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  1. I'd like to prepare for my August surgery by trying to make it on two Protein shakes and 1 meal per day which is pretty much what my pre-op diet will look like. I'm getting my lap band through True Results Houston and they gave me samples of their branded powders which are pretty tasty if I doctor them up which I won't be able to do post-op. Anyone have any Protein Powders that they recommend?? Your imput is greatly appreciated. Happy Sunday!
  2. tflemon67


    I had my surgery August 2012 and I'm now at a 7 cc fill. I've not had any trouble until now and I've not had a fill since January. I definitely cannot eat as much now and have to be very careful with some raw foods like carrots, cabbage. Apples and bananas are ok but I does take me about 3 hours to eat an entire apple. I'm finally seeing some movement in the old scale, stepped up consistent exercise. I'll keep a watch on this and if I continue these sliming episodes I'll have to think about letting a little out. The episodes are seeming to last longer and the carrot debacle made me vomit twice.
  3. tflemon67


    I usually get mine in 3-4 days. I love unjury but it's a little expensive compared to the other Protein powders but it dissolves really easy and there is no chalky taste.
  4. tflemon67

    True Results Houston!

    My next appointment is Thursday, October 25th at 2 pm. My doc is Dr. Reilly as well, let me know if we have an appointment on the same day. I would to meet a fellow bandster in person. I'm loving my band, it keeps me honest!
  5. tflemon67

    True Results Houston!

    I was banded on August 23rd and got my 1st fill on September 25th. I have another appointment on October 25th. They may or may not fill me in October it will depend on my weight loss.
  6. tflemon67

    True Results Houston!

    I'm at 5 cc's now and I get some restriction for not as much as I would like. I'm glad to see what I may have to go to 7 or 8 to get to my green zone.
  7. tflemon67

    True Results Houston!

    I'm scheduled for another appointment on October 25th and I'll get a fill depending on what my weight loss is. The fills don't hurt, just a little pinch to numb the skin. My nurse practioner was dynamite!
  8. tflemon67

    True Results Houston!

    I went through True Results in Houston and the first year of fills are included in the pricing. I'm not sure how much the fills are after the first year. I'm hoping to hit that sweet spot in the first year!
  9. tflemon67

    August Roll Call

    I actually had 4 cc's at surgery and an additional 1 cc on September 25th. I'm down about 9 lbs but I don't feel too much restriction. I feel restriction when I eat apples or Protein such as beef or chicken breasts. I try to eat my meat first so I can get full before my veggies or carbs. I'm going to kick start the exercise and concentrate more on my Water intake. I'm hoping for big numbers soon. Keep the faith!
  10. tflemon67

    August Roll Call

    Hi Roxygirl, I know the feeling I did two half marathons, trained with a running group and did several 3-10k runs in 2012 and managed to GAIN 25 lbs! Ugh. So frustrating, I did realize that I was overeating. Thinking I could eat more because I was running so much, NOT. I'm back training again and this time watching what I eat like a HAWK!! lol
  11. tflemon67

    August Roll Call

    Hi Roxygirl, I know the feeling I did two half marathons, trained with a running group and did several 3-10k runs in 2012 and managed to GAIN 25 lbs! Ugh. So frustrating, I did realize that I was overeating. Thinking I could eat more because I was running so much, NOT. I'm back training again and this time watching what I eat like a HAWK!! lol
  12. tflemon67

    Back In The Er

    Praying for you. I get a slight ache under my left breast as well but nothing very serious and I noticed it took that incision a little longer to heal than the others.
  13. I was banded and had a hernia repair on August 23rd, I have not had any issues with shortness of breath but many other patients that have had the hernia repair complain of this. Consult your physician to make sure it's normal.
  14. tflemon67

    True Results

    The surgery team was really nice, make sure you follow their instructions. You are supposed to get up and walk at least 30 minutes every day to combat that gas. It was gas that they pump in you for surgery and it gets trapped everywhere. Those gas strips did not help, the gas is not in your stomach it's everywhere the strips can't get to. My lazy butt didn't feel like doing anything after surgery and I wished I had it took about 2 weeks for that damn gas to get out of my back and shoulder. Very painful. Make sure you use that breathing aparatus as well you don't want pneumonia to set in.
  15. tflemon67

    True Results

    In about 2 weeks you'll be back to normal. The first few days are rough but then it's smooth sailing! Congratulations, now the journey begins!
  16. tflemon67

    The Amazing Pita Pocket

    Thanks, I think I'll try a pita pocket tomorrow. I would love to have a sandwich and regular bread is a no no, it hurts! LOL
  17. tflemon67

    Notice Me, Please!

    Back in 2009 I had gotten to 227 lbs and decided I was done. I began walking on the treadmill, then eventually running on the treadmill, then eventually running outside. I had to go from about 227 to 190 before anyone really noticed. I had gotten down to 156 and it was really noticeable! I managed to get back to 195 and decided to take a more permanent solution. I was banded on August 23rd and I can't wait to see 30-40 lbs gone! Sometimes it just takes about 40-50 lbs to really see it. You're doing great, keep up the good work, soon you'll get tired of all the compliments!!
  18. tflemon67


    I'm becoming VERY aware of my slider foods. I've found that if I eat an apple, cut up in sections before trying things like yogurt or cheese I get fuller faster and I don't necessarily finish the yogurt or cheese. I'm finding myself being able to have a Protein shake in the morning and not need a snack until around 11:00 AM. I start my day at work at 7 am, so that is pretty good for me. I can hold off on lunch until around 1:30 pm and I'm just a little hungry and not starving. Ole bandy is working well for me!! I'll call him "Bandy Boo'! LOL
  19. tflemon67


    This is great information. Is there a good list of slider foods? Perhaps in Jean's book? I'd like to know, I want to be aware of them. Let me know if you know. Thanks Tanya
  20. tflemon67

    5 Months Since Banded, Down 40 Lbs :-)

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Great work!
  21. tflemon67

    Venting About Spoiled Nsv

    Just let it motivate you to do more. Ignore her, I didn't share my surgery with anyone in my family. I got my soon to be ex-husband to accompany me on surgery day because no one in the family talks to him so they wouldn't find out. My mother is EXTREMELY jealous of anything good that happens to me. She didn't raise me my grandparents did (Thank God!) No matter my hardships, I press on and it makes some people stupid. Keep up the good work and don't look back!!
  22. tflemon67

    True Results

    You'll love Dr. Reilly, I have my first fill on Tuesday, September 25th. The EGD doesn't take long, maybe 1 hour but you'll be put under and will have to have someone drive you home so you can sleep off the anesthesia. Keep me posted, you'll be in bandster land soon!!
  23. tflemon67

    Went To See My Doctor Today...

    I'm glad you posted this, I can gain weight by eating badly for two days, but I have to workout at least 5-6 times per week for at least an hour AND keep the calories down to lose. Knowing what you need to do to succeed and what the enemy is rocks! I know carbs are absolute no no's for me so when I fall off the wagon I'm not dismayed when the weight starts to creep back. I have to get back ON the wagon, take out my sword and keep fighting the dragon. I'll have him beat yet! His days are so numbered!
  24. tflemon67

    "i Think You Are Too Skinny"

    YES, that's exactly what they mean. Ignore them and keep moving towards your healthy weight! If they can't love you skinny then you'll have fun finding NEW friends.
  25. tflemon67


    I know this sounds simple but increase your water intake. Almost double what you're doing now. I know it'll be hard to drink even more water but believe me it works. You don't want to cause a fissure, NO FUN. I didn't drink enough water and got a fissure in 2008. Not fun.

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