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Worried Sick

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Well, not directly. I'm worried about BEING sick. I've been sick since Wednesday and trying to be careful on what kind of medication I take. I have only taken acetominophen which is NOT an NSAID which is advised against pre-op. It's the only medicine I've taken except a small 25 mg allergy pill to help with a tiny bit of congestion. My problem is mostly a sore throat. It could be strep but I wouldn't know. I don't have the money for a PCP right now because all of our funds went to the surgeon that we had extra right now and I don't have insurance at this time. I mean who would have thought this would even happen anyway?


So I'm just worrying, because my throat does not hurt anymore but it is still swollen. I can see it. It's huge in there. I don't have trouble breathing or anything and it's not painful to swallow. I'm just worried it won't be better by surgery time and I don't know what else to do to try to get this swelling down. :/

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Rest is the best medicine. Your body does a huge amount of healing while you are sleeping. Drink orange juice, and chicken broth. Real chicken broth!! It's a proven cure :) Stress will make you sick so relax your body and mind. Be careful with the Tylenol it can raise your Liver enzymes. Good Luck !!

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I have been gargling salt water the last 2 days and it helps a lot. I stopped taking the Tylenol on Friday morning I think was the last one I had so I'm not going to take any other medicines.

Just been drinking liquids and eating some vitamin C throat drops that are sugar free. I don't like the juice plus I'm not allowed it in my pre-op diet. I'm only minimally stuffy at all now but my throat, although not painful, is swollen.

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