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  1. I haven't posted in a while, but thought I would post before and after pics. I was sleeved on 12/31/11 and hit my goal weight of 200 lbs in a little more than 9 months. I have been maintaining my weight now for 3 months. My wonderful wife, and support system, has lost 35 lbs by just watching what she eats while supporting me. She has been a great help and is at her ideal weight. The sleeve was a life saver for me and I am more active now than ever. This site has been a great help for me and I appreciate everyone's encouragement. Thank you!!
  2. Vance_

    Before and After

  3. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Happy Saturday!! I'm down 3 lbs this week to 196! Woohooo!!! 4 lbs under goal! Great job everyone! Keep that positive attitude!
  4. Vance_

    Sex... Oh My God... Sex!

    I love this topic! Thank you ouroborous for bringing this up! Not to get too graphic here, but one thing I have really enjoyed during sex is being able to watch what is going on down there! I have lost 131 lbs in my journey and in fact just hit my goal (yea me!) while my wife has lost 30 lbs and is at her ideal weight range. It is amazing being able to see what I missed for so many years. It is such a turn on to see my wife "work her magic" as well as watch "the action" of the "motion" down there! (That's as non graphic as I can get.) And yes, it's true...IT GETS BIGGER!!! Woooohoooo!!! I've read about the hormones in both men and women get released into our system that were previously stored in our fat cells. I believe this! Sex is better than ever!
  5. Vance_


    Definately better!! We've been able to do things we haven't done since we first got married! My wife loves it!!
  6. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Happy Saturday!! Down 2 lbs this week to 199!!! Woohoo!!! GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! It took almost 10 months but I finally made it to my original goal of 200 lbs...that's a loss of 131 lbs!!! I absolutely love my sleeve and I believe this tool has helped me to eat right and utimately has saved my life. I am thankful to all of the support from all of you. I hope to give the same encouragament to you that I have received from all of you. Thank you!! Now, onto my next goal of 190. My Dr and nutritionists suggest my original goal of 200, but I believe I can get to 190 by maintaining my current lifestyle. Nice job to all of you! Looks like everyone is doing quite nicely! Keep it up!!! You can do it!!!
  7. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Although you may not have lost weight on the scale, I bet you still lost inches. That always happened to me during my stalls. Hang in there! Doing great!!
  8. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Happy Saturday! Down 1.5 lbs to 201 and only one more pound until GOAL!!!! Hopefully this is the week! Great job everyone! Keep it up!!
  9. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Happy Saturday! I am down 2.5 lbs this week to 202.5! 2.5 lbs to go until goal!! Looks like everyone is doing great! Nice job!!
  10. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Well, I didn't lose this week, but I didn't gain! (Still at 205 lbs) I didn't eat well this week and didn't do very good at drinking my Water. I will work hard at it this week and get back on track. Looks like everyone is doing great and that is wonderful news! Nice job! BTW...FOOTBALL IS HERE!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!
  11. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down 2 lbs this week to 205. 5 more lbs to go until goal!!! Wooohooo!!! Great job everyone!!! Keep it up!!
  12. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down only 1 lb this week to 207. Not much, but one less pound is one less pound!!! Great job everyone! Way to stay focused!!
  13. Vance_

    Vitamin Help!

    I take two chewable vitafusion 500 mg calcium (tastes like candy - sugar coated), two chewable multivitamins, 2500 mcg sublingual B-12, 1000 mg fish oil (I have to swallow this one...couldn't find anything chewable. I waited until 6 weeks out to start this one.), and 10,000 IU Vitamin D chewable. A lot of chewables these days taste like candy. Good luck on your new adventure!!
  14. Vance_

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down 3 lbs this week to 208! I was hovering at a 1 lb loss all week and then lost two pounds between yesterday and this morning! Sweet!! Hope you all are doing well!! Keep at it!!!

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