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  1. O.T.R. sleever

    42 grams of protein in 3.8 oz

  2. O.T.R. sleever

    Changing how I consume my protein

    You'll be fine at 20-25 in an hour. It will actually digest over several hours. Just don't go for any more at 1 shot.
  3. O.T.R. sleever

    Changing how I consume my protein

    Great information. Also make sure you are using a high quality source of Protein. If you are taking 2 hours to consume the 40 grams then you are still likely using most of the protein. Protein slows the digestive process, so it stays in your intestine longer.
  4. O.T.R. sleever

    Please help....

    Yes. The number varies between 20-27gramcs at one setting. Anything beyond that the body will actually convert into energy (fat) or simply expel. The number does vary some, but for the vast majority of the population this is accurate.
  5. O.T.R. sleever

    Cats Vs Dogs (Share your pet pics)

    Bob says hi. She's a lover. Chico says hola. He on the other hand is a tyrant.
  6. O.T.R. sleever

    side pain

    Does it feel like it's in your ribs? sounds like gas used in surgery to inflate your abdomen working itself out. Fairly uncommon this far out, but not unheard of.
  7. O.T.R. sleever

    So thirsty and in pain

    IMO, At this point you shouldn't be eating anything. Hydration is your first priority. Many people don't even add protein drinks for the first couple weeks. Sip sip sip till you reach your first goal (usually 1/2 gal in a day), then add some protein shakes. Your not going to put yourself at risk of malnutrition anytime soon. But dehydration will land you in the hospital
  8. O.T.R. sleever

    So thirsty and in pain

    Make sure you are walking. The gas pain will subside faster the more you move. As to incision pain, everybody has a different pain tolerance, so I can't say much about that except every day will be a little better than the day before.
  9. O.T.R. sleever

    Mothers day scheduled at a buffet ... Lol

    Go for the salad if you care what others think. It looks like a lot more than it really is. Chew thoroughly. This only applies if your surgeon has you on full foods.
  10. Hmmm, let's see, Sleeve 1, reflux-I've had considerably less since my surgery. I have heard of some ppl getting it, but not my experience. 2. Potential for another surgery- like converting to a bypass? That's pretty rare. Did you have the LapBand removed due to product failure/erosion? Or did it not work for you? Everyone that I know of that converted to sleeve are much happier. RNY All of your concerns are valid. But to be honest, I have not personally had an RNY so all I can talk about is my dad's wife who had it done. NOT PRETTY. Yes she lost a lot of weight quickly, and she looks great, however, she too was prescribed meds for an imbalance. It took years to get her new meds right & get her back to normal. Granted, this was years ago, the medical community is learning everyday. It is just my tendency to lean toward the least invasive effective treatment possible. Which IMO is the sleeve. No foreign objects in your body(except a few staples) and you get to keep all your parts sans the stretchy part of the stomach.
  11. O.T.R. sleever

    Protein bars ?

    Check out Quest nutrition, or Premier nutrition. Premier can be found @ Sams club, Walmart, & costco. I've always bought Quest online. Word of warning, there is really no such thing as a good Protein bar. They are nice for occasional use when you just don't have the time to stop & eat healthy, but ultimately they are all glorified candy bars.
  12. O.T.R. sleever

    Ok whats wrong with me ! LOL

    Are you sure you haven't dropped a size or 2? I can tell you, pre-op I was cramming myself into a 44" waist pants I probably should been wearing 46 or even 48. So it took a while for my pants to start falling off Either way I bet you are losing a lot faster than you gained, I'll also bet those pants are a lot easier to button.
  13. O.T.R. sleever

    Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

    Actually, you are right on schedule. Though stalls are different for all of us, somewhere in the 3rd to 4th week is where most experience their first. With your pre-op losses I wouldn't have been surprised at all if you'd stalled at any point. I've even seen cases where people have stalled immediately following surgery. Just keep following your plan & everything will work like it is supposed to. And congrats on the 56lb loss. You are well on your way!!!
  14. O.T.R. sleever

    Have you ever done this?

    Yes, I did it very early on. My first victim was watermelon. I was still on clear liquids. Keep in mind here I'm not recommending that you do this, just letting you know that you are not alone.
  15. O.T.R. sleever

    Help me please with a few questions!

    Hi there! First off, let me reassure you that you made a huge step forward to becoming a new healthier you. Ok, so your surgery was 4/5 days ago. At this point you really shouldn't even be very concerned with protein. Hydration is key right now. Do all you can yo get to +- 64 oz/day of hydration. Once you accomplish that goal then start working In proteins as you can tolerate it. Remember, everybody is different. Don't compare your ability to consume to others. You will progress through your dietary steps at whatever pace your body allows (just not faster than doctors recommendations). You are going to love the new you.

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