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    KatieOkieDokie reacted to newgrandmother in Questions..?   
    my 2nd week i was starving by the time i got to my 3rd week it diminished. i still get hungry but its only because its time to eat
    my energy level was high i had so much energy im now 4 wks and a few days and just starting to feel a little tired but thats because i havent been taking my b vitamins
    i didnt feel a certain way wehn some jeans i couldnt fit now fit
    i noticed it in my face
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    KatieOkieDokie reacted to sassysuez in Questions..?   
    You really had some good questions and I am going to try to answer what it is like for me. First question about hunger, My mind is always hungry but after 5 months I know the difference if that makes since, I always think about food in my mind but stomach is not hungry. Second question, my surgery was good with no problems or complications so I felt like moving and doing things immediately, I believe that being active before surgery is a big help and helped me alot (walking). Third question clothes, When I realized I could fit much smaller clothes I was so excited, I danced around smiling and I kept saying thank you God......Yes! The first place I noticed I had lost weight was in face and neck. I have lost a total of 70 pounds so far and have 20 more to go.Everyone tells me I look smaller than I am and that feels great. I look forward to exercising now, I really enjoy it and do it 4x week. I am so thankful and blessed. My husband is such a great support of me losing weight and keeping me motivated to exercise. God's Blesings your way!! Hope this helps and make since.
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    KatieOkieDokie reacted to nikki82 in Questions..?   
    Not feeling hungry has never happened for me. After surgery of course my appetite was non-existant, but 3 months out I started getting hunger pangs. So I ate. And sometimes they would come often, and again, I ate. It never hindered my weight loss in anyway either. I figured if my body is telling me it's hungry then..chow down, but only on healthy foods. My hunger is sated very easily and I know that's because of the surgery.
    As far as the second question - I don't really remember a "magic number" per say, but I did notice is was a lot easier for me to get around, and have more energy 2 months out. Walking up the steps became so much easier and standing on my feet didn't hurt my back as much.
    I danced when I put on clothing I wasn't able to fit into for a while. Yep. Dancing is how I celebrate. I did a little jig this morning after I come off the scale. 2 lbs lighter is worth a dance and a shimmy to me... lol
    The weight loss has always show in my face first, but this time it's my derrier as well, which I'm soooo happy about. My butt had it's own zip code. Oh, and my hands.. I can actually see veins, bones and tendons which is so cool! I've always wanted slender hands.
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    KatieOkieDokie reacted to Ready?Going.. in Questions..?   
    Hunger- wasn't hungry at all the first few weeks.....now, 4 months post op, I get HUNGRY!, when it is time to eat, 5-6 bites later, I'm full and good to go for another 3-4 hours!
    Energy - came around 4-6 weeks out.....and gets better every day! I LOVE it.....feeling more like myself again,..the younger, thinner self that is
    Clothes - I purchased a pair of size 16 Jones New York Jeans about 8 years ago.....they still have the tags on them, I've moved 750 miles and into 3 other dwellings since I bought those.....and they followed me faithfully. I put them on, zipped them up about 4 weeks ago.......and that's when I cried. Today, I wear 'em and look damn good too!
    I've lost about 45 pounds, first started to notice it in my face. Last night as the hubby and I lay in bed, he was looking down at me and I asked what he was looking at (afraid I'd missed a chin hair when plucking)......he just smiled and said......."your beautiful face. It's back."
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    KatieOkieDokie got a reaction from Dooter in I'm Feeling A Little Like Frodo.....   
    Congrats on breaking 300lbs! That is too awesome and wonderful! I know right now it may seem like your looking across the Mt. of Doom..but think 100lbs from now you're going to look back and think.. wow that went by quick, or you're going to think.. I remember writing that blog about losing 100lbs.. that feels just like yesterday! What was I worried about!
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    KatieOkieDokie reacted to yecats in Still Hopeful!   
    Stay Hopeful!!!! Believe, Pray and keep believing and praying!!!!
    I was in your shoes, I also recall feeling like no hope. No money, no way of coming up with it. I looked to others to help, they didn't . I eventually had to rely on myself, my way.
    I had yard sales, I found stuff people were giving away and sold that to. I am a waitress. I saved every nichol I could and put it in a bank (without an ATM card) in a savings account. My credit was not great. I somehow saved up over $2500. in 4 months. YEAH, ME WHO WAS BROKE LIVING WITH PENNIES, WEEK TO WEEK. I just wanted to be sleeved more than anything.
    I still did not have enough and could not get a loan from a bank. My credit was not great and my husband's small family business was not doing well.
    I woke up one night and remembered a lady I knew years ago that worked at a bank, She was really nice to me like 20 years before. I recalled her name, looked her up that morning, called her.... she ended up being (after all those years later) the head of the loan department. She helped me to attain a loan becuase she believed in me and who I was years before.
    My point.... you keep believing, see it , taste it, know it, live like you are getting sleeved. Prepare yourself, walk into it..
    Don't wait for your parents(relying on them). The door will open up. Taste it, dream it, breath it. Want it more than anything, it will happen if you want it.
    Guess what.... it is worth it. I never thought I would see a size 14 ever again. I am only 3 months out, down from a tight 20 , really 22.
    I can not wait for the day you say, guess what... I am sleeved. Go to Mexico.
    If you have no money, find a nichol put it in a piggy bank, they add up. Just do it!!!!!
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    KatieOkieDokie got a reaction from gramaof4 in Home- The Aftermath....   
    Congrats! I too notice the negative point of view toward WLS, and I will admit to thinking like that at one time, until I started doing my own research, and I learned that the pov that wls was the "easy way" out was is a HUGE misconception!
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    KatieOkieDokie got a reaction from MsMashOutFat in Wk #2 S/p Surgery 3/5/12   
    Who would have ever imagined you'd be happy to go see a doctor! lol.. Congrats!! This is awesome!
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    KatieOkieDokie got a reaction from faddisc in Im Hungry Every 2 Hours- Only 27 Days Post Op...?!?! Is This Normal   
    I have not had the surgery yet, but from what I have gathered sometimes people have issues with acid,which gives you the feeling of being hungry. Of course please correct me if I am wrong. I would talk to your dr. and if that's it see about getting put on meds to help!
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    KatieOkieDokie got a reaction from DIAMOND45 in Medicine For The Heart   
    Thank you! Sometimes I need slight reminders of this
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    KatieOkieDokie got a reaction from jennifer G in Today   
    Yay!! Congrats!
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    KatieOkieDokie reacted to CAsleeve in To Sleeve Or Not To Sleeve...   
    Hi. You are the first post I've commented on, but...I've just gotten started on this site and I'm finding it rather psychologically therapeutic to put words on the page.
    I had all the questions, fears and second, third and fourth thoughts if this was the right thing for me to do, just as you are and what appears everyone that makes this decision has. Should I try yet another diet first? I decided I just couldn't bear losing and gaining back again. I want a permanent life change - a serious size change. My biggest questions was, "what is going to happen in the future with my stomach?" I mean the actual vital organ in my body. To me it is just a freaky thing to consider having the majority of a healthy organ removed from my body! It freaks me out and of course stirs up all kinds of questions and fears. Additionally, I have issues with being embarrassed about doing this sort of thing, i.e., surgery to lose weight! Yep, it's the truth. Even though I've been looking in to it for seven-eight months, I only told my husband I was going to have the surgery a week prior to my surgery date, and I only told a close friend of mineone day prior to my surgery date (both have been incredibly supportive). I still haven't even told my family (I don't have family that live close, so that part was easier.) The whole personal embarrassment thing is a phycological thing that I will be working through. I've tried everything before and have failed. I didn't want to be judged nor have anyone worry about me or try to talk me out of it. In actuality, they might not have, but...this is my journey.
    I had my vsg surgery on Jan. 17th, and today is my 3rd day home post-surgery. I still have questions, if this was the right thing to do, but I have to honestly say...yes. It is what I needed to do to a permanent outcome. I truly see a bright light at the end of the tunnel I'm so excited about the future and actually successfully losing half of my physical self and can't wait to take up less space in the world - a smaller footprint! I am so looking forward to all the positives that will come with being and living at a normal body size, weight and moving around on this earth light and healthy. I've a long way to go, but I'm so determined, thanks to my vsg!
    This is 100% a decision you have to make for yourself. I do have to say, that I have had some wonderful encouragement, guidance, insight and support from a former colleague and now who I consider my friend. She been extremely successful with her vsg weightloss journey. When I first looked in to the lapband, I came across a photo of her on fb looking absolutely stunning and thin! I asked her 'how' and 'what'. Once this interaction started, from that moment on, she has been so supportive, non-judgemental and my guiding light. I can not express how pricelessly helpful this has been.
    The vsg surgery is difficult and you will have pain and all kinds of internal rumblings and grumblings. You will need to heal. Don't fool yourself about that. It is a serious procedure and full blown surgery! But, I have to say, each day for me has been easier and better than the one before. I feel myself healing.
    I also recommend working out - cardio and strength training - as much as possible before your surgery. Go in to it strong as I'm certain it has and will help my healing process.
    Best of luck and peace of mind to you. I am looking forward to following your successful progess on this site and hope you will follow me and my successes to come!
    Sending you positive vibrations. One Love.