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  1. I drove, it was awful...If it's not too late, fly. For real, awful.
  2. I honestly had the BEST recovery. I was at home, walking, and driving within 3 days of being home. I just kept positive that I WAS going to heal fast, and I did.
  3. Hi there, I thought I'd share my progress. I started out at as a low bmi at 201. Was sleeved 4/9 by Dr.Kelly. Today I weighed in at 159. When I was researching the sleeve there wasn't a lot of info regarding low bmi and the surgery. I am hoping to get down to 145-140.
  4. AZ Sunshine

    Seven Months With Pictures

    You look great!
  5. I did it with 60 pounds to lose. Although i'm a slow loser, I am losing. I'd do it again in a minute.
  6. I was a low bmi too. Sleeved 4/9 at 201. Currently 173. Halfway to goal now. Seems to be slow going.
  7. AZ Sunshine

    Dental While In Mx?

    I too am interested in this topic. My husband needs practically a full set of veneers and would love to find a great dentist to go to down there! Hoping someone has some info.
  8. AZ Sunshine

    Anyone Drive Instead Of Fly?

    I drove to San Diego. I live in Arizona so it was only a 4.5 hour drive for me. We parked our car near the border and walked over and they picked us up at McDonald's. They drove us back to our car on the way home. If I was to do it again, I would have taken the short flight to San Diego. The ride back was really uncomfortable. You feel EVERY bump in the road, sleeping is uncomfortable, etc. I had an awesome recovery, I was back to driving, and normal activities 3 days out. The only thing I didn't do was lift my son for a couple of weeks. Dr. Kelly and his staff are the BEST!!! You will love them! Good luck on your journey!
  9. I'm 11 Weeks out. I've lost 28 pounds. SW of 201 and CW of 173. I don't have as much restriction as I thought I would. I still feel like I can eat a lot. I can easily have a half a chicken breast some fruit and some veggies all at one sitting. It seems as though i'm going to be a slow loser. My neighbor had surgery 3 weeks ago and has lost just as much as me. So frustrating.
  10. AZ Sunshine

    Drain Vs No Drain?

    I was sleeved by Dr. Kelly and I had NO drain. However, the two other patients I met while I was there had them.
  11. AZ Sunshine

    One Stick, I Can't Beleave It

    You are so lucky. That was my only complaint about my surgery. I didn't have easy veins and the needle seemed huge. I can't count how many times they stuck me.
  12. AZ Sunshine

    6 Week Stall

    I was sleeved 4/9 and have only lost 21 pounds. I feel like I lost a lot at first and am not losing now. I'm so frustrated. It seems like everyone else is losing a lot faster.
  13. Congrats! Your experience sounds similar to mine. I am looking forward to going back on my 1 year, they were so great!
  14. I know a lot of people on here like Trish but Omar has been great. My surgery & accommodations went PERFECT while I was there.
  15. AZ Sunshine

    What To Wear For Trip Home?

    I wore yoga pants, a tank top, and a North Face jacket home. I was cold most of my trip as I live in AZ.

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