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Last Pre-Op Day, Clear Liquids Only!

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Tomorrow, although I guess technically today (June 26, Tuesday) is my last pre-op day! I am sort of in a calm before the storm state of mind. I'm a bit nervous but not as much as I know I will be in that car ride to the hospital. My mom is coming with me and staying with me while we are there. Thankfully! Everything has been paid off as well, so we are A-OK on that. I had been sick all week but luckily feeling better today and will only be getting better from now on. We were a bit scared at first not knowing if this darn sore throat would be gone by the time surgery came around. It seems to be alright now, hasn't hurt much at all all day. I don't anticipate it to hurt at all tomorrow and gone completely by Wednesday. I called the RN and let her know and asked if we would be alright still for Wednesday and she says it sounds like we are going to be just fine. So glad!


So I have a few things to pick up at the store tomorrow, like some sort of G2 or something packets (not crystal light! I am allergic?) to put into my water in case I have a weird intolerance. Want to be able to get in some extra electrolytes, too. Those are supposedly handy dandy for hydration. I'm also going to pick up a couple of jars of baby food. I have plenty of soup/s left over from this week that should be good for post-op.


I just have to finish packing my bag. So far I put my chapstick in there and a couple of throat drops although I don't anticipate needing those. I also put my Gas-X strips in there and my tooth brush and paste. My pillow is near by my bag so I won't forget it. I bought a nice big square pillow pet that is a turtle, I love turtles. It should be ok to use for the ride home and when moving around against my belly and whatnot.


There's always that feeling like I am missing something or will forget something! Gosh I hope not.


Just trying to relax and remain calm and not forget anything. I hope I make it through clear liquids decently! They do list jell-o as something I can eat so I guess I can eat some of that for texture if I absolutely need to..

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I am two weeks post op and for some reason was so relaxed when I went to the hospital. I guess I was just "ready". They found a hernia while doing my sleeve and repaired that at the same time. I am happy to tell you that the surgery is pain free because you are asleep. You will rely on pain meds for a day or two, so that won't be bad. Then, it really is just a sore feeling. I was just tired. You will be fine!! It is so worth it!

Good Luck!

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