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    Married to a wonderful and very supportative man we have two adult children, 1 dog and no grands
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    movies, crocheting, and surfing the internet
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  1. Cnewme2012

    Just wanted to brag:)

    Keep up the good work. I recently joined the YMCA and look forward to getting busy myself. I had a very hectic schedule at work this week. I do plan on doing some form of exercise tonight, maybe a video. Maybe I'll be able to brag really soon
  2. Cnewme2012

    Rash around incision

    Mine isn't red around the incision, but it does itch!
  3. Cnewme2012

    Need Advice!

    I also slept in the the recliner for two weeks and then transitioned to the bed. I attempted to sleep in the bed when I can home and couldn't do it. It will get better
  4. Cnewme2012

    very worried about my surgeon!

    When I was contemplating having the lap band surgery, the first thing I did was to began researching who would do the surgery. Afer doing research I came up with the doctor that I wanted to do my lap band surgery. People were complaining about his bed side manner, etc. but I wasn't looking for a buddy, but the one who would be the best surgeon. As it turned out his bed side manner was fine You want to make sure when you put your life in someone hands that they are qualified in what they are doing. God bless you and I wish you the best!!!
  5. Cnewme2012

    First Fill

    You should contact your doctor, your band may be to tight. Something similar happened to me and I had to go and have some saline removed, it solved the problem immediately. I pray that you will feel better soon
  6. Cnewme2012

    1 Year Band Anniversary and 175 pounds gone!

    Your look wonderful Missy, and you do seem to have a glow about you. I know that you must be proud her yourself!
  7. Cnewme2012

    6 Myths About the Adjustable Gastric Band

    Thank you, this was some very valuable information !
  8. Cnewme2012

    Jan. 18th... no menu. Maybe blogging isn't for me.

    I think most of us understand exactly what you're going through, we all fall down but we get back up
  9. Cnewme2012

    too tight

    I know exactly how you feel, my band was to tight and I had to have some fluid taken out. Now I'm able to eat things that I caouldn't eat before and more of them and then I feel so guilty. I go back on the 4th of Feb. to have a fill. I really don't like having fills, but I need some restriction I wish you the best and I hope that you are able to find you another support system.
  10. Breaks are truly overrated! I shared with you all approimately a month ago that I was having difficulty keeping any food down and it was suggested that I go to the doctor to see what was going on. Well I went and my band was to tight, so they took out some of the fluid. Needless to say things that were previously giving me a problem were no longer a problem. I took a little break during Christimas and I gained a few pounds back. I was so upset with myself for allowing this to happen. But I have put that all behind me, I've gotten back on track, and I totally agree that BREAKS ARE OVERRATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Cnewme2012

    Clear Luquids

    crandberry and grapejuice also....
  12. Cnewme2012

    Is This It Or Could I Be Too Tight

    The same thing happened to me....and I just had an unfill on yesterday. Talk to your doctor...and hope it gets better.
  13. Cnewme2012

    Band To Tight

    Hi guys I took your advise...went to the doctor and told him that I've had problems for approximately two months keeping food down. The first thing he did was have me have an X-Ray which showed that my band was still intact...so then he said it is probably to tight so he released some of the fluid. I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to eat normally and not get sick, I've been able to get my protein in today and I really feel great. Thanks again for the advice!!!!!!
  14. Cnewme2012


    It sure does vary, I've been banded for 7 months and I've had two fills, and just yesterday I had to have some fluid removed becaused my band was to tight.

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