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    Ssilian got a reaction from Dooter in Omigosh! They Fit! They Fit!   
    Yiippee!!! Way to go!
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    Ssilian got a reaction from Dooter in Omigosh! They Fit! They Fit!   
    Yiippee!!! Way to go!
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    Ssilian reacted to MinaT in 15 Days To Go   
    Lucky you. I've paid $600.00 so far out of pocket. $200.00 first fee when I met with the nutritionist at month 4 of pre-op. $200.00 on the first day of 2 hour meeting with the nurse nutritionist and they sent me home with 42 (14 day supply) of shakes for the pre-op diet. $200.00 on the last pre-op appointment with the head nurse, where I received my spirometer, my last testing orders.
    I get free appointments for life with the nutritionist, and the head nurse, free monthly group meetings for life, etc. discounts at a fitness club by my home.
    My insurance is 90/10 - and unfortunately medicare (my secondary) doesn't cover the sleeve yet, and since my surgeon changed hospitals from Methodist to St. Mary's they have to redo their Centers of Excellence Bariatric thing for medicare.
    I'm hoping medicare picks up all the ekgs, upper gi etc. I have heard nothing about tummy tuck or the pan(whateveritscalled) surgery.
    Thanks for the awesome information and wow - what great friends. I don't really have friends that live near me and truthfully only one friend and my parents know about the surgery.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey and being in the June 2012 club with you!
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    Ssilian got a reaction from Xrystyl in 1 Year Surgiversary Today!   
    Happy Surgiversary!!! You look awesome!! My journey will begin on June 14. I'm very scared right now but I keep reading testimonials like yours and it gives me hope! Thank you for sharing your story!
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    Ssilian got a reaction from blackanese25 in Week 21 --- Been Slacking Hard Core, But Im Gonna Get Back On Track   
    Wow, awesome pics! I just got approved and I'm scared to death. But seeing these pics really helped! You are beautiful!
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    Ssilian got a reaction from Finding MeMe in Loosing Hope   
    Wow, your plate has been full! I started the process last April. I approached my insurance company and they said I had to go through 12 months of weight loss counseling. So twice a month I talk to a lady on the phone. I will be released by May 2, 2012 and I'm trying to schedule my surgery for July as that is the only time I can take off a couple of weeks (I work for a university and the faculty are gone at that time).
    I'm wondering if you could just show up to the Dr.'s office and say that you will wait for the paperwork you need explaining that you only have a few weeks left in this year (for what it's worth).
    I have also faced negativity when telling friends. It's almost like they are jealous but some just don't understand how I've lived for the past 25 years. I've decided not to tell anyone else!
    I will pray for you and follow your posts to check in on you. The people on this site really do care about each other. God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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