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  1. Cmullinvegas

    No Overnight Stay?

    I had my surgery with Dr. Hanna in Las Vegas. I didn't stay overnight.
  2. I just got an hour glass timer. A little cheap one from a game. I think it is a minute, after I swallow I time myself.
  3. Cmullinvegas

    Feeling Like A Failure

    We all have bad days and make bad decisions, that's okay, forgive yourself and move on. Make one goal for yourself the next week or so, for example get in liquids or eat more protein, whatever you need. When that's under control add another goal, after you meet the second goal add another and so on. Start small and be proud of yourself one step at a time. Also sit your family down and talk to them. I confronted my sister last weekend, I think she was surprised to hear she wasn't supporting me like I need. Tell them what you need, be firm. Good luck.
  4. Cmullinvegas

    My First Eggface Recipie!

    I made the ham bites, they were yummy. I froze them, it was fine. I pop 3 in the microwave for 45 seconds to reheat. I made the pizza bites sunday but haven't even tried them. I have been eating Emily bites taco cupcakes for lunch and dinner, lol.
  5. Cmullinvegas

    Lasagna Cupcakes!

    I could use some visuals. Not sure how I did, but my friend loved them. I think the meat needed more seasoning and the wonton was perfect on top, but a little soggy in the pan part. Any tips?
  6. I vote for 1, it's probably easier to do and you're hair will actually look like that. I think #2 will be that way for a day. I also think 1 goes with your face shape.
  7. Cmullinvegas

    Lasagna Cupcakes!

    Okay I'll try these!
  8. Cmullinvegas

    The Power Of Prayer

    Thanks sleeveme, I need so much right now and my faith is definitely needed.
  9. I feel so "in the loop" here. I am grateful for the vets who support me and the newbies who r in it with me, well I guess I mean the 5 week post-opers now, wow time flies.
  10. Cmullinvegas

    Fast Protein But No Shakes

    I agree, thanks Meme. I am going to make the ham bites and protein cupcakes!
  11. Cmullinvegas

    I Want Starbucks! Help

    I do a short, skinny, cinnamon dolce. Short isn't on the menu, it's one size down from tall.
  12. Cmullinvegas

    Snack Ideas

    I'm wondering what other people are hearing. My doc and nut say 3 meals no snacking.
  13. Cmullinvegas

    My Sleeve Is Saving Me

    You're in my thoughts.
  14. Cmullinvegas

    Am I Considered A Slow Loser?

    Everyone loses at different rates. I know it's hard but don't compare yourself to others. Studies show those who lose weight slowly are less likely to gain it back. Plus losing slowly is better for your skin. If your bothered, you could always pump up your workouts and lower calories, but maybe see what doc says first. You're still a loser! Good luck.
  15. Cmullinvegas

    2 Weeks Post Op Back At Work!

    Congrats misstx. Maybe tomato soup is too acidic right now. I also had some aches and pains here and there. They've slowly dwindled.

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