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  1. msshep7

    Never Except Failure!!

    Loved your inspirational post and belieeve me I needed it.
  2. msshep7

    I Had A Fill 2.5 Days Ago

    Chew,Chew, Chew and Chew again.
  3. msshep7

    Someone Notices :)

  4. msshep7

    Waiting for Motivation

    This is an excellent article and it really hit hme with me.
  5. msshep7

    April Shower Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Msshep7 Goal weight for April 29th~ 199 Weight on April 1st~ Age~ 55 Dietary goal for April~ Protein and water Exercise goal for April~ 5 time a week Personal goal for April~ develop healthy habits Date banded~ Feb.22, 2012 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 15 lbs. What is your favorite part about spring~ The trees and the flowers
  6. msshep7

    Energy Level

    I know you are right.... I just have to make that first move. No more excurses.
  7. I can't seem to get my act together with this exercise and even household chores. Everyday I get up ready to do some projects and it never happens. I get my protein in and I take vit. I have never heard anyone else complain about their energy level.
  8. know what you mean but I haven't gotten my journey on the near straight and narrow yet. I have had only one fill. 1cc. in a 11cc band. I still love the band because I haven't gained any weight. Day 48 -15 lbs including pre op diet. I am going to keep trying. Drink my Water count calories exercise get Protein We can do this. No I haven't been perfect but I do know my shortfalls. It is all about me, I can do better. Must luck to both of us.
  9. msshep7

    60 Pounds Gone!

    Congratulations! 60 pounds sounds wonderful to me.
  10. msshep7

    Omg Stuck !!!!!

    Steak is the only protein that I have experienced those incidents.
  11. I think it really is an individual thing. I have read some lost 8, 12, 15, or 20 pounds. Some exercised alot and some didn't.
  12. msshep7

    Chicago Banders

    i am 35 miles sw of Chicago.
  13. msshep7

    Finally Under 200Lbs

    I am so happy for you and I can not wait to join you.
  14. Today I had mu first fill. Everything went well. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I am very pleased with my doctor. The bad thing that came up is that I am not exercising. That has to change today. My treadmill is in my bedroom and I am going to get on it.
  15. msshep7

    This Really Suxxx

    I wish you the best.
  16. Today is 29 days in week 4, minus 14lbs., 1 fill completed. I feel fine but my energy level is down and I am very hungry. I have no restriction yet. This is not an easy journey. I must admit that I have not begin to exercise. How are you doing?
  17. msshep7

    Plus Size No More!

    I know that is a great feeling.
  18. msshep7

    My First Nsv

    Great news. Keep up the good work.
  19. msshep7

    First Fill

    Thanks for all the support. I don't have restriction yet. I am just what I know to do. I have an eleven cc band. My first fill was only 1 cc. I know all doctors do it differently. I didn't gain it overnight and I realize it is going to take a while for me to loose it.
  20. msshep7

    Happy Birthday To Me...

    Happy Birthday and congratulation.
  21. msshep7

    I Am Crying As I Write This...

    Huuuuugggggsssss! I think all women feel that way sometimes. Now take 5 mins. and cry. Then go wash your face and try it again. Think of how we are going to look and feel when we stay on the path of this journey. You are not alone.
  22. msshep7

    First Fill Done!!

    Thank you for the info. My first fill is Friday. You numbers are awesome.