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  1. My surgery anniversary is May 20th. Its been almost a year and I am down 103 lbs so far.... 6 lbs to onederland!!! you all will do amazing
  2. mkardh

    Falling into bad habits

    We are human and will make mistakes, the important part is that you recognize there is a problem. Now I am probably going to get heck from some on here but I have let myself have a treat from time to time and have stopped beating myself up over it. If I want a piece of chocolate I allow myself a little, not like before my surgery (3 chocolate bars), and it seems only once a month I really crave chocolate (if you get my meaning) I did this surgery to become healthier not to completely deprive myself of everything, moderation is the key, If you have to have you drink maybe limit it to once a week, the calories add up in those suckers lol
  3. wow I love seeing everyones pictures, so here mine to share..... down 93 lbs in 8 months with 30 to go
  4. mkardh

    Alcohol and 2 weeks post op!

    Empty calories aside.... I find no reason to not enjoy a drink from time to time but 2 weeks out is a bit too early. Your staple line is healig and alcohol acts as a blood thinner and can cause bleeding which isnt good for our healing stomachs, wait a bit longer ..... I am having a drink right now as I type this, I was about 5 months out before trying it
  5. Thanks guys, I feel great, no complications at all and no food issues. My skin seems to be snapping back pretty good (for my age). Still a couple rolls on the belly but its almost gone. The hard part is reconcilling my old fat self with my new skinnier self. A very hard thing to do
  6. Great job, always love before and after pics, did you lose 172lbs or is that your current weight?
  7. Haven't spent alot of time on here lately, I think the further out from surgery we are the fewer questions we have and are more active and spending less time on the computer. I have decided to finally post some pictures. I had my surgery May 20th 2012 and am down 92 lbs so far and want to lose 30 more.
  8. I am 7 moths post op and down 85 lbs. Couldnt be happier with my choice. I keep seeing posts where people are concered with stretching their sleeve. I was told once that the portion of the remaining stomach is mainly muscular and very difficult to stretch it out, not that it can't happen but not to the degree where our stomachs once were. Has anyone heard this and do you know of any sleevers that have gained a significant amount back and how much?
  9. mkardh

    May 15 Sleeved

    what are Nogales
  10. mkardh

    May Sleevers

    I have lost 41 lbs since May 20th. My biggest challenge is remembering to eat, the further I get aways from the surgery the less hungry I am feeling.
  11. mkardh

    Lmao Literally

    your dragon might end up looking like a geko lol
  12. So I have a tattoo of a small bumble bee on my butt (I call it my bee hind).... once I lose my weight and my butt shrinks will my bee become a "no see em"? lol
  13. When did you have your first steak? I am craving this so much, I am 9 weeks post op
  14. OMG I can't wait to take my first "skinny' vacation pics. I will go somewhere like Vegas, take like 500 pics and delete 490 pics because I look terrible.

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