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    tflemon67 reacted to Banjo257 in Denied Long Term Care Insurance Because Of The Band...   
    Sorry for your troubles. But you are worth A LOT. Just caring about your family shows that.
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    tflemon67 reacted to Anume 937 in 6 Months Later .....how Are The April Bandsters Doing   
    So was banded on April 25, 2012
    I've lost 33lbs I've had felled off tracks but I'm getting back on track. I'm currently at 292lbs I've was at 283lbs 2-3 months ago. I had only 1fill of 1cc in a 10cc band!! Trying to get another fill soon. Hopefully I can get these pounds off. I'm going to get a gym membership today.
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    tflemon67 reacted to von5889 in Next Fill   
    Looking forward to my next fill. 140 here i come!!!
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    tflemon67 got a reaction from Roxygirl in August Roll Call   
    Hi Roxygirl, I know the feeling I did two half marathons, trained with a running group and did several 3-10k runs in 2012 and managed to GAIN 25 lbs! Ugh. So frustrating, I did realize that I was overeating. Thinking I could eat more because I was running so much, NOT. I'm back training again and this time watching what I eat like a HAWK!! lol
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    tflemon67 got a reaction from JerseyShoreDisneyDiva in Unjury   
    I usually get mine in 3-4 days. I love powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury but it's a little expensive compared to the other Protein powders but it dissolves really easy and there is no chalky taste.
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    tflemon67 reacted to Lianna170 in How the Lap-Band actually works, fills and refills   
    Thank you for posting this information Wendell. An informed lapbander is a happier lapbander!
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    tflemon67 reacted to Wendell Edwards in How the Lap-Band actually works, fills and refills   
    This may help you in understanding the restrictive mechanism of a Lap-Band.
    The ALLERGAN protocol for Lap-Band fills calls for a six-week delay after surgery, prior to any fills. The purpose for the six-week delay is for the patient’s stomach to heal from the surgery, as well as allowing time for the Lap-Band to “Seat” or “Nestle” into the fat pad between the stomach wall and the interior wall of the Lap-Band.
    Prior to receiving an EFFECTIVE fill, it is VERY uncommon to have any restriction from a Lap-Band. Some patients will NOT lose weight, or may even GAIN weight until they have received an effective fill in their Lap-Band.
    Normal weight loss with a properly restricted Lap-Band is between 1 and 2 pounds per week.
    The normal cycle of fills, restriction and weight loss is as follows:
    1. The patient's Lap-Band constricts when the patient receives a fill. Swelling for a few days after receiving a fill is very common. Many doctors require a patient to go on a liquid diet for a day or two after receiving a fill. A fill may have a “Delayed Action” of up to 4 weeks. A “Delayed-Action” means that the fill may not become effective for up to 4 weeks after the fill. That is why the ALLERGAN protocol states that fills should not be performed on patients who will not have access to medical care for at least two weeks after a fill.
    2. The patient's stomach capacity is lessened as a result of the restriction caused by the Lap-Band.
    3. The patient loses weight because they cannot eat as much food.
    4. The residual fat-pad between the inside of the Lap-Band and the outside of the patient's stomach reduces in size because of the overall weight loss in the patient.
    5. The reduction of the residual fat-pad causes the Lap-Band to become loose again.
    6. At that point, the patient needs another fill, because the Lap-Band is loose, and the patient has a loss of restriction, which allows the patient to eat larger amounts of food.< /span>
    7. The patient receives another fill and the process starts all over again.
    Most Lap-Band patients receive several fills to adjust the Lap-Band as their weight loss progresses, and there is less and less residual fat-pad between the inside of the Lap-Band and the exterior of the stomach wall. Once a patient has lost all of their residual fat-pad, fills become less common. As the Lap-Band patient progresses in their weight loss, the effect of very tiny fills (Less than .2ccs) becomes greater and greater.
    It is not uncommon for a late-stage Lap-Band patient to experience a significant difference in restriction with as little as .05cc of fill.
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    tflemon67 reacted to brlgirl in True Results Houston!   
    My appointment is also on the 25th but not until 3:30. If the appointment went as fast as my last one did you'll be in and out of there by 2:30. I hope to be in and out quickly because I live in Katy and having to go through Galleria/610 traffic at 4:00 is NOT fun. Good luck to you.
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    tflemon67 reacted to brlgirl in True Results Houston!   
    Wow...I see several of us have the same dr...maybe we have been at the clinic at the same time and didn't know it. I typically go the last Thursday of the month for one of their "late" appointments (being a teacher means I can't get there till after 3) Maybe I'll get to meet one of you ladies sometime.
    Don't you hate that we got to see Dr. Reilly for the surgery and haven't seen him since? I sure would like to thank him for helping me get this far!!
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    tflemon67 got a reaction from vmarlau in True Results Houston!   
    I'm scheduled for another appointment on October 25th and I'll get a fill depending on what my weight loss is. The fills don't hurt, just a little pinch to numb the skin. My nurse practioner was dynamite!
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    tflemon67 got a reaction from vmarlau in True Results Houston!   
    I'm at 5 cc's now and I get some restriction for not as much as I would like. I'm glad to see what I may have to go to 7 or 8 to get to my green zone.
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    tflemon67 got a reaction from vmarlau in True Results Houston!   
    I was banded on August 23rd and got my 1st fill on September 25th. I have another appointment on October 25th. They may or may not fill me in October it will depend on my weight loss.
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    tflemon67 reacted to Darkangel321 in Pretty Much A Failure!   
    I know how you feel..we all do. The great thing about LBT I believe is that it's nonjudgmental support. Everyone has skipped a few rules or had weaknesses at times. We didn't get this way because we are disciplined. shake it off and start over. You can do it! Come to My Fitness Pal for additional support. Look me up if you like it.
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    tflemon67 reacted to ♕ajtexas♕ in Pretty Much A Failure!   
    First and for most, you are not a failure! Missy & CG have given you some great advise. Now it's time to brush yourself off, regroup and rock this thing. You can do this, we believe in you!!!
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    tflemon67 reacted to DELETE THIS ACCOUNT! in Pretty Much A Failure!   
    It's very hard when you're battling hunger and trying to lose weight, even harder when you've gone through the Lap Band surgery and are struggling to utilize the tool inside of you without adequate Fluid in the band yet. My heart goes out to you.
    When I was where you are, the only way I was able to lose weight despite not having enough Fluid in my band was by focusing on calories and portion size, not actual meal times. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to make it 4 or more hours between meals without starving. I also knew that if I allowed myself to get to that starving point, I would start grazing and binging, resorting back to the old behaviors that got me fat to begin with.
    So, I timed it so I could eat something every 2 hours, and I did it while staying within my daily calorie allowance and making sure to never eat more than a cup of food per meal. For me, it worked. I was able to survive "bandster hell" and lose weight despite not being in the Green Zone yet.
    Hang in there and best wishes to you.
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    tflemon67 reacted to cmoody821 in Pretty Much A Failure!   
    I was banded in July 2012. I lost 20lbs prior to surgery, it felt great! I have now had three fills, with 5.7cc in a 10cc band.This past fill really made a difference!
    I am still hungry every 2.5 hours though. I feel like I am failing big time! I haven't lost anymore weight since surgery and even gained 4 lbs since my last appointment.
    I just feel like I have lost all my motivation. I am an extremely picky eater, which is what got me in this position in the first place. I need to do a little soul searching to kick start my process again.
    I am just venting.... thanks for listening!
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    tflemon67 reacted to vmarlau in True Results Houston!   
    How often do you get fills?
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    tflemon67 reacted to Theboysmom in True Results Houston!   
    I have been going every 4 to 6 weeks for fills....
    However last appt I did not get a fill as my weight loss was good....6 lbs between visits...currently my band is at 7.2 and is keeping me pretty well in the green zone except when I run several days in a row! Thats my bodies way of saying...I need fuel!
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    tflemon67 reacted to vmarlau in True Results Houston!   
    I go for my first fill October 30 don't know what to expect ...... Do fills hurt?
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    tflemon67 got a reaction from vmarlau in True Results Houston!   
    I went through True Results in Houston and the first year of fills are included in the pricing. I'm not sure how much the fills are after the first year. I'm hoping to hit that sweet spot in the first year!
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    tflemon67 reacted to vmarlau in True Results Houston!   
    Does any body know if you pay for fills the first year.... I was told my first year of doctor visits was free does that include fills does any body know??? Please
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    tflemon67 reacted to Chunkydunkin' in August Roll Call   
    I too am frustrated! Banded 8/16/12. Got my first fill on 9/26/12. 3cc in 14cc band and don't feel any restriction. Was told I probably wouldn't until the third fill. My next one is scheduled on 10/22/12 and I'm hoping it gives me some restriction. scale is still going down but very,very slowly. Stay the same for 4-5 days at a time and then down 1/2 to 1lb. Don't want to get discouraged but I am.
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    tflemon67 reacted to Roxygirl in August Roll Call   
    So I decided to scale my walking down a bit and see if that makes a difference. I use to be a runner. In 2010 I ran 3 half marathons and eventually gave it all up because I never saw a budge on the scale and became so frustrated with all my hard work. Sounds crazy, I know! Maybe I am just one of those that's body holds on for dear life to weight if it burns more calories than it gets a day. I don't know. I sure wish I had the answers!
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    tflemon67 got a reaction from knewland in Help!   
    I'm becoming VERY aware of my slider foods. I've found that if I eat an apple, cut up in sections before trying things like yogurt or cheese I get fuller faster and I don't necessarily finish the yogurt or cheese.
    I'm finding myself being able to have a Protein shake in the morning and not need a snack until around 11:00 AM. I start my day at work at 7 am, so that is pretty good for me. I can hold off on lunch until around 1:30 pm and I'm just a little hungry and not starving. Ole bandy is working well for me!! I'll call him "Bandy Boo'! LOL
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    tflemon67 reacted to Wgbem in Back In The Er   
    I was having pain in my left flank area at the bra line. No shortness of breath but everytime I bend over I get a stabbing pain. Doctor sent me to get a chest x-ray and blood work. Pray it is nothing serious. Keep me in your prayers.

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