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  1. niquey0685

    Jump Start

    I know a few of us have gotten stuck in a certain weight bracket for a while. I found a way to help jump start weight loss again. My husband has started his pre op diet for his surgery. Seeing as tho I've already went thru this and know how hard it could be without support I decided to help join him. I went and got a jar of body fortress and started a liquid diet again only this time I included just one meal a a day. I've lost 5lbs in just 5 days! My diet plan goes like this Breakfast: 8oz shake Boiled egg Snack: Fruit Lunch: 8oz shake Veggie or fruit Snack: Yogurt or 5 crackers w/tuna salad Dinner: Any type of lean meat Raw or cooked green or mixed veggies Snack: Fruit Yogurt Or sugar free popsicle Remember drink plenty of Water. Continue exercising
  2. Thank you, my surgery was 4/25/12 my goal is between 144-150, I'll stop at whatever weight looks good
  3. Sorry didn't mean to post so many times
  4. In this pic I'm wearing the same shirt as u see I'm swimming in it now first pic 263 lbs, next pic 196 lbd! Just need to tone and sculp, praying I don't have to do a skin surgery!
  5. niquey0685

    Ohh Ohh, I'm Half Way There...

    Wow Great Job
  6. niquey0685

    45 Down 74 To Go

    Thanks! I can't wait to hit my goal weight, or even just to get out of my 200s just 18 more til I'm under 200lbs
  7. niquey0685

    5'4 Whats Your Goal Weight?

    I'm 5'5 228 right now and I wanna get down to 135-150. 150 is probably more realistic but I wanna be as far away from 200 lbs as possible
  8. niquey0685

    Newby Banded April 25Th

    Well I lost 20 while on the 3 month supervised diet, then 10 on my pre-op diet then 8 after the surgery I'm still on the full liquid diet until next week. I did a lot of walking to help drop, I can't wait to do full body work outs, ready to lose more!
  9. I've lost 8 lbs since surgery! Which brings me to a total of 38 lbs....2 lbs away from 40....I lost 20 on the 3 month supervised diet and 10 on the pre-op diet! I'm currently 225 and ppl who don't kno I have the surgery are starting to tell the difference, I'm hyped.....my only problem is being hungry and the hunger pains come with a vengeance! I get full fast but I don't stay full on my liquid diet. In the middle of the night I wake up with horrible hunger pains. Is anyone else having this problem
  10. niquey0685

    Tummy Is Numb

    Right underneath my incision.....its weird, hope it doesn't last long
  11. Is it normal for your port spot to feel numb. I have no feeling on that side of my tummy. Has anyone had this issue?
  12. niquey0685

    Day 3 Of Surgery

    Lol I'll be able to eat my first meal on my bday I can't wait lol
  13. niquey0685


    God bless!
  14. niquey0685

    Pre-Op Diet

    I am so excited....I hope everything goes good for us all
  15. What have you or are doing for your clear liquids?

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