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15 Days To Go

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I have 15 more days until my surgery (6/14). I am completely calm now about getting the sleeve. I was panicked for a few months but the more I read on here, the less I fear it. There are two links I want to put in here so that later if I have to refer to them, I'll know where to go. They are both for if you fall off the wagon and need to "jump start" your sleeve again. Basics Boot Camp - http://www.verticals...ics-boot-camp/� and the 5 Day Pouch Test -

http://www.5daypouch...uchtest.com/��� I hope not to use them but they are a great resource.


On Monday, June 4, I have to attend and Educational workshop at my surgeons office. This is where I will meet a dietician and a nurse. I will also be getting a couple of tests (EKG I think, and maybe something else).


My total costs so far:

Initial Dr. Visit co-pay: $40

2nd Dr. chosen - copay: $40

Psyc Eval - copay - $40

Educational Workshop - $40

InMotion personal trainer fee (mandated by the surgeon) $120

Hospital co-pay $300

(thank goodness my insurance covers this surgery and they also cover a tummy tuck as long as it's associated with the surgery!!)


I have four girlfriends that are size 12 and lower - they've all banded to give me their unwanted clothing! What a great group of friends!! They are always sharing and trading clothes. I can't wait to join "the club."

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Lucky you. I've paid $600.00 so far out of pocket. $200.00 first fee when I met with the nutritionist at month 4 of pre-op. $200.00 on the first day of 2 hour meeting with the nurse nutritionist and they sent me home with 42 (14 day supply) of shakes for the pre-op diet. $200.00 on the last pre-op appointment with the head nurse, where I received my spirometer, my last testing orders.

I get free appointments for life with the nutritionist, and the head nurse, free monthly group meetings for life, etc. discounts at a fitness club by my home.

My insurance is 90/10 - and unfortunately medicare (my secondary) doesn't cover the sleeve yet, and since my surgeon changed hospitals from Methodist to St. Mary's they have to redo their Centers of Excellence Bariatric thing for medicare.

I'm hoping medicare picks up all the ekgs, upper gi etc. I have heard nothing about tummy tuck or the pan(whateveritscalled) surgery.

Thanks for the awesome information and wow - what great friends. I don't really have friends that live near me and truthfully only one friend and my parents know about the surgery.

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey and being in the June 2012 club with you!

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