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  1. My coordinator at the hospital was Veronica. The one I talked to through email was Cyrel Partosa. Kyesia. My surgery was December 17th
  2. Lol no prob. I paid the deposit and the remaining balance(a few months later) through PayPal. They gave different options but I preferred PayPal. I have a question, I can't remember if you said or not, but are you doing the surgery alone? As in will someone be with you when you get out of surgery. Have you told anyone about it? Honestly I don't think I'm getting in my Protein like I should but I'm back in Japan now so I don't have food temptations at my parents house so I can be more strict with protein and more Water. I always had trouble getting in all my water before the surgery so I really need to work harder on that. It has nothing to do with the surgery, just my lazy 25 year old diet. But I don't want to become dehydrated or mess up my work from surgery so I'll work on these things. But as far as diet now, yogurt, I have protein bars I try to chew up very well and I have Protein shakes here in Japan but I don't think they have a lot of oritein in them ????. But I can move in to soft foods soon and I'll try to get my protein from that. My pre op diet was protein shakes and water. I skipped to the last stage if the pre op just because I knew I would do better on that vs the 1st and 2nd stage. I wouldn't stick to those stages but I knew I would with the last stage. Strange I know but I do a little better with skipping stages like that. I don't know the total carb or protein, I didn't check and they didn't give an amount. I just needed to drink protein shakes but protein was maybe 36 grams a day. Maybe a little less.
  3. Hi. I'm fine I'm not on here a lot I've noticed. I said I would stay on here even after I've been sleeved lol. There is a Facebook group that I'm on more often so I think that's why I'm not on this site a lot. They have so many Facebook groups it's crazy lol. Your surgery will be here and gone before you know it!! I do wonder why I never had a hard time and a majority of other people did. I did see a few sleevers that didn't have a hard time and I think they were around my age so maybe there's something to the age theory. Lol I had a bunch of different emotions. Excitement, sadness, worry, happiness, etc. but towards the end I knew I was going to go through with it so I shouldn't stress myself out. I was honestly more afraid of the flight to the states vs the actual surgery.
  4. Yeah I'm glad I can help in any way. Yes that was basically the same for me. Choosing a doctor and signing off on a bunch of paperwork. Now I'm eating a full liquid diet. So I can have Soups and yogurt and Protein drinks. Basically anything soft and mushy. I'm on this diet for 2 weeks and then I can go on to normal food. I don't have such a problem getting protein in. I have Protein Bars that have a lot of protein in it and I try to chew that up until it's mushy because I'm not sure I'm supposed to eat those but they don't upset my stomach so maybe it's ok. Actually with the support system thing... Originally I flew into California and went to Mexico and I was going to fly back home to Japan but I have a month off of work and I decided to surprise my parents for Christmas. And long story short I told my mom yesterday and she supports me. So I'm glad about that, but when I go back to Japan I won't have anyone there to talk to or anyone to help me if I need it. But I personally don't need a big support group. I tend to do things on my own. Lol you don't have to worry about that. I don't mind answering whatever questions you have ????
  5. And whenever I was doing my research on cheaper options only Mexico came up
  6. Yeah I lost a little weight from the pre op diet but I didn't stick to it 100%. I lost about 10 pounds on the 2 week pre op diet and after surgery about 8.3 pounds. The diet wasn't so hard to stick to but a few days I had to go to Christmas parties and I ate only a little. But now I'm not hungry. I haven't been hungry since surgery. It feels so good not to think about food all the time. I'm not in the military. I honestly never thought about doing the surgery in a country closer to me until after I decided to go with Dr. Ramos. I have to say I would feel more comfortable doing the surgery in Mexico vs Thailand. I know I know I'm feeding into the stereotype the same way some people do with Mexico ????
  7. I felt fine enough to drive almost cross country like a few days after surgery. So I think I will have no problems
  8. Haha I was nervous too at first since I didn't see much on him. But I'm glad I went through with it. Don't worry about the questions. I'm here to help. Yeah swallowing is fine. Straight out of surgery I had no problems swallowing. Yes he does give his patients a drain. It wasn't really painful but I could tell it was there but I will warn you, when they take the drain out the last day it feels strange. Like something wiggling inside you. It may take your breath away but once it's all the way out you are instantly relieved. Hmm I was expecting everything to be super painful, because I had a surgery last year and it was horrible, so I used that as a reference but this surgery was basically painless for me. Walking will definitely be good to help get gas out if you have any. I didn't. Maybe it's the way Dr. Ramos does things that made my surgery so pain free... The nurses give you pain medicine like every hour or so, so you shouldn't be in much pain.
  9. Ky89

    I learned some things last night

    I haven't heard of her. I'll check her out
  10. I also don't know why there aren't more testimonies for him. Everything went well. But there are the "celebrity" surgeons and then the surgeons that are just as qualified or better that don't get so much press
  11. Oh really? My coordinator was Cyrel and she had me choose which location and surgeon I wanted. I went through medical tourism also. But the facility is very nice and clean. But I wasn't really worries about that
  12. I stayed in the hospital a day before and when Ricardo, the driver, dropped me off there I checked into my room on the 4th or 5th floor and later that evening they went ahead and did my tests. So the next day I went right into surgery. The surgery went fine and I woke up and started walking a little soon after the anesthesia wore off. I stayed in the hospital one more day I think, and then the hotel one more day and I could leave after that.
  13. Yeah I had my surgery on the 17th. I feel perfect. I may be an exception but having my blood taken for the tests was the worst part for me. I was never in any pain. No nausea, no problems drinking, nothing. But again everyone is different. But everyone there is so nice. They have 2 surgeons. Dr Ramos and the other doctor (I feel so bad I forgot his name). But the other doctor will have more contact with you. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone. You will be well taken of there

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