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  1. shannons27

    Got My First Fill June 25Th 4.9

    ok so had my fill and honestly it didnt hurt it was a weird feeling tho!!! lol for sure. Im so hungry!! i havent lost much since surgery and im having issues finding the right foods for me because im throwing up alot. i stay away from bread andpasta and anything sticky but it still sticks at times! Chicken has become my friend!!lol i go in next week for a fill its a definate NEED. i wanna loose more weight, working out only goes so far! wish me luck
  2. shannons27

    Getting Better

    so i had a bad day 2 days ago, ive followed the diet to the T and somehow i gained 6 lbs.... ive been um constipated and i drink TONS of water!! im walking more like 4 times a day now to try and remedy this issue im making the one ounce portions of meats, veg and carbs .. I WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT!! im frusterated and im trying soooo freaking hard. im currently working on stopping before im full.. im so commited to this. i want all this weight gone!!! i move into the soft to regular diet now, and im excited. anyone have any ideas on excersies at home? that wont cost anything
  3. im sad and stressed. i try to eat small amounts 3 times a day but im starving !!! i try to count calories and im on wk 3 puree foods i dont feel full at all... my fill is june 25th and it cant come soon enough it has me kinda picking through out the day. i am a great dieter but im struggling bad.. i want a salad! ugh
  4. shannons27

    Angie-3 Weeks Post Op - Not Feeling Full Anymore.

    omg i feel u girl my surgery was may 24th!! im starving.. i caught myself cheating ....i am on puree and soft right now but struggling bad
  5. shannons27

    May Bandsters!

    im struggling badly!!! im hungry all the time...i havent cheated i at soft chicken yesterday im on the puree stage,... i dont get it im not feeling full like i should i get my first fill june 25th ive gained 3 lbs.. im sad and give up.. is it suppose to be this hard??
  6. i had my surgery last thursday i have the same pain and im hoping that it wares off!!
  7. shannons27

    Pre Op Optifast/ Liquid Diet Diet

    Day 6 of optifast/liquid diet. Its difficult but not quite as bad as the last few days each day is less hard for me. Im weak alot and tired too. Im wondering if im the only person stressing so much in the begining as i am....Im excited however that i get my surgery next week!!!!! Its been a long road but its going to be all worth it in the end. Todays Stressor is PIZZA..lol its a craving and I dont really like it that much.. i know in time all cravings in that sort will pass...
  8. shannons27

    Pre Op Optifast/ Liquid Diet Diet

    optifast is like a full calorie shake you drink 5 a day and i can have suger free popsicles and sugerfree jello, non calorie drinks. my diet is roughly 900 calories a day... my doctor proscribes it to reduce the size of the liver pre surgery and to drop weight to reduce complications. Im having issues with being a mom and having to cook....i havent cheated!!! im super proud of my self. advice for you is not to watch tv too much because tv commercials are VERY VERY tempting especially in the first 4-5 days.. remove all temptation from the house. MOST important "tell yourself every day im strong and i can do this"
  9. good luck hun ur surgery is the same date as mine and im on day 6 of liquid diet!! we will do great

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