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    msshep7 got a reaction from Sojourner in February Bandsters?   
    I am scheduled for the 14th of February. Yes Valentimes Day. It is my present to myself. I can hardley wait.
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    msshep7 reacted to Sojourner in Unfill For Convience????   
    That makes no sense to me...and it flies in the face of the principle of having a band.
    It also indirectly says that your relationship with food has not changed. To obtain and maintain a healthy weight, we need to control our portions, and accept that we eat to live and not live to eat. Holidays, or other "convenience" excuses are not a valid reason to request an unfill.
    My surgeon would refuse...however I would not ask.
    IMHO...your mileage may vary...
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    msshep7 reacted to shrcumm in Never Except Failure!!   
    Never Except Failure!!! When You fall off get up dust yourself off and Keep Going!!
    You May Not Win Every Battle But as Long as You Keep Fighting!! This Weight Loss Journey One Day Your Going to Get Up and Realize that You Have Won!!!!
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    msshep7 reacted to shrcumm in I Look Great!!   
    I Look and Feel Great and I Dont Care What Anyone Else has to Say On or About The Matter!!!
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    msshep7 reacted to Sojourner in February Bandsters?   
    I believe it would help if you went back to "Square 1", "Step 1"...and begin by measuring your portions. You understand the poor choices you are making, and that's a major piece of the success puzzle.
    You have to get back in the front of your thinking that you need to focus on lean Proteins and basic Fiber carbs for meals, and measure what you are eating. If you get hungry between meals, start drinking your fluids you should have daily...there are many FF/SF choices out there. I prefer Water.
    Distract yourself with projects, a book, exercise...whatever will help refocus your thoughts away from food that doesn't involve eating...
    It reads to me that you have strayed back to some older behaviors which contributed to your obesity...it only takes your focus and motivation to reverse this trend.
    Best wishes...
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    msshep7 reacted to luvbug0712 in February Bandsters?   
    So I'm still seem to be doing well with my lap band. The vomiting is few and far between. My husband believes its the way I am eating (mainly eating to fast). I am 7 lbs away from , 3lbs away from my half way mark and I am so happy. I have yet to buy new pants but I am getting to the point that they barley stay on. However I did have a pile of pants at the bottom of the closet that I hoped to one day would fit in again and that day is now I started at a size 22 and now I'm in a size 18 with wiggle room. I also have some size 16s that Im holding on to maybe once I leave 200 I will be able to get into them. Their are days that I just can't believe how well this lap band is working for me and it's a choice I will never regret. I hope everyone else is doing well and seeing results.

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    msshep7 reacted to dee257 in February Bandsters?   
    Hello Feb Bandsters....
    Just had to share...took my handicapped son to a new Dr today and they needed a weight on him....every one in the office looked at me and said...your the smallest you weigh yourself first then hold CJ....i did happily get on the scale. ( a yr ago Id of died and even wouldnt of been able to hold him over my bellie )... i was proud when it said 169 the nurse said oh the dreaded scale...and I smiled to my self thinking not any more....small mile stones !!!
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    msshep7 reacted to hupomone in Onederland Finally!!   
    Finally weighed in at 198lbs.....yay. I know I have taken the scenic route but boy oh boy it has finally happened.
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    msshep7 reacted to JennyBee in Holy Crap It Fits Again!   
    Ever thought I'd be even close to the size I was 12 yrs ago on my wedding day!!!!!!!!!

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    msshep7 got a reaction from Stace2882 in No Weight Loss 2 Months Post Op?!   
    know what you mean but I haven't gotten my journey on the near straight and narrow yet. I have had only one fill. 1cc. in a 11cc band. I still love the band because I haven't gained any weight.
    Day 48
    -15 lbs including pre op diet.
    I am going to keep trying.
    Drink my Water
    count calories
    get Protein
    We can do this. No I haven't been perfect but I do know my shortfalls.
    It is all about me, I can do better.
    Must luck to both of us.
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    msshep7 reacted to s0utherndivadoll in Finally Under 200Lbs   
    Finally broke the 200!! I weigh 199 I can't remember the last time being under 200! I've lost 96lbs since sept 2011. I'm super excited!

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    msshep7 got a reaction from twi in I Am Crying As I Write This...   
    Huuuuugggggsssss! I think all women feel that way sometimes. Now take 5 mins. and cry. Then go wash your face and try it again. Think of how we are going to look and feel when we stay on the path of this journey. You are not alone.
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    msshep7 got a reaction from Kristen1969 in One Month Post-Op...no Fill Needed Yet!   
    congrats!!! I am scheduled for my first fill on Friday.
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    msshep7 reacted to Cocoabean in 15 Days Post-Op Plateaued Weight   
    Our bodies let go of the weight when they let go of the weight. That is the biggest thing I learned through this process. Some weeks I'd eat the best I'd ever eaten and lose nothing. Other weeks I'd go way over on calories and lose. It is not always an immediate cause and effect.
    I also discovered that my body would hold onto weight then let it go all of a sudden. I'd stay the same for weeks then post a 3-4 pound drop. Then I might gain 1, drop 2 the next, then stay the same for a few weeks.
    Overall, the trend was down, and my health was improving. I finally figured out that this was all that really mattered. Being banded is a lifestyle and a lifetime event. It is not a diet that will end. Generate habits that you can live with forever, the rest will follow.
    Get OFF the scale. The stress isn't worth it. Only weigh yourself once a week, at most.
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    msshep7 got a reaction from Sojourner in February Bandsters?   
    I am scheduled for the 14th of February. Yes Valentimes Day. It is my present to myself. I can hardley wait.
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    msshep7 reacted to vivelaja in What Are You Goals With The Lap Band?   
    This is a great topic. Thank you for posting it. I have so many goals-I hope that I can reach as many of them as possible.
    Some of my goals are:
    To be able to wear a fabulous pair of high-heel, thigh-high leather boots instead of the boring boots made for big girls with big calves.
    To be physically fit enough to take long walks on the boardwalks or on the beach like I used to do.
    To board a plane and not have to worry that my seat mate will be offended if a part of my body touches theirs.
    To experience the world as a non-obese woman.
    To be an example to my children who are both overweight.