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  1. Hi, I'm in the research phase of getting the gastric sleeve done in Mexico and I'm wondering if anyone has had their surgery with Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos at florence Hospital?? I can't really find a lot of information on him specifically. The same popular names keep coming up when I search and I do know there are other surgeons that are just as qualified but they may not have the "celebrity" status like some of the other surgeons. I'm just want to make sure I make the right decision so any insight or if you know where I could search that would be so helpful also
  2. My coordinator at the hospital was Veronica. The one I talked to through email was Cyrel Partosa. Kyesia. My surgery was December 17th
  3. Lol no prob. I paid the deposit and the remaining balance(a few months later) through PayPal. They gave different options but I preferred PayPal. I have a question, I can't remember if you said or not, but are you doing the surgery alone? As in will someone be with you when you get out of surgery. Have you told anyone about it? Honestly I don't think I'm getting in my Protein like I should but I'm back in Japan now so I don't have food temptations at my parents house so I can be more strict with protein and more Water. I always had trouble getting in all my water before the surgery so I really need to work harder on that. It has nothing to do with the surgery, just my lazy 25 year old diet. But I don't want to become dehydrated or mess up my work from surgery so I'll work on these things. But as far as diet now, yogurt, I have protein bars I try to chew up very well and I have Protein shakes here in Japan but I don't think they have a lot of oritein in them ????. But I can move in to soft foods soon and I'll try to get my protein from that. My pre op diet was protein shakes and water. I skipped to the last stage if the pre op just because I knew I would do better on that vs the 1st and 2nd stage. I wouldn't stick to those stages but I knew I would with the last stage. Strange I know but I do a little better with skipping stages like that. I don't know the total carb or protein, I didn't check and they didn't give an amount. I just needed to drink protein shakes but protein was maybe 36 grams a day. Maybe a little less.
  4. Hi. I'm fine I'm not on here a lot I've noticed. I said I would stay on here even after I've been sleeved lol. There is a Facebook group that I'm on more often so I think that's why I'm not on this site a lot. They have so many Facebook groups it's crazy lol. Your surgery will be here and gone before you know it!! I do wonder why I never had a hard time and a majority of other people did. I did see a few sleevers that didn't have a hard time and I think they were around my age so maybe there's something to the age theory. Lol I had a bunch of different emotions. Excitement, sadness, worry, happiness, etc. but towards the end I knew I was going to go through with it so I shouldn't stress myself out. I was honestly more afraid of the flight to the states vs the actual surgery.
  5. Yeah I'm glad I can help in any way. Yes that was basically the same for me. Choosing a doctor and signing off on a bunch of paperwork. Now I'm eating a full liquid diet. So I can have Soups and yogurt and Protein drinks. Basically anything soft and mushy. I'm on this diet for 2 weeks and then I can go on to normal food. I don't have such a problem getting protein in. I have Protein Bars that have a lot of protein in it and I try to chew that up until it's mushy because I'm not sure I'm supposed to eat those but they don't upset my stomach so maybe it's ok. Actually with the support system thing... Originally I flew into California and went to Mexico and I was going to fly back home to Japan but I have a month off of work and I decided to surprise my parents for Christmas. And long story short I told my mom yesterday and she supports me. So I'm glad about that, but when I go back to Japan I won't have anyone there to talk to or anyone to help me if I need it. But I personally don't need a big support group. I tend to do things on my own. Lol you don't have to worry about that. I don't mind answering whatever questions you have ????
  6. And whenever I was doing my research on cheaper options only Mexico came up
  7. Yeah I lost a little weight from the pre op diet but I didn't stick to it 100%. I lost about 10 pounds on the 2 week pre op diet and after surgery about 8.3 pounds. The diet wasn't so hard to stick to but a few days I had to go to Christmas parties and I ate only a little. But now I'm not hungry. I haven't been hungry since surgery. It feels so good not to think about food all the time. I'm not in the military. I honestly never thought about doing the surgery in a country closer to me until after I decided to go with Dr. Ramos. I have to say I would feel more comfortable doing the surgery in Mexico vs Thailand. I know I know I'm feeding into the stereotype the same way some people do with Mexico ????
  8. I felt fine enough to drive almost cross country like a few days after surgery. So I think I will have no problems
  9. Haha I was nervous too at first since I didn't see much on him. But I'm glad I went through with it. Don't worry about the questions. I'm here to help. Yeah swallowing is fine. Straight out of surgery I had no problems swallowing. Yes he does give his patients a drain. It wasn't really painful but I could tell it was there but I will warn you, when they take the drain out the last day it feels strange. Like something wiggling inside you. It may take your breath away but once it's all the way out you are instantly relieved. Hmm I was expecting everything to be super painful, because I had a surgery last year and it was horrible, so I used that as a reference but this surgery was basically painless for me. Walking will definitely be good to help get gas out if you have any. I didn't. Maybe it's the way Dr. Ramos does things that made my surgery so pain free... The nurses give you pain medicine like every hour or so, so you shouldn't be in much pain.
  10. Ky89

    I learned some things last night

    I haven't heard of her. I'll check her out
  11. So a few things happened last night that had me thinking that I should change the way I perceive myself. So last night my friend had a sayonara party, she's leaving Japan. At some point everyone decided to tell about the first time we met our friend or some funny story. Well I'm a very very shy person so when it got around to me, my face was hot and I had tears in my eyes because I really don't like so much attention on me!! I told a really lame and short story and we left it at at, but I felt so bad that I messed that up. After the goodbye party some people decided to go to a club for dancing. I'm sure you guys could figure out how I feel about bars and clubs. So we get to the club and while everyone else is dancing and having fun I'm sitting at the table watching. I have rhythm but I'm just awkward and I don't know what to do with my hands. I finally go on the dance floor and while I'm moving from side to side feeling embarrassed because I think people are thinking "oh God, a fat girl. I hope she doesn't step on my toes," I'm looking at this Japanese girl trying to dance and then I think, 'well she looks like she's having fun,' and it hit me that I really shouldn't be so worried about not being the best dancer, it's about having fun! So around 3am I decided to leave this group and see my other friend at his bar since it was his one year bar anniversary. I go to tell my guy friend that I had a crush on that I'm leaving and it seemed like he just brushed me off and went back to dancing. Now that hurt me a little but I'm going to assume he was drunk and thought I was just going to the bathroom or something. What you'll find out about me is, it's the little things that hurt me the most and the little things that make me happy. So I'm at my friend's bar and I notice the gorgeous Brazilian DJ keeps looking at me. And I'm thinking 'oh no he's probably disgusted that some overweight ugly girl is in his presence.' (I know I shouldn't think like that because we are all beautiful). But my friend translated for me and she told me that he thought I was beautiful and he was glad to meet me and he wanted to dance with me!!! Now I was a little shocked about that because guys don't tell me I'm beautiful and they want to dance with me very often especially beautiful guys. I told him thank you but I was too shy to dance and I think he was disappointed, as was I because I would really LOVE to dance with him, but as usual my fear of everyone watching and judging me made me withdraw into myself. I missed a very lovely and fun opportunity to put myself out there and I hate that I always do that!! I know that when I have my surgery I won't magically have all the confidence in the world but I think I can start feeling more comfortable around other people. One more thing happened that made me feel happy. At the end of all this, like around 730am ????, I'm saying goodbye to everyone and one of my friends says that I am her favorite person when she comes to her boyfriend's bar and she thinks I'm beautiful and she likes my smile and then everyone else was like yeah she's pretty and she has a nice smile and a cheerful presence. And now I'm crying like a baby while I'm writing this because these beautiful and sexy and lovely people don't care that I'm overweight, they like me for me and that's all I could ask for in friends. And I hope one day I can see myself the way they see me... Sorry for this long post guys.
  12. I also don't know why there aren't more testimonies for him. Everything went well. But there are the "celebrity" surgeons and then the surgeons that are just as qualified or better that don't get so much press
  13. Oh really? My coordinator was Cyrel and she had me choose which location and surgeon I wanted. I went through medical tourism also. But the facility is very nice and clean. But I wasn't really worries about that
  14. I stayed in the hospital a day before and when Ricardo, the driver, dropped me off there I checked into my room on the 4th or 5th floor and later that evening they went ahead and did my tests. So the next day I went right into surgery. The surgery went fine and I woke up and started walking a little soon after the anesthesia wore off. I stayed in the hospital one more day I think, and then the hotel one more day and I could leave after that.
  15. Yeah I had my surgery on the 17th. I feel perfect. I may be an exception but having my blood taken for the tests was the worst part for me. I was never in any pain. No nausea, no problems drinking, nothing. But again everyone is different. But everyone there is so nice. They have 2 surgeons. Dr Ramos and the other doctor (I feel so bad I forgot his name). But the other doctor will have more contact with you. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone. You will be well taken of there
  16. I hope you guys are right because right now I can't tell I even had surgery. I'm trying to stay positive and I know that I'm lucky I haven't felt any type of pain but my mind is running wild thinking "oh the doctor just took my money and didn't do the surgery." But everyone was so nice at the hospital and why would anyone do that?? I hate to think like this but I honestly can't tell that I had surgery. And I definitely DONT want to feel any type of pain but I need some type of proof that I will have restrictions ????
  17. Don't worry about the little slip ups. I live in Japan and I didn't get the proper American food funeral so I did a little cheating but when I landed in California yesterday I was sooo hungry I went out and ate ???? but I tried to keep it a little healthy so nothing heavy, but my surgery is tomorrow!!! But I think I can say if I had the proper Protein shakes I wouldn't be so hungry ????. But don't stress just continue to do your diet and you'll be fine for surgery.
  18. Ky89

    I learned some things last night

    Yes, I have actually thought about seeing someone. I would just have to work up the nerves to let someone in. Im very stubborn, so my mom says lol. But I do think after surgery I will most definitely have to talk to someone about all the changes. I wont be able to keep everything in and keep my sanity. Im moving back to the US in May so I will have to search for someone then.
  19. Ky89

    What's wrong with me?

    So, last night I went to my friend's bar because Thanksgiving was Thursday and I made some food for him and another friend. And this guy comes and sits next to me at the bar wanting to talk. But I'm not much of a talker and very shy so that was just awkward. But he keeps talking and I get more and more nervous as the minutes go by. Long story short, it got so bad that I started to cry and ran out of the bar!! He was nice enough but not my type and he was making me very uncomfortable, trying to touch me and staring at me. I don't like that kind of attention but I never say anything because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. My friend ran after me asking what's wrong and what did the guy do? And how pathetic am I, that when a guy expresses interest in me I run away and cry?!?! I think maybe I was having an anxiety attack or a panic attack or something to cry like that because that has never happened before. I hate that my friend had to see me cry like a baby because of a little unwanted attention but I am glad to know that he said he will never let anyone hurt me. That made me feel better. So I'm actually a little nervous about how I will react if I get more attention from guys after my surgery. Of course I want a boyfriend but I'm not sure how that will happen because I'm so shy. I think my shyness scares away guys anyway but if I run away and cry with a guy I actually like I will really have a hard time. But I think my shyness is part of my personality so I can't really change it much but I hope after surgery I can gain some confidence to overcompensate for that fact.
  20. December 17th with Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos at Florence Hospital
  21. So, I'm having gastric sleeve surgery on December 17 in Tijuana. I'm excited and nervous of course. My plan is to not tell anyone I'm having the surgery, I'm talking about zero people. I have a month off from work so I don't have to worry about that, and I live in Japan so I also don't have to worry about my parents or any other family members getting concerned about rapid weight loss. But what I am most worried about is dying. Yes I know, many people have that fear, but I'm more afraid of a plane crash flying over than the actual surgery. And I do know planes are safer than cars, and I did make it safely on a 16 hour flight to Japan,back to America for visiting and then to Japan again, but that doesn`t mean my fear will go away anytime soon. I have this warped feeling that I am bad luck. Ever since I was a child people were dying on my birthday or after I've seen them recently and I do know the statistics of how many people die every second, hour, and day, but back then it was a little scary and that feeling has followed me into adulthood. I do know its silly and when its your time to go its just your time to go, but I've always had the notion that I'm not supposed to be happy in life. Like whenever something good happens something bad inevitably follows. `Oh, Kyesia, you like this guy and he seems to like you too, NOPE, the army is going to station him in Alaska.` or `Congratulations on passing that difficult exam...oh wait sorry that was a computer glitch, you failed` or `Good for you, having the confidence to go out of your comfort zone and do something different...we cant have that so we`re going to have the most horrendous thing happen to you in front of thousands of people.` Things like that. I know those examples aren't really bad, but for me they are/were. But my fear is just I'm going to do something that can possibly make me feel happy and good about myself, but to not even make it there to see. And if nothing happens with flying over, then some type of complication during surgery. (knock on wood) I wish I didn't have these fears, but its so hard to believe that if everything goes perfectly I would have the opportunity to be happy like normal people. Its what I want most in life. To be happy. And I would really like to think everyone has a purpose in this world, including me. So if there's anyone who has continued reading my long ridiculous post, I would like to ask a favor... If no one hears from me during the week of December 15 or the week after, could someone notify my parents?? Ahh I really hate to think like this, but its just in case some complications come up. I am on Facebook, Kyesia Green. My mom is on there also. Sorry for being a debby downer guys
  22. @@Miss Mack I love those quotes!!! I'm going to try to enjoy the trip. I've never been to California so I am excited about seeing a little of it before waiting for my ride to Mexico. I'll try to look on the bright side of things.
  23. Ky89

    What's wrong with me?

    I think some type of therapy would really help me after I have surgery. I could use some now or at least a little Xanax when I have to go where people are ????. But honestly I don't like bars, they're loud and someone is always smoking and I don't really drink a lot either so there's no reason for me to go other than day hello to my friends. Haha @joatsaint. I'm exactly like you!! I do feel really bad that I may have hurt the guy's feelings by my actions.

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