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I Lied.....

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Okay, okay! I lied but not intentionally. I said I would not neglect my blog and what have I done? tsk, tsk, tsk.


I have my surgery Wednesday morning and I am starting to become a chicken! I don't just mean a little nervous I mean full on growing feathers! Eeeek! All I can think about right now is if I am making the right decision to let some man cut more than half of my stomach off.


I will say that I have lost 14.5 lbs so far! Woohoo! Of course it's been tough but worth it. Also, on a body the size of mine no one (including me) can tell.


Tomorrow I plan to spend the morning wrapping up some loose ends and then hanging at the pool with my 10 year old since Mama won't be able to swim with her for 2 weeks. Now, if you do not want to endure my venting you may stop reading :lol:


So, my husband is active duty in the Army and came into town for my surgery. He decided he wanted to eat out (we were already out). i suggested the ONLY place that I could eat, which was Boston Market because they have non-creamed spinach and water. He INSISTED on Golden Corral. Well....we all know that is a buffet!! Seriously? Your 300 lb wife sitting and watching you eat from a buffet while I have a cup of spinach and some water??? To add sprinkles on top he made a trip to the dessert bar. I was soooooooo mad!!!!! Uuuugghhhh!!!! :angry:

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I so know EXACTLY how you feel......keep chin up and glass of water in hand...my hubby made brownies the day i came home from surgery and my 12 yr old son proceeded to tell me how yummy they were! I have lost 85# in 3 mos 1 week, and he has yet to say 1 word either good or bad about my loss....

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Arrrgh ladies! So very frustrating. My family has tried to do their best but crack me up at their helplessness. I've resorted to starting dinner because they can't all agree etc. Once its started I fly out to the garden or to the bedroom with a book. My 11 year old daughter came in to sit with me last night with a smoothie in her hand, which made my 20 year old crazy. She forgot I can't eat. They're all good.

I'm feeling the same about my surgery next week, so it must be the natural way to go. I keep thinking if I can withstand liquid for 2 weeks and drop pounds maybe I could do it without surgery. I think it is natural to have doubts on such a big decision but stay the course. Remember, you are awesome!

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uhhhh, I am right there with you. I leave tomorrow and I am starting to freak out! I was doing so good on my cabbage soup clense and then this weekend it all went to hell - I stress eat. I had burger, champagne and a bunch of bad stuff. But Sunday back to clear liquids......this stinks but it will all be better. I have spent my life giving up to food and now Im so excited to have this help. Good Luck and stay strong - chicken broth is killing me.

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@gramaof4-Thank you! i am keeping my chin up! Congrats on 85 el bees!!!!! Holy cow I hope I do that!!! Mine kept telling me hw bad he wanted cookies and milk tonight. seriously???

@Awesome62-My family is in Florida but my friends have been trying to very hard! i would lost without them. My husband just seems to be oblivious or selfish. I'm still deciding! Keep me updating on your surgery next week!!

@seltyl-I was so proud of myself for not cheating but your cheat sounds delicious!!! lol! Have a safe trip and good luck!! Keep me posted!!!

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