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  1. Coalminerswife23

    Surgery In Nine Days

    Congrats to all of you...Can't wait til we all get to the banded side. My surgery is Feb 7th...(20 days) Woo Hoo!!!
  2. Coalminerswife23

    Intro And Questions!

    Welcome!!! I myself have tried everything you have listed and then some. Aggravation set in when I realize my health was beginning to decline. I myself obviously had to go with the "third time is a charm" motto. I considered lapband on two other occassions and backed out. I finally decided that I needed to proactively get my health back in order for myself, my hubby and my two sons. In May, I ran into a friend who I hadn't seen in a year or so. She was so slim compared to the last time we saw each other. She had Bypass. We talked for over an hour in Walmart parking lot. She is the one who told me about lapband considering I exspressed my concern with re-routing and everything. She directed me to Youtube to watch a few videos. I was sold. That same day I contacted Magee's Bariatric Center, did the online seminar, filled out the questionaire and faxed it over. A week later they called me to let me know I indeed was a candidate for weight loss surgery. From then on I have been flying high. I am scheduled for surgery on Feb 7th. I had to complete my six month supervised diet and multiple testing. But to make a long story short....Recovery time, time off of work, the fact that I have a 9 year old and a 2 year old ( I didn't want to be laid up too long), non invasive, no re-routing, no lifetime supplements, etc....That was an easy decision to make for me... My surgeon advised me that the lapband will permit me to lose 60% of my excess weight within 18 months. Or 75% with bypass over a year. the 15% different was only a matter of 15 pounds for me. I would rather have the "safer" surgery and forfeit those extra 15 pounds. To me they aren't worth the length of healing and recooperating...(just my opninion) In your instance...If you are 110lbs over weight, lapband will permit you to lose 66+ pounds....Bypass will permit you to lose 82.5 pounds. (If the doctor is right on his calculations) That is a difference of 16.5 pounds. To me I would rather do lapband instead of losing an additional 16 pounds with bypass. Ultimately it is your decision and what you feel comfortable in doing. That is just how I decided on my lapband...I figured losing the weight a little slower will permit me to tone up what was lost before more comes off. This way I can try to limit my "sag" LOL
  3. Coalminerswife23

    BCBS of RI

    Thanks Boo!
  4. Coalminerswife23

    February Bandsters?

    I was scheduled for Valentine's Day but I happily got moved up to Feb 7th...Exactly one month from tomorrow. Yeah...And hello Fellow Feb Banders!!! We own this month.
  5. Coalminerswife23

    Doctors Office And Insurance :(

    Wow that is insane. When I went to my very first seminar, they gave me a huge packet to take home. In that packet was an Insurance Info packet. It gave me complete directions on calling my company (Highmark BCBS) and asking them if certain codes (medical codes) were covered. I verified that Gastric Banding as well as gastric bypass were all covered. Even though my plan never changed, I was paranoid and called almost every month asking if the same medical codes were covered. Now if they would just hurry the hell up and approve me. I am so sorry that u had to go thru all this. It is a shame. I can't believe how un-educated people are in their own jobs. Almost every insurance comapny has multiple types of plan. She should have known that not all insurance plans within a certain company are the same. Shame on her...
  6. Coalminerswife23

    Hey From Vermont :) I'm New

    Welcome...New Banders!!! I am a few days old myself to the site. You will find it very informative. As of Dec 5th I finished my 6 months. I have my Psych and Nutritionist appt on Thursday and then I am officially ready to be submitted for my final approval. Tentative surgery date is Valentine's Day...I look forward to seeing everyones progress. If any of you have questions about the journey...i will try to help as much as I can... Congrats on making the decision to have a complete Lifestyle change!!! Kudos to all of us!
  7. Coalminerswife23

    So Confused About This Whole Lap Band "insurance" Process...

    Thanks for the info...I am praying for a quick approval and a sooner surgery date. I guess I am so impatient because my Psych and Nutritionist appointment was supposed to be completed on October 31st, but I had to cancel it and reschedule. The soonest they could schedule me for was Dec 22nd (almost 2 months later)...I was hoping to be submitted early December now I am not going to be submitted til late this month or the first week of January... Thanks again for the info! Are you loving yotu band thus far?
  8. Hey everyone!!! I am so confused! I keep reading all of these forums on lapband and the insurance process and now I am starting to get concerned. I have Highmark BCBS out of Pennsylvania. I started my whole banding process on June 5th with my PCP supervised monthly visits. I did my seminar in late May in which I found out that indeed I was a candidate. So like I said, June 5th was my first PCP weigh-in. I had my monthly visits all the way up to Dec 5th. In September I met with my surgeon in which she game me a list of tests to have complete. I complete my bloodwork, sleep tests, Upper GI with Barium, and now I go Thursday for my Pysch and Nutritionist visit. (This was the earliest appt I could get)... Now, here is where my confusion begins. Speaking with my Surgeon's assistant, she advised me that before she can submit me for approval after she rec'vs my Psych and Nutritionist Evaluations. I understand that as well...BUT She said that once she submits me, it will take 4-6 weeks for approval!!! So the tentatively schedule my surgery date for Feb 14th, 2012....Almost 2 months away. June 5th - 242lbs Dec 5th- 234lbs Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea High Cholestrol Dystfunctional gallbladder- due to weight Borderline Diabetic Borderline HBP Hopefully I don't get a denial... So, how is everyone getting approvals in a matter of days when I am told it takes weeks?...I am so anxious to get this done and start the "New Me." Can anyone give me info on this?
  9. Coalminerswife23

    Pre Lap Band Surgery Testing?

    Wow that is very weird...I started my 6 month "weigh-ins" in June. I met my surgeon in September. At that time I was sent formy 2nd set of blood work, a sleep study, Upper Gi with Barium test, EKG, Chest XRay...and I got on Thursday to have my Psych Evalutation and meet with my nutritionist again. Then i will have another set of bloodwork completed. To think my surgerydate isn't til Feb 14th....U should feel lucking only having to do blood. Good Luck on your journey sweetie!!!

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