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6 Weeks



Can hardly believe that it has been 6 weeks since my surgery. Had my 6 week post op check-up this week and the surgeon was not happy with the amount of weight I have lost, which is discouraging because I have been following my diet regime precisly. I realize that everyone has stalls, but to have my surgeon tell me that he is concerned I am not losing enough is a little frustrating. On the positive side, I have been cleared to exercise and do strength training, which is great, but I am having a hard time motivating myself to do it. Hopefully this next week I can start a good routine that I can maintain.


A journey starts one step at a time..


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I was sleeved on 04/16 and the PA was also not positive about my weight loss. However, I am losing again now because I went to Sams and brought the Premier Shakes and protein bars. I got the generic Prilosec also. I get in at least 40 oz of fluids daily and try some type of exercise everyday. No one told me my body would go into shock and the scale would just stop moving. I am also tracking what I eat on my fitness pal to ensure I am not getting in more than 800 cals a day. The cals add up fast because the protein bar is 290 cals but it also provides 30 gms of protein. It is good when I get home and start to feel hungry. I decided to only use the bars on occassion since they have so many calories. The weight loss is slow but I am still losing and not gaining. At one point I was gaining according to the scale. I knew then I had to make some changes. So I increased my fluids and proteins. We made the decision to do this and we have to press past all the obstacles set in our way. Before surgery I would starve myself, I still not lose. Now I can track what I put in my mouth (which thanks to the sleeve is a small amount at a time) eating protein first and do not eat and drink at the same time. I mostly eat protein now. I try to stay away from the carbs. (But today I had homemade spaghetti, with ground meat and chicken sausage. I ate approx. a half cup. Now I will not eat that everyday). If we know we are following the rules, we have to believe that we will be successful. My clothes are getting looser.

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Love your positive attitude! Did the doc give you any ideas why the weight isn't just falling off? Keep it up, you are AWESEOME!

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