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  1. Failure

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Hey all. I'm about to hit my 1 year surgerversary! I've lost 110 lbs and have 70 more to go. I'd love if someone would message me in the area and we could talk face to face. If you are close enough maybe we can meet up and go for walks or something. I need to get exercising! Please message me so it is easier. I live in Gainesville area!
  2. NurseGrace hit it on the money on what I was trying to say. While better than white rice, it is not something you have to avoid necessarily but there are lots more better alternatives. Complex carbs are controversial in whether they are ok or not. In my dieting postop (or should I say healthier food choices as I don't really "Diet") I just try to eat things in moderation if it's not entirely dubbed a health food (like lean meats, veggies, etc). Here is a website I found for you all to get a better feel for what I mean. http://diaryofanutritionist.com/2010/04/23/rice-white-vs-brown-good-vs-bad/
  3. Failure

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Hey all. I did not have my surgery in GA but I had it in FL. I live in Gainesville, GA but this Atlanta post is the closest I've found right now. I'm 6.5 months out and 83 pounds down. From 353 to 270. I am 5'3". I feel I have a pretty decent grip on keeping the weight loss consistent. If anyone wants a buddy/mentor, please msg me. We can either email or we can text if you prefer. I love talking about the sleeve!!
  4. Failure

    Stomach Stretching

    This is not showing for me, can someone post the link for me or PM it to me please?
  5. Isn't it awesome? I am 11 days after surgery now and losing roughly 2.5 lbs a day. Had a few days where I didn't lose anything but it's been averaging 2.5 a day otherwise. So far.
  6. Failure

    Will They Deny Me?

    I'm not on any medications at this time. But when I had my consultation they actually didn't require any psych eval. They strongly encouraged me to talk to someone before and after the surgery but they did not "require" it.
  7. Failure

    Where Did You Get Your Ramekins?

    I like this in star shape actually because I can pour soup into my mouth easily when it gets low and spoon won't pick it up. Is actually super convenient. I already tried one lol.
  8. Failure

    Where Did You Get Your Ramekins?

    Just wanted to make a quick update. I was at a yard sale type thing today inside of a flea market and you'll never guess what I got! For $3:
  9. Failure

    Holy Crap...

    Yeah they suggest the almond milk over the soy milk. They told me not to mix a lot of soy milk in one time, but with PCOS I don't think I have much issue with having "too much" estrogen as we are lacking a bit of it, lol.
  10. Failure

    Bougie Sizes?

    I like this post a lot. It's very informative. I was wondering if a 38 was one of the bigger ones, but if he pulls tight then it may not be much. And I like what Lissa said about it being very minimal. If it's sized by millimeters just remember how tiny a millimeter really is. You can look on a ruler and they are the 2nd smallest lines on there, right? So not much difference really.
  11. I'm so scared but excited at the same time! I'm pretty sure everything will be ok! I do not really need any pre-op tests. They said they will do a pregnancy test because it is mandatory and the anesthesiologist might want a CBC but it's up to him. It won't be any extra cost that they know of, it's included in the hospital fees. They gave me this awesome little shaker bottle that you can use to drink your shakes in, it has a little wire ball that shakes and mixes your powders up really good. Then they gave me only 2 samples of Celebrate Protein mix. I got chocolate and strawberry. I do not like the chocolate, it tastes like chocolate chalk with that fake sugar taste (I HATE that fake sugar taste). Is unjury chocolate any better?? So other than that I feel pretty good. I got all my questions answered, and he said he would take a pic of my tummy for me, lol. He wasn't weirded out by that question at all. I'm overall so pleased with how nice everyone was. The nutritionist was very informative and they have this booklet that had all the answers to my major questions. They want ma to get 70-80g of protein a day. I need to do a "full" liquid diet for a week before surgery (starting the 20th) and then Clear liquids only with no red dyes the day before surgery. And then for after surgery it's the standard 2-2-2 of course. So this is my journey. I'm on my way! Is anyone else having theirs on the 27th??
  12. Failure

    First Time Sex And Loose Skin

    Sometimes what can be a turn on for a man that would otherwise perhaps be a turn off is the fact that the woman is doin' her thing and she doesn't "show" that she needs the approval. Go in there, even if you're scared, and do your thing. Be you and be all of you and see what happens. I bet that he won't mind because he obviously likes you for you, not because of your weight. It's sexy to anybody really when someone is just being themselves and doing something sexy!
  13. Failure

    No More Spanx

    Maybe it's just me but maybe I've always just been too big for that kind of stuff and don't worry about it. lol No amount of "cinching" will make my rollies go away!
  14. Failure

    Too Big For Surgery?

    If by any chance Mexico does not work out, feel free to contact me. I just got approved financing for my surgery to be done in the US and if you can afford the payments per month then it's perfect. If you don't have good credit they let you put co-signers in so it's not a huge deal as long as you can pay the monthly repayment. I have recently discovered a lot more US surgeons for bariatric are doing this medical financing thing because it's easier for patients without insurance, or insurance that won't cover it.
  15. Thank you to everyone that gave well wishes, prays, and hands to hold during the time of concern and upset. After reworking some numbers and getting to the bottom of things, we were able to get coverage for $15,000! That only leaves $3k out of pocket which is perfect! It's very low monthly payment, too. I was surprised. And it's only for 4 years! Pretty awesome. I am so stoked it's not even funny! My consultation next Monday will go on and within the next 60 days I will have my surgery. OMG IS THIS HAPPENING?!!?!

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