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    mel2643 reacted to tparkerc59 in Almost 9 months out. Opinions on going back on a full protein shake diet for a few weeks?   
    I've never really stopped the shakes. I have a premier shake every morning for Breakfast and a Quest Protein bar for lunch and regular food for dinner plus nut Snacks and fresh fruit Snacks. I'm currently 2 pounds below goal and feel great.
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    mel2643 reacted to del58 in Where Is Everyone From?   
    New Jersey
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    mel2643 got a reaction from nicole836 in September Was Your Progress?   
    We have almost the same stats .... Surgery date 9/17/2012 ..HW 241 CW 152 GW 125
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    mel2643 reacted to altagirl in September Was Your Progress?   
    I am 1 year + out - surgery date was 9/10/2012. I currently go between 112-114. I hope everyone is doing well!
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    mel2643 reacted to patva in Who hated protein powder but found a good on?   
    Premier Protein saved me
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    mel2643 reacted to sosborne1999 in 2 months post op down 85 lbs.. pics inside   
    down 85 lbs in 2 months. Feels great.

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    mel2643 reacted to pasquini in 861 days out :-) dropping in with pics   
    Just dropping in to say hi:
    I am 2 year and 4 months out. Have been at goal for 1 year and 9 months. Life is so great on this side. The weight has been off almost two years!
    At this point I still have zero problem maintian my wieght, I am still not hungry ever!!!
    Some things that have changed.
    I have found that food just doesn't hold interest for me much anymore. I can take it if leave it. A protien bar is as good as having sushi. I just dont care really. This is a good thing!!!! It took a while to get used to that. For a while it was a little sad ro me. But that passed also. Simple fact. "Nothing tastes as good as thin!" And a time does come where you really aren't controlled by food anymore. What a blessed time that is! Stay focused on your goals and all the new life you will have. It is worth far more than any food you will not eat.
    The kids climbing into your lap in a reatraunt booth, riding all the roller coasters at six flaggs with them, kayaking with your sweet heart, running a race, wearing that sexy outfit on a dinner date, buying clothing at any store!!!!! Catching a stranger checking you out, and it isnt because they are afraid you might sit on them, all priceless. Best of all, extending your life!
    Go suck the marrow outta life friends! Thats something we can eat our fill of :-)

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    mel2643 reacted to erp in Best and worst "compliments"   
    Best was my brother commenting that I was getting skinny.
    Worst are my friends who exclaim, "you look like you've lost a TON of weight." I'm sure they mean it complimentary but it really, a ton? No, more like 60 lbs.
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    mel2643 reacted to zenandnow in Best and worst "compliments"   
    I got called a skinny b***h last week. I took it as a compliment!
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    mel2643 reacted to LovingmeForever in I Want To See Before & After Pics!   
    15 months sleeved anniversary! June 07,2012 230 pounds September 07, 2013 128 pounds. Best decision ever!!! Loving life❤
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    mel2643 reacted to williamrjomes2 in before and after   
    Surgery date January 7 2013. Weight 392 at surgery in grey shirt. Weight as of today 252lbs. Total weight loss is 140lbs.

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    mel2643 reacted to Michellemo in 162 lbs in a year!   
    1 year ago today I had my vertical sleeve surgery! What a great year it has been! I've lost 162 pounds and went 14 pounds below my goal weight! I feel like a new person.

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    mel2643 reacted to ghohmann83 in Any Jersey Sleevers?   
    Morris county nj. Specifically Netcong. Surgery will be with Dr garrison at Christ hospital. Just waiting for insurance to give me the go ahead.
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    mel2643 reacted to ScottsGirl in Best Protein Shake   
    Premier chocolate - so tasty!!! They sell them at costco (near me anyway).
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    mel2643 reacted to PIRATE~MOM in 3 months out and down 75lbs!   
    I started my journey in October 2012, I was finally sleeved on May 22nd 2013 I am officially down 75lbs!! I will have some comparison photos tomorrow. But recently I started Shaun T's Insanity and omg that is a work out but I am loving the soreness feeling because I know I'm working muscles that haven't been used in a long time. My stats are HW 315 SW 300 CW 240 GW 140. I have 100lbs to go to get to my goal!
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    mel2643 reacted to Sassygirl06 in 2 years ago I changed my life with the sleeve!   
    My two year surgiversery came and went and I didn't even realize it! food no longer controls my life! I don't constantly think, dream or live for food! I have reached my goal, and I love it! I will be completing my journey next month by having two plastics surgeries. First I will be having a Tummy Tuck to remove my apron that started by having my beautiful children, and was made worse by becoming morbidly obese. The second will be a breast lift with implants to get the girls back.
    My only regret still remains that I did not get the sleeve sooner. This is a gift...the best one I could have ever done for myself and my family. I am healthier, happier....and stronger because of my sleeve! I will be posting more befores and afters once my surgeries are complete.
    Good luck to all that are planning, or contemplating this surgery.
    I have lost more then 140 pounds...and I will NEVER go back to that girl again....thanks to my sleeve!
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    mel2643 reacted to jgirl75 in One Year and down 90 pounds!   
    So today is my one year surgiversary!! When I began this journey in the spring of 2012 I weighed 240 lbs and felt disgusted by myself. I can honestly say this surgery is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am current at 150 lbs. my goal is to get to 140...

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    mel2643 reacted to Islandbeauty54 in Where Is Everyone From?   
    Blessed to live in paradise. .. Hawai'i
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    mel2643 reacted to Amanda93LX in 8 months and 97 lbs!   
    I can't believe I'm really posting this picture. It's been a long 8 months and I'm a slow loser, but with the help of my fabulous sleeve and the insanity workout program, I am down 97 pounds!! I've never felt so good, I feel ALIVE. I feel like I can be me and act and dress how I want and not worry about being judged because I am the fat girl. The sleeve was the best decision I have ever made for myself, I know I couldn't have done it without it. If your on the fence, please - do it for yourself!! I'm so glad I did.
    DOS 1/6/13
    Starting weight 262 lbs
    Current weight 165 lbs
    Goal weight 150 lbs

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    mel2643 reacted to Kalimomof3 in Share your "slow loss" success!   
    I am in a stall and have been since July 12 so nearly 4 weeks...I am 13 lbs from surgeon's goal and 23 lbs from my personal goal. I am 9 months out today and down 70 lbs since surgery I am just plugging along. This is not my first stall but is one of my longest I stalled for a while at month 3 too.I know my weightloss is going to be even slower approaching goals . I can't wait till my scale stops bouncing between 148-149 though lol

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    mel2643 reacted to bethxxx in I Want To See Before & After Pics!   
    My latest, 20lbs from goal

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    mel2643 reacted to JackieV in Progress picture   
    I'm not a success story yet but I thought it was time to share my progress. I was sleeved 2/4/13. I've lost 95 lbs since my pre-op started.

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    mel2643 reacted to BigChrisATX in September Was Your Progress?   
    Starting weight: 430
    Weight at Surgery: 415
    Current weight: 265
    Total lost: 165
    20 lbs from my goal! I really can't believe I have gotten this far!
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    mel2643 reacted to Kalimomof3 in I Want To See Before & After Pics!   
    Loving my sleeve update!
    1st pic in black 1 month out.2nd pic in red tank is today 8 months out

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    mel2643 reacted to JP69 in 6 Month/ Before and After!   
    Here are some better pics. Still not used to seeing the new me.