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  1. I am really craving taste, I am not hungry only craving food. Can I put the food in my mouth chew , suck then spit it out without swallowing or eating it? Has anyone every tried this?
  2. ChristyLove

    Hey July Sleevers!

    I am down 35 and I have 30 to go
  3. ChristyLove

    Any New Jersey Gastric Sleevers?

    Anyone wants to chat in the chat room?
  4. ChristyLove

    Am I Eating Enough?

    that is more than what I was able to get down 2 weeks out. Make sure you keep up your water
  5. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    What are July Sleevers doing to pass the time? I have another month left for the end of the year and I don't know what to do. I was told not to start my pre-op liquid diet yet , I have not a clue as to what to do while waiting? I am hearing all these numbers about percentage of weightloss after surgery do you know is the wightloss percentage 30% 50% less or more?
  6. ChristyLove

    Best Protein Shakes Ever!

    Another one that I liked as my second choice was the OH Yeah! protein shake and protein bar. It has 18 grams of protein for an 8 oz bottle. I didn't care for strawberry a little after taste but vanilla and chocolate was okay. Not at great as the organic cafe mocha though. I am really excited I found something that I found something doesn't taste like medicine, has a chalky after taste or is totally gross.
  7. how long after post op for scramble eggs?
  8. ChristyLove

    IMG 0212

    Wow I hope I do as well. I am still in pain
  9. ChristyLove


    You look happy.
  10. ChristyLove

    Dad Almost Died From Sleeve

    I am so sorry. How is he now? What are the doctors plans to help your dad?
  11. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    I am okay. I was worried about you. I am so glad you are up and about and doing okay. I go in tomorrow. Get some rest.
  12. ChristyLove

    July 2Nd Is My Day! 29 More Days But Who's Counting

    23 Hours 4 Minutes 18 Seconds I can't wait!
  13. ChristyLove

    H Pylori

    I get my result back today for the breath test. I am praying my surgery is not pushed back.
  14. Don't know what is going on first they said sleeve is not covered. Then it is covered did all paperwork and it is not covered? Now it is covered I am confused. My employer said " I don't know" Good thing benefit person said she is going to try and find out hopefully monday. My doctor said $60,000 for the sleeve. Seriously, who can pay for that? Omg really, really , really. I thought it was much cheeper. Not including hospital stay. Seriously, Seriously, seriously ! I really trust this doctore but I am going to stay postive. Any information , anyone at all! I am suppose to have surgery July 3rd now my insurance company tells me 4 weeks before surgery they are not sure if it is covered.
  15. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Okay I took my breath test for h.pylori and I won't find out if I am having surgery until the day of surgery. I am so bummed out. I can't wait anoher 2 or 3 weeks for surgery. However, I think it is harder waiting until the day before surgery to find out if it will happened. What symptoms if any did anyone have after taking the liquid and breath test for h.pylori?
  16. ChristyLove

    Stomach Bacteria-H Pylori

    I have to blow in a bag to assure the doctor I don't have stomach bacteria. I already took a Upper GI Endoscopy and the doctor said everything is perfect. However, the test results which finalize the test will take 7 to 10 days. My blood results were inconclusive, which mean the numbers were not low enough to tell I didn't have stomach bacteria and not high enough to show I had stomach bacteria. Today I have an appointment to get clearance for surgery and then I have to go back to the doctor to blow in a bag. This is nerve racking. ughhh!
  17. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    I started my liquid diet also. July 3rd is surgery and I can't contrate. I am also having a hard time sticking to it. I am just ready to get this over with.
  18. ChristyLove

    Calling Fellow Teachers!

    I hoping the same thing. However, if it doesn't work out I am just going to say I am on a liquid diet to lose some weight. It will be so busy when school starts a protein shake will help me to eat better anyway. This pre-op diet is hard, hard , hard. I use to be more focus , What happened to my will power. LOl
  19. ChristyLove

    July 2Nd Is My Day! 29 More Days But Who's Counting

    I am July 3rd. I just started organizing my house and doing last minutes projects to keep me busy. I am excited but I am also praying all goes well. This is a big decisison I am to be focus. I can't seem to get this pre-op down packed
  20. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    I have been looking for the same book. I tried downloading it, No success. I guess I will have to order it.
  21. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Four days left for school and counting!
  22. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    good idea
  23. ChristyLove

    Waiting For Approval

    I waiting for approval. I am suppose to have surgery July 3rd. Dr. appt June 14th and I didn't do my testing yet because of a clericial error. I have BCBS and they are updating their system. I have bari benefits but it is showing I don't in the system. Superivor can see benefits. They called my doctor but I don't think it will be solve by Thursday.

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