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    I'm just the girl next door.... for now you can call me Jai... In 3 years.... Jai Jordan, PhD.
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    I love music, sports, fashion, writing, and comedy....
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  1. MsBlujai

    Band Slippage

    Thank you so much for your response... I was beginning to get nervous.... I hope that the unfill will be all that's needed. I can honestly say I feel better... I go back for another xray next week. Thanks again.
  2. MsBlujai


  3. MsBlujai

    Band Slippage

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight. I went back to the doctor last week, and after taking an xray they told me my bad slipped. I immediately became nervous at the thought of going through another surgery and the financial toll that it would take on my family...(I'm getting married in a few months.) The doctor deflated the band and put me back on liquids. Then she said let's hope for the best... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Is it possible that the band will lift back up on it's own, or is surgery inevitable? I don't have the re-flux or vomiting anymore since the band was deflated, and the pouch immediately and visibly shrunk. Has anyone had a slippage that corrected itself?
  4. MsBlujai

    January 2011 Bandsters

    Hey everyone.... I was banded on Jan 26, 2011. I can't believe it has been almost a year. I am 29lbs. away from my goal. I don't remember being this small. I will say this journey has been an exciting one. I still feel just as anxious as I did back in January.
  5. MsBlujai

    31 single and banded

    @notturningback11 I have been called a cheap date too. It's funny to me. @happiness1, I date... It's not a first date conversation for me. It shouldn't be an issue. For those I have told they have always been supportive. I think it was harder for me to accept than it has been others. Once I get past all of my insecurities dating will be a breeze. Good Luck!
  6. MsBlujai

    Look At Me Now

    This has been the hardest thing for me to do.... Look at pictures of me before...... I ready now... #Leggo

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