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  1. I had mine for exactly 6 years before revision. My story is of band failure also. One year after placement and many attempts at the sweet spot I never found it. I was under and overfilled for a year and then no one could penetrate the port for adjustment. I lived with an un serviced band for 5 years and had revision about a year ago with no -complications or scar tissue. It was 1 day outpatient surgery.
  2. May 21st is my day. I am at 61 and feeling great. I have a similar experience of 10-12 days stalled then a loss every month. I'm super happy.
  3. MissMo

    No More Weightloss?

    I had surgery 5/21 (a lap band to sleeve revision). I lost 30 in 2.5 months preop. I have lost 15 in the first two weeks postop, but have gained 1 pound in the last 13 days. I am trying hard not to be discouraged and feel like once again a weight loss method that did not work. I have to remember I lost 45 lbs in 3 months and my body does not know what to do. I too have followed directions to a tee. I know this will work in the long run for all of us new and stalled.
  4. MissMo

    3Rd Week Post-Op

    Lizzy, I had my surgery on 5/21 and I am 3 weeks out also. I too have limited energy. I am a non stop type and this is very strange for me. I keep thinking there is somthing wrong but I have to remember I have just put my body through alot and it is adjusting. Seems to come and go also. I have lost a total of 15 lbs since surgery but none in the last 8 days. Infact I gained a pound since yesterday. That has been frustrating but I think its normal. I am still happy that I did this because I know in the long run I will lose and keep it off. Although I do have those old doubts of failure. Change takes time for sure. I went back to work after 2 weeks and was prtty exhausted but not as bad as I thought. Take your time off and rest and heal. Onward and Forward!
  5. Remember hair loss is temporary.........I lost a lot when I had LapBand surgery in 06 and it came back after 1 year. I have very fine hair and am afraid too. I figure I will be going through so many changes the first year, hair loss being part of it. Protien and supplements are on the priority list for total health (including hair). Good luck.
  6. I am two days shy of three weeks post op. Post op has gone well and uneventful. Following all the rules to a tee. It seems as though I have hunger pangs about every 2-3 hours. Has anyone experienced this? Pre surgery I don't think I allowed myself to be hungry very often so maybe I'm confusing the feeling with another pot op phenomenon. Thoughts? Advice?
  7. MissMo

    I Need Help!

    I agree with the nutritionist advice.......I think the input of my NUT has been the most valuable part of the surgery package. I have not had a question about what to eat or when to eat it. She devised a book of sample menus and vitamin requirements for the first 6 weeks. Good luck, most bariatric programs have nutrition referral sources. I am amazed at the similarity of our surgery stories.
  8. This happened to me too. I started with chicken and potato blended with broth. Uncomfortable till the next day. I have tried things like cream of wheat, refried beans, chili and It was much better. I also started with 1/4 cup and finished it......that was too much. Go slow and know some people are slower to progress than others, me included.

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