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  1. TheRealMeIsHere!

    Fleur De Lys Abdominoplasty

    You look awesome and I'm sure you must feel awesome! I know it takes time for your brain to catch up to the new image, surgery will surely help. Best of luck. You've done wonderfully! Curious, how did you get insurance to cover legs? I've never heard that before.
  2. TheRealMeIsHere!

    Plastic surgery pricing and insurance

    Because of back and other physical issues, I got a referral from pain management. I also wrote a letter stating my weight loss, the crucial role exercise plays in maintenance & the way the excess skin impedes and adds to my physical limitations. They not only covered panniculectomy but the abdominoplasty as well! Best of luck
  3. TheRealMeIsHere!

    60 minute pre-op requirement

    As others have said, break up the 60 minutes. Also, for your own benefit as well since exercise is crucial for long term success, you need to find something you can do that doesn't exacerbate the pain. Having ankylososing spondylosis myself, along with several other physical disabilities, and starting at almost 300 pounds I requested a script for PT to help find things that I could do at home without causing further damage or pain. Best of luck on your journey
  4. I expected to be quite debilitated. In reality, my life barely skipped a beat. Yes, I was moving slower, hunched, slept sitting up and wore the binder. Other than lifting, was able to take care of myself & do most things just fine. One tip I was given is wear the binder or some other firm support for at least 6 months. The longer you wear it, the better the long term result. I bought waist nippers & bodysuits with firm support once the drains were out. Best of luck!!
  5. TheRealMeIsHere!

    If you are queer, lesbian, no label, poly......

    Upper left corner of the page. On a computer, not sure about mobile.
  6. TheRealMeIsHere!

    Walking shoes recommendations

    I also have foot/ankle/knee pain. My ankles pronate. It ended up being something easily addressed by custom made orthotics along with good shoes. An orthopedist can evaluate and make any needed recommendations. I'd start there as you don't want to cause any damage to the internal structures in your feet.
  7. TheRealMeIsHere!

    COVID and Gym-ing

    Absolutely @ms.sss! Once I break that habit/routine it is MUCH harder to start again. I really just have to go on auto-pilot, lol! Mornings are best for me as well.
  8. TheRealMeIsHere!

    COVID and Gym-ing

    It is very hard to motivate to workout at home!! Also, I'm afraid to go to gyms at this point, maybe for a LONG while. What works for me is waking, put on workout clothes and just do it (either before or after coffee). No time for talking myself out of it. Great music helps during. I tell myself I will do _______ X times a week on X days for X # of hours at X time, non-negotiable. My inner child that says "But I don't wanna!!" has NO choice. I usually feel so much better afterwards!
  9. TheRealMeIsHere!

    When did you get back to exercise?

  10. TheRealMeIsHere!

    When did you get back to exercise?

    Motivation is the key to long term success. It's been eight years since I've been overweight. I'm now at a point where I do NOT have uncontrollable cravings & am able to eat what I want as long as I balance the 'splurges' with healthy choices. Exercise is also key to long term success, as your weight goes down, your body will use less calories in general, exercise will fill in that growing gap between what you take in and what you burn off. Then find something that you can enjoy and stick with. It is vitally important to change your relationship with food & exercise, one small step at a time, right from the start. Otherwise, the surgery was for nothing. The surgery is a tool only.
  11. TheRealMeIsHere!

    When did you get back to exercise?

    Walking can begin within hours of surgery and increased as you feel comfortable. Walking helps with the trapped gas after surgery as well as helps to prevent blood clots. Your surgeon will guide you as far as more vigorous activity, as everyone is different. Best of luck on your journey! I can still remember how excited I was 😊
  12. TheRealMeIsHere!


    I have many physical issues. Went to my doctor and got a script for PT. Explained my goals to the PT, that I wanted to learn some exercises that I could do safely on my own. It was a great help!! PT would know best what is helpful/harmful for osteoarthritis and can provide you with some very useful guidance.
  13. TheRealMeIsHere!

    Post Sleeve Weight Gain

    It happens to many, as old habits creep back in. A taste while we're cooking, just a bite, the thinking, "Well, it's a special occasion" etc..... Go back to basics, back to the eating plan when you first began solid food Lean protein first plenty of calorie free liquid (stop 1/2 hour before eating and don't drink till 1/2 hour after eating) Non-starchy veggies Stay away from flour, sugar, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, starchy veggies (ie; potatoes, winter squash, con, peas, etc...) It worked then, it will work now. You'll be just fine! PS maybe either talk to the trainer and explain that you are just trying to build some lean muscle mass, not bulk up or maybe find a trainer more in tune with your needs
  14. TheRealMeIsHere!

    Restarted Pilates!

    That is AWESOME!! At first, I was reading excuse after excuse, but you persisted and figured a way around every single one!!! THAT is the way to success!! Keep up the great work!
  15. TheRealMeIsHere!

    If you are queer, lesbian, no label, poly......

    @bthompson82 It's only recently that I've had the words to use. I always knew I disliked intimacy except for rare times. Same with gender neutral, I think I always felt that way, raised my kids that way, no "boy" or "girl" toys, just toys. Does he have close friends that understand and accept him?

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