here. SW 465 Surgery 442 CW 378 Total of 87 lbs. Everyday is still a struggle but I am loving every moment.
  7. So I've been meaning to ask this question... We know that things like soups, yogurt, jello, pudding are really considered to be liquids because they break down. We also know that we shouldn't eat and drink at the same time. So does anyone eat soup and say a piece of chicken? I guess it never really occured to me not to do this until I was dining out last week and got full really fast after having a few spoonfuls of soup and then trying to eat some chicken. I often take yogurt and some type of solid to work for lunch too. Was anyone told specifically not to eat these combinations? Or did I miss the common sense on this one?
  8. I just passed 3 months and was around the 50lb mark.
  9. JD7176

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    Yes. Yes. And yes. I may be mourning my clothes more than food.
  10. JD7176

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess... *My eyes are still bigger than my stomach so many times I end up with a plate full of food I can't eat. *Stalls scare the crap out of me. I feel like a failure and my thinking gets skewed and I binge...well as much as my sleeve will let me. *Im mad they came out with all the "good" food after I got sleeved. pizza on garlic bread?!?! That's freakin genius! Lol *I fall in and out of love with exercise. *I downplay my weight loss to my friends who are overweight or who I know are jealous. *I hate when people ask me about health/nutrition and I know theyre not serious. Why waste my time? And don't "act" serious about weight because the fat girl is getting ready to pass you up. This feels good. May be back lol.
  11. My NUT said that after 2 months I should eat closer to 1000 calories. I was at full food at 6 weeks. I read what you posted before about eating "wrong" bumping you out of a stall and found what you said to be true. I had been stalled for 2.5 weeks. I was getting depressed and Friday night found some popcorn I had hidden from myself, because it was sliding oh so wonderfully lol, and went to town. I probably ate about 3-4 cups. Saturday morning I woke up, threw the remaining popcorn away and said I would try liquids and solid Protein for a few days to see what would happen. Well...woke up today and lost 2 lbs.
  12. I'm going to switch to morning and see if I feel a difference, then I'll call my surgeon after a while to see if I should increase.
  13. Do you take 2-24hr pills? Or some other dosage.
  14. So lately (8 weeks post op) I've been feeling like I have a tape worm lol. I am hungry most of the day. I'm getting at least 60g or Protein, often more because I've been hungry. I've been taking a PPI (Prevacid) since I left the hospital and slated to take it for 3 months. I've been stalled for 2 weeks and hungry so I'm trying to think of everything and trying to manipulate what I can to try to "jump start" me again. My question is when do you take your PPI? I've always taken mine at night, before bed. No particular reason why. When I came home I had, what seemed like, a trillion pills to take and it just ended in the night bunch. Looking at the box tonight I noticed it said take in the morning before your first meal. I wonder should I switch to taking it in the morning? When do you take your PPI and have you noticed a difference if you switched?

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