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  1. I had mine done at central dupage. I am down 32 total but only 8 since the surgery.
  2. Hello, I am in Illinois and was banded on 7/30. Where did you have yours done.
  3. cminch

    Starting To Get Freaked Out:(

    I had my surgery on July 30th. I was very scared after getting my surgery date that I almost hoped the insurance would take back the approval. I kept thinking am I crazy what would my husband and 3 & 5 year old do if something happens to me. I had one final meeting with the surgeon where he reassured me he has never lost a banded patient, after that I was good. Something about that final meeting put me at ease. The day of the surgery I was fine, I thought I would need the anti-anxiety meds but I didn't, I just sat in the pre-op area watching the news laughing with my husband. The surgeon came in to say hi, then the anestesialogist came in and gave me a shot in the iv my husband gave me a kiss, I watched him walk out to the waiting room as the wheeled me out to the or and that was it. I woke up in recovery. I know it was a good decision to have the band. I couldnt do this without it, knowing the band is there is what keeps me from raiding the fridge. Good luck to you and speedy recovery.
  4. Thank you all for the reassurance, I called the surgeons office today and they said that as long as I had no pain, nausea or vomiting than I should be fine. Just go back to the liquids.
  5. Had my surgery on 7/30 and started the full liquid diet on 8/1 was doing great drinking protein shakes and yogurt and soups with no chunks liquefied in the blender. Sticking strictly to the nothing thicker than a pudding like they said. Then at 6 days out I started to blend thicker items like a stroganoff that was more of the applesauce consistency. Then to my horror as I was reading through all my paper work that I jump the diet by a week. I have not eaten any solids or really over eaten and anything that was chunky even the purees I chewed them up, did I cause harm, because I am freaking out. going to call my surgeons office in the morning and let them now how stupid i was that i cant comprehend the definition of liquid and see what they have to say. Has anyone else ate the purees when they were supposed to be on full liquids?
  6. I have had a sedative during a c-section (the only other surgery I have had) and it really did calm me down and ease my nerves, my blood pressure and heart rate kept climbing higher and higher and the more I watched the monitors the higher the numbers got. I just remember it relaxing me and made me feel just calm but not sleepy. I hope this helps and good luck to you.
  7. It is hard to get beyond those being negative, I just had to concentrate on me and the reasons I need to do this. There are alot of people that will think negative of you trying to better your life and you need to ignore, it is hard especially if its family. Try talking to someone who has had a surgery or find a support group meeting they will make you feel better. and just remember you are doing this for you.
  8. Central Dupage Hospital in winfield, IL with Dr Vallina
  9. My surgery date is set for July 30th, but just really nervous about it.
  10. Thank you all for the words of encouragement, I know I am going to be fine and have great success with the band.
  11. My tentative date is set for July 30th pending insurance approval. I have been through all the pretesting and I am very healthy (other than being 100lbs overweight) and as now the date is set I am really terrified. I have all these thoughts running through my mind oh my god what if something happens during the surgery or even some years after and instead of living the long happy life finally thinner, I leave my husband a widow and my 3 & 5 year old motherless? I was so excited to be doing this but the closer I get my biggest fear is what if this is a really bad decision. I still want it and I know I would do everything possible to make it work for me but that nagging fear is still there.
  12. cminch

    Tomorrow Is My Day!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.
  13. cminch

    Psych Eval

    I know for me its all about restrictions, right now I feel I have none. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I had gestational diabetes and I did not eat all the bad foods for my daughters sake and was able to control it completely with diet. I feel that after I have the band I will react the same way and not eat the wrong foods because I will have this restriction and diet to follow. When I met with my surgeon he told me a couple stories of his banded patients one about a women who told him she tried and tried to lose but just cant and this women's sister took the dr aside and informed him that she was lying and her sister would drink 2 to 3 milkshakes a day. Another story was a man that said he found he could eat an entire 20 piece order of chicken nuggets it took him like 4hrs but he could do it. Its all about self sabotage. Also there are people who think the band is a magic fix and need to do no work. It will take alot of work.
  14. I don't have any advise to offer right now as I have my first dr appt on Mar 22nd 2012 and just wanted to wish you luck on your journey and hope we can track our progress together. I have already had a physical last week and I have borderline high triglycerides, I have already started to work on my 6mos of dr supervised diet that my PCP said I would need to do. Good luck to you and looking forward to what comes next.
  15. cminch

    Nervous About Going Under

    The fear of being put under is what has kept me from even beginning to talk to a surgeon about having the lap band for the last few years. But I have finally made that first step and I have my 1st appt on Mar 22nd. I am still really nervous but ready to start feeling better and have more energy to play with my kids and just feel better about myself. I have had 2 c-sections that I was awake for and during my 2nd I had to be given a sedative because I was watching the monitor with my heart rate and blood pressure and as it went up I got more anxious and it went up more then I would get even more anxious and so on, it is something that I laugh about now but I remember being scared to death at the time, I have also been put under for a wisdom tooth extraction(I know its not the same as general) in which I was again very scared to face as well and I remember that as I started to feel groggy I started to giggle and just laugh hysterically and then the next thing I knew I woke up still laughing my @$$ off and it was all over. It hardly seemed like there was any reason to feel so frightened. I hope your apprehension to the general is not so bad any more and I wish you the best of luck with your journey and that you know that you are not alone in your fears as I am right there with you. Good luck, Christina

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