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About Me

Through trial & error, I have hit a point where maintenance just feels normal. My eating habits are so ingrained that I'd actually have to TRY to regain. NEVER thought I'd say THAT!

My sleeve was 1/23/12 and I was 275. Within 9 months I was at goal, had tt/panni 10/2013. Maintenance was a very thin tight-rope. I was following the plan, high protein, low fat, almost no carbs. It worked but 1 tiny splurge and I'd be up a pound or so. I hovered around 120-125. Which is great, but it was taking so much vigilance.

About a year ago, I noticed that when I ate my favorite ribs from a local BBQ place, my weight dropped. Calories didn't seem to matter??

After noticing this pattern for a bit, I began experimenting with other fatty foods. Olive oil, butter, real cheese, eggs, mayonnaise, avocados, burgers (sans bun) When I eat these foods, I get full quickly and have no hunger for HOURS! Fat at breakfast is important for me as then I naturally eat less throughout the day.

I eat whatever I want, stop at the 1st sign of full, only eat when PHYSICALLY hungry. I splurge once a month or so (really, that's all I desire as I am very satisfied with my eating) When I DO splurge on pizza, bagel, dessert, etc... I THOROUGHLY enjoy the F#*K out of it!

Now, I eat what I want, enjoy what I eat, no cravings, no weighing or measuring, no counting calories & no stress maintenance. My desires to binge eat have been gone for a long time. Surprisingly my cholesterol is NORMAL, I feel great and my weight hovers between 116-117. Now I (FINALLY) can eat to live not live to eat!

I'm very happy that I've found what works for me, I would love to understand WHY?

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