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  1. Has anyone received 2 boxes? On 3/22 I got a small box that had a shrink wrapped pack of Bariatric Pal business cards. Then the next day I received the box of the month that had the portion plate in it. I looked at my account it and shows my March box of the month was delivered... but it was those business cards. I called the store and they want me to send a picture of the cards I received.
  2. MonkeyNurse

    Large weight gain

    I had sleeve and lost 100# and put back 70#. I had an upper GI and it showed the upper portion of my sleeve ballooned out with a big pouch and my sleeve was dilated. I was able to eat a lot. I had an EGD and it showed the surgeon left the fundus or upper part of my stomach in. That's the stretchiest part and should have been removed. But I can't blame her. I made bad food choices and overate and stretched my sleeve. I converted to RNY on 1/11/18.
  3. MonkeyNurse


    Before pics - May 2012
  4. I had my revision on 1/11. My post op this time was much easier than my sleeve. I had hardly any pain and I was able to sleep on my side the first night. My only issue was bad nausea in the recovery room. I had problems with shortness of breath my first week. I didn't use my incentive spirometer enough. Now that I'm 3 weeks out I'm on soft diet. I'm struggling to get enough water in so of course I'm constipated. Other than that I feel good. I've been eating mostly chicken salad, egg salad, ricotta bake and bean puree. I still do a premier shake in the morning, only way I can get in enough protein but I don't like them as much anymore. They are too sweet now.
  5. I want to delete the before and after pics I had previously uploaded to my profile but I can't find an option to delete them. They are from my sleeve which I just had revised. Thanks!
  6. I signed up! Can't wait for my first box
  7. I'm 3 weeks out and lost 6# after surgery but gained 1.4 pounds in the last week. I'm not stressing about the scale though, I'm basing it on how my clothes are feeling. I am on soft foods now. I'm able to eat 2oz of chicken salad, 3oz of egg salad, ricotta bake and bean puree. I still do a protein shake in the morning and I agree they are too sweet now that I'm post-op. I don't like anything sweet.
  8. MonkeyNurse

    Sticker shock!

    This is the price for chewables. I'm hoping when I switch over the capsules the price goes down. Good point @Alex Brecher about saving money on food. I'm on my pre-op diet and my wallet hasn't been touched in 2 weeks
  9. I just added up how much the vitamins my surgeon wants me to take after bypass. Annually it's $1,177! He wants me to take the following: Bariatric Advantage Advanced Multi EA twice day Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate chews 3x a day Bariatric Advantage Probiotic twice a day Biotin once a day B12 once a week I'm thinking I could probably save some money on the calcium and probiotic by finding a different brand...?
  10. I'm 5 1/2 years out from sleeve and gained almost all my weight back. I am converting to bypass in one week with a different surgeon. He said at a recent conference they said in 10 years 40% of sleeve patients would need some type of revision due to weight regain. My upper GI and EGD showed my sleeve has a pouch at the top and retained fundus (top of stomach). My surgeon said no part of the fundus should be left because it's the stretchiest part of the stomach. That's the part that stretched out and made a pouch. The rest of my sleeve is also dilated.
  11. I had a desk job when I had the sleeve and took one week off. This time I’m having my conversion to a bypass on a Thursday and taking the whole next week off. My friend did the same thing and he was fine.
  12. I'm in the same boat. When I told friends and family I was converting they all were all trying to talk me out of it. I have 80 pounds to get to my goal but 115 to get to a healthy weight.
  13. I’m converting from sleeve to bypass in 2 weeks. Now that my friends know they’re all trying to talk me out of it. Saying the complications are so much higher with bypass than sleeve. They’ve got me second guessing myself!
  14. MonkeyNurse

    January bypass buddies??

    Did you buy the pre-op food from him? I can't do these fruit drinks unless they're really cold. I'm starving!