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  1. In Nov, I had a small fill and three days later had it removed. Then got dehydrated, it was not a fun time. I felt totally stuffed like I had just eat a whole pizza when I had nothing but Water or a Protein shake. Now I feel I need another fill but I am too scared to try again. I would like to hear from anyone who has had an unfil and then tried again. How long did you wait? How did it go when you tried to fill again? Sheri
  2. Grandma3

    Mislead? You Tell Me...

    My weight was stalled and the fellow banders told me I was not eating enough. I increased my calories by 200 per day and started loosing again. It does restart the metabolism. So eat a little more and enjoy.
  3. I just need some input ............. Monday I got a small fill of 0.2 cc's, I'm not sure if I have too much. I am not vomiting and I can eat BUT I feel so full. I was on liquids until today. I had a Protein shake for Breakfast at 6:30 am. For lunch I had 2 ounces of tuna and 1/2 hard bolied egg and I feel like I ate a whole pizza by myself. That was at 12:30 and the feeling is just going away 9 hours later. Do I need to get an small unfill or will this feeling go away after a few days? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Grandma3

    Am I Too Full?

    Well I didn't wait it out, I was miserable all morning so I went in this afternoon and had the 0.2 removed. Not feeling much different yet but I know it may take some time. Thanks everybody for your input.
  5. Grandma3

    Am I Too Full?

    I smashed the egg and mixed in the tuna with some fat free mayo, it was not very dry. Thanks everyone for your help. Guess I will wait it out and see how it is by Monday.
  6. Grandma3

    Non Scale Victory!!

    Congrtas to you NSV's are so wonderful.
  7. Grandma3

    I Don't Know What To Think. Please Help!

    The question is, would you have lost 52 lbs in 4 months without the band? I would say it is working. Maybe not as well as you think it should, maybe a small fill would benefit you. Remember the band does not work on its own, you have to work the band.
  8. Not wanting to waste money on clothes that I could not wear very long, I kept wearing all my baggy clothes. I even had a box of smaller clothes I dug out and those were now to baggy. I heard one of my favorite stores was closing (Fashion Bug), so I took a little trip there and it was true, she told me things were being reduced and soon they would close and to choose wisely because all sales are final. I bought a few things and WOW. Wearing things that fit can really make you feel fabulous. Now when I go to work I know I look good. Even tho I have not made my goal I do know that I look and feel so much better then I did 6 months ago. So I encourage all of you that are still wearing those baggy clothes to go get a few new things, even if you can't wear them in a couple months it is so worth a hundred dollars to feel like a million dollars.
  9. I made it to ONDERLAND ....... YEAH! My first goal of 175 by the end of the year is looking better and better. FYI: I also flew from Florida to Las Vegas and back last week and had no trouble flying.
  10. My doctor makes you wait 6 weeks between the first two fills after that you can go as often as 2 weeks. Every doctor has a different protocol. I would call the office and ask them if you can move the appt up, they will tell you. Good luck to you!
  11. Grandma3

    Can I Damage My Port???

    I only had soreness for a few days after surgery. My port is right out there where you can see it sticking out but I do not have any problems sleeping on it. I would ask your doctor about it.
  12. Grandma3

    I Made It !

  13. Grandma3

    Jean M

    Here profile says surgery was August 16th. Hope you're surgery went well Jean and have a wonderful birthday! You are an inspiration to us all.
  14. Grandma3

    Medical Id Bracelet

    Here we go again, Mis73 makes a very good point to have the bracelet. Elcee makes a good point for not getting the bracelet. I have thought about this also, but I have not ordered one yet. Mostly because only 4 people know I have the surgery and I don't want to advertise it with a bracelet. My husband has strict orders on what hospital to take me too and to show them my card BUT I never considered a car accident and being alone and unconscious. They do have a medical ID that goes on a chain around your neck, that might also be an option. Thinking I may get one just to be on the safe side, better to have and not need, then to need and not have.
  15. Grandma3

    Would You Do It Again

    Would absolutely do this again. I am only 4 months out but have had excellent results along with hard work. I have done what I can to keep my band in place and working. No sodas, no straws and no over eating. I eat my Protein, drink my liquids and try to stay away from sliders. There are risks with any surgery and everyone is different, what works for me may not work for someone else. Do your research and then make the decision that is right for you not because someone else has or has not had a problem but because you feel it is the right decision for you. Good luck to you.
  16. Grandma3

    Omg Down 140Lbs In 13 Months!

    Congrats Allison, what a great accomplishment. I can tell how happy you are.
  17. Grandma3

    Getting Nervous

    Hi Ms Blue, I didn't get nervous until two days before my surgery and then I was going to cancel. My friend talked me thru it and I am so glad she did. I wish I would have done this much sooner. The real reason I read your post was because of your name, I am also a Ms Blue. That was my maiden name before I got married. Good luck to you on your journey.
  18. Grandma3

    I Have No Idea What I Will Look Like

    I thought the same thing as Karen........... great attitude. Good luck to you on your journey. Be patient and work the program and you will find the sexy you.
  19. Grandma3

    It's Finally Been Made Official!

    My doctors office said the bands are basically the same EXCEPT the Realize band is more forgiving. I went with the Realize because I don't want the band to tell me what I can and can not eat. That is a choice I want to make for myself. I am three months out tomorrow with two fills and I have had trouble eating steak and roast beef but nothing else. So I just cut it smaller and chew it more. Good luck to you on your journey.
  20. Grandma3

    61 And Just Beginning

    Yeah Karen, You are doing awesome and your story is an inspiration to use older banders. I think maintaining is a big part of the success, hope I do as well as you!
  21. Grandma3

    50 Pounds Lost!!!

    Awesome! Way to go.
  22. Grandma3

    Baby Food For Soft Diet

    I was told we could eat baby food but only the meat ones because they have protein. I didn't eat them because they are bland tasting and boring. There are so many tasty choices (see above).
  23. My advise is: Follow your doctors orders. Good luck.
  24. Grandma3

    Canned Chicken/tuna Ideas?

    I like tuna with mayo, chopped egg and shredded sheese. You can put it on a cracker or wheat thin, or eat it with a fork.
  25. Grandma3

    Port Area Post Surgery

    My port area was painful for about 6 days and hasn't bothered me since.

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