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  1. The doctors and staff at the center tell me I can return to work after 2 weeks but can't go on vacation. This sounds a little crazy to me. If I can go and work with 26 wild 7 year olds at 2 weeks, I'm wondering why I can't go and veg in a resort in Florida. I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss this with my doc.
  2. I am preop right now but hope to be able to reverse my diabetes postop. Have you been able to improve your numbers or reverse your diabetes? Any tips?
  3. Even though I have stones he isn't 100% on taking the gall bladder. He wants to see the condition first and then decide. It would be a pain to have to take it later though, so i hope if it looks iffy he'll grab it now.
  4. awesome62

    Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life........

    Wishing you luck!
  5. Sounds like you are on track! I'm preop and am encouraged by your jouney. I think joining a gym is a great idea but I'm not quite brave enough yet. Keep it up, You are AWESOME!
  6. awesome62

    The Long Journey To Today

    Congratulations! This is such encouraging news for those of us preop. Your positive attitude goes a long way. You are awesome!
  7. awesome62

    Surgery Tomorrow! Eeek!

    You crack me up too!!!! Good luck. I'm praying for you! Awesome!
  8. awesome62

    I Lied.....

    Arrrgh ladies! So very frustrating. My family has tried to do their best but crack me up at their helplessness. I've resorted to starting dinner because they can't all agree etc. Once its started I fly out to the garden or to the bedroom with a book. My 11 year old daughter came in to sit with me last night with a smoothie in her hand, which made my 20 year old crazy. She forgot I can't eat. They're all good. I'm feeling the same about my surgery next week, so it must be the natural way to go. I keep thinking if I can withstand liquid for 2 weeks and drop pounds maybe I could do it without surgery. I think it is natural to have doubts on such a big decision but stay the course. Remember, you are awesome!
  9. awesome62

    The Juice

    I'm on day 4 of The Juice (protein shakes.) I've managed to cook for my family with their help. Tonight my husband is cooking chicken on the grill while I prepared the artichokes for the grill. I found the recipe a few months ago. http://prouditalianc...l-of-grill.html Last night I was SO hungry that I couldn't sleep. I had to get out of bed and watch TV. My daughter was still awake and was delighted to be up in the middle of the night with Mom. Luckily it is summer break so I didn't have to get up in the morning. Now its off to the garden. Those artichokes look totally delicious. I find its less tempting if I clear out and keep busy.
  10. awesome62

    Back On Track

    I'm so glad things are looking up!
  11. awesome62

    Getting Nervous Yet?

    Remember the odds are with us. A low percentage for complications. Hang in there!
  12. awesome62

    6 Weeks

    Love your positive attitude! Did the doc give you any ideas why the weight isn't just falling off? Keep it up, you are AWESEOME!
  13. awesome62

    No More Neglecting The Blog! Still On Pre-Op Diet

    I love the name "Changing Lanes:" very clever! I agree with the spinach thing. Its funny how some docs let you eat and others don't. I'm only allowed liquids that my family refers to as The Juice. My doc also let us know that it was to shrink the liver and not because he is being punitive. Cracked me up. Keep it up. You are awesome!
  14. awesome62

    Monthly Weight Lost

    I loved seeing your results..even the + was impressive as you kept on going. Are your first 2 months unusual or do many lose that much? I'm preop and would love to have your success. Thanks for sharing. It is very encouraging and congrats. You are AWESOME!
  15. Thanks...my fingers are crossed. Unfortunately it is not a guarantee and sometimes doesn't happen right away. I'm hoping I reverse, but won't be surprised if I'm not. My levels have always been high until recently. Now I have lows which I think are a result of a new med and the liquid diet. You are right we will always be considered diabetic even if our levels are under control.
  16. awesome62

    Tiny Violins

    Hang in there...I'm on day 2 of the liquid diet thing. I'm trying to stay away from people as much as possible. I didn't know about the hot lemon water. Have to give it a try. It's also good to know that it will get better. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the torture to be over. (hoping it does end)
  17. Awesome advice. Thanks!
  18. awesome62

    Medicine + Wls = Trouble

    I am diabetic and have concerns with my meds while losing weight. If my sugar levels go too low, it could result in coma or even death. My family is aware of my concerns and have promised to keep an eye out for me if I should become out of sorts. Luckily I have a great dr. but I'm still nervous. So glad yours has been straightened out.
  19. awesome62

    Any June Sleevers?

    I just made my ticker and so I think the way to change it is to go to the upper right hand side and click on the down arrow. Then click on My Ticker. There is an edit button. I noticed you had a surgery date ticker...I wonder if it will automatically change each day. I understand why the others wouldn't change becuase that varies person to person. Good luck. If I find out another way I'll let you know.
  20. awesome62

    Shakes, Shakes, And More Shakes!

    PS...Im super excited for you. You are dropping those pounds!
  21. awesome62

    Shakes, Shakes, And More Shakes!

    My dietician has recommended Slim Fast 2X a day, and Premeir Protein Shake 3X a day for the preop. Originally she wanted me to use Medifast but I've had it before and I don't like the aftertaste. What are the ingredients to your shakes? They sound good.
  22. awesome62

    Any June Sleevers?

    Wish you the best...prayers
  23. awesome62

    Mentoring And Nervous

    I had knee problems last year and went to our public pool and walked in the water for about 20 minutes. The water was above my waist and I was able to walk pain free. It really helped! The other idea I had was using a small pedal machine. It looks like the pedals of a bike but you can sit in an chair. I didn't need it because I was so successful with the pool. I had to get over the "I'm too big to be seen in public in a swimming suit." but it worked out well.
  24. awesome62

    Whirlwind Week...ugh!

    Becky! Wow...I'm very impressed that you figured out how to do it on your own if he should bail. That takes a strong person. Keep your eye on the prize! You're awesome!
  25. awesome62

    Mentoring And Nervous

    Sounds like you have a good perspective. I think you're being supportive and will be able to read her emotions. Hopefully through the support group she will recognize and accept the different ways people experience this weight loss. Having an emotional attachment to food makes it difficult so she's lucky to have you by her side. PS. Its never too late to begin with technology. I hooked my mom up at 70 and trained her from long distance whenever she had problems. Forums like this might motivate her to give the internet a try. Fingers crossed for you and your family

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