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  1. May 11,2012 lost 80lbs!! I feel great.
  2. Kimberlyann

    When Did You Feel Yourself?

    I went back to work 5 days after surgery. I work 12 hour days. It was too soon, but completely do-able. It takeS several weeks for the exhaustion to subside. And honestly about 3 months to feel back to normal. Nap every chance you get. With that being said, this is undoubtably the BEST decision I have ever made. I am almost 5 months out, lost 77 pounds, and I feel healthier than I ever have. GOOD LUCK :)
  3. Kimberlyann

    Still Cant Get Protein

    Also, UNJURY has an unflavored protien when your ready for food. You can add it to anything and it has no taste at all. I just open a package and sprinkle it on as much as I can. When you get to soft foods it goes great in applesauce. I am 4 months out, and have lost 70 lbs. I have always had very long hair. I had to cut it short 2 weeks ago. But it WILL come back!!!!
  4. Well, as of today I have officially lost ******70lbs*********. I was sleeved May 11. I am so happy I decided to do this. I am off all my medication and can keep up with my 5 year old. If I don't lose anything else, I will still be happy with the results!! I have went from a size 18 to size 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kimberlyann

    Wonton Wrappers

    I make buffalo chicken ones. Use chicken, hot sauce and Laughing Cow light blue cheese. Every one in my house LOVES them.
  6. There were several people that were alone when I was there on May 11. They all did great. Dr. Garcia and staff are wonderful. Very clean hospital. If I had anything negative to say, I wish I had a spanish-english handbook. But they take wonderful care of you!
  7. You look GREAT!!! Also look 20 years younger =)
  8. Kimberlyann

    I Had Crab Today!

    I had crab today also!! I was able to eat 2 legs. 1 pound was plenty for my husband and I. Yummmmmm!
  9. Kimberlyann

    Dr Garcia...great Experience!

    My daughter just checked on the price and until September, it is $4500.00. That includes the 3 nites at the Marriott.
  10. Kimberlyann

    Dr Garcia...great Experience!

    I was very happy with him also. I was sleeved May 11. I recommend him to everyone.
  11. Kimberlyann

    Energy Needed....

    In the begining my energy level was VERY low. I needed a nap every day. Once you start mushies your energy will increase. Just nap when needed (if possible). I am 2 months post op and my energy is great. Although I do notice if I eat poorly my energy is very low. I also went back to work at 1 week post op. I am a deputy and on the go the entire 12 hours of my shift. Just give it time and keep up the good work!!
  12. Kimberlyann

    What Does Full Feel Like?

    I think everyone is different. For me I must eat slow, and that has been hard for me to learn. I am also a NON-PUKER, But I have puked about 5 times, mostly within a 1 week period, and not until at lease 5-6 weeks out. For me its like I fill up a pitcher to full and it just overflows. The first time it came on so quickly I had time to yell to my husband to grab me something and I was unable to move. I don't heave its just like getting rid of the overflow. My advice is eat slow, listen to your tummy. The full feeling is just like before so when it starts feeling full STOP! Because 1 extra bite is all it takes. Good Luck & Don't be afraid of the puke, its going to happen
  13. Kimberlyann

    Thirsty Anyone?

    Use LOTS of ice. It really helped me.
  14. May 11, down 43. But I haven't lost anything in about 10 days Your not a failure, Have you lost inches?? And how much would you have lost if you had not had surgery!
  15. Kimberlyann


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good for you, be proud of yourself =)
  16. WALK, WALK, WALK...... This was the easiest surgery I have ever had, I know it's because 45 min,after waking in recovery my Husband had me up and walking down the hallway in the hospital
  17. Kimberlyann

    Just Kissed The First 40 Lbs Buhbye :)

    Congrats to you!!! As of today I have also lost 41lbs and I feel amazing. I just can't wait to get to ONEDERLAND =) Hopefully by July 4. But the clothes are falling off!! I am a deputy and I have had to order new uniforms 2 times already KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Kimberlyann

    Tampa Fl Area?

    Brooksville, Fl........
  19. Kimberlyann

    Is My Weight Loss Too Slow?

    Also how are your clothes fitting?? You can lose inches and that darn scale won't move. You are doing great. I had surgery May 11, and I have moved into all my "little" clothes. I can't wait til I have nothing to wear =)
  20. Kimberlyann

    4 Weeks Out And Need Advice

    Are you losing inches though?? Go back to basics, shakes and mushies. Make sure you are adding Fiber to your drinks. I use unflavored Metamucil, actually Publix generic. It seems to help me alot. Best of luck =)
  21. What is Magic Pop?? I am also having a very hard time getting in protein..
  22. Kimberlyann

    2 Days Post-Op/gas Pains

    Walk, walk, walk.......At least every 2 hours
  23. Maybe try a different acid reducer to see if there is any difference.
  24. I had that feeling early on also. I found an acid reducer helped alot. Some of what I was feeling was acid. I currently take Zantac 150, 2 times a day and I think it helps alot. Best of luck =)
  25. Yesterday I was 5 weeks sleeved and I have lost 34 lbs, and have felt great. About 3 days ago my abdomen/stomach began hurting and when I eat I get nauseas . I feel somewhat nauseas constantly and am constipated. When I do go its very little and usually diarahea. My urine is very little and very concentrated also. I try to drink enough, my concern is could it be a leak??? I also take Zantac 150 2 times a day. My stomach is so upset and has been for days. I had surgery in Mexico so I'm not sure how much info my primary doctor will be able to give me..........

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