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  1. I am 3 days post op and I have to tell you it was no walk in the park. First, I had so much scar tissues the doctor told me the scar tissues from my band removal a year ago had begun to encase and grow over my liver. It took 4 hours to cut the scar tissue from my liver and stomach and other organs. Next, I was in so much pain from the gas I couldn't bear it. One nice nurse made me some homemade heating pads. However, the rest of the nurses did not want to assist with the water heating pads but some did with attitiudes. I decided to write a list of what you really need pre op and post op from the hospital.

    2 heating pads = 1 for your stomach and 1 for your back ( get the kind you have to plug in) the wireless ones don't heat well and it was hard to keep getting up and charging the batteries. Not to mention they only use rechargeable batteries.

    1 shushi massager ( I think it spelled right)= to massage the gas from your back, side, and stomach

    1 Coco butter oil only it helps if you have someone to rub you down and it helps

    bath & body works = eucalyptus spearmint stress relief aromatherapy. lotion and spray for the pillow it really, really helps.

    I walked, walked , and walked and it didn't really help but the heating pads and massager did the trick. Thank goodness for these little items that I never saw listed. OMG ! I couldn't be more thankful. The gas is moving , moving , and moving, while I walked as much as I could. The heating pads saved me.

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