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    PEvette got a reaction from SoulGardener in Vaginal Bleeding   
    Three days after my surgery my period decided to come....for the first time in 5 months....I didnt have one in July, so my GYN put me on a different pill and I had one in August...I'm hoping that they come regularly now that I'm lighter
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    PEvette got a reaction from musycnlyrics in African American Sleevers   
    Just love reading the responses to that ignorant comment made by her....kept it informational and classy...
    well done ladies...
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    PEvette got a reaction from nesa83 in Starting pureed food   
    fish was considered a soft food for my doctor's office...pureed means that it needs to go through a blender or be mashed until its mushy.....soft and pureed are 2 totally different foods...check with your doctor
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    PEvette got a reaction from Bea Amaya in Texas Sleevers!   
    I'm in Houston as well.....SOuthwest Houston, near Missouri City....we have a meetup page on www.meetup.com its called Houston WLS Active Buddies.....join us, its free!
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    PEvette reacted to Laura V in Revising from Sleeve to Bypass...   
    Lmao and OMG!
    I'm glad I was never the religious type...

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    PEvette got a reaction from Carole Flower in Support Groups In Houston Area   
    Does anyone know of any WLS or VSG support groups in the Houston area???
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    PEvette reacted to Reigo in How hard is it not to feel jaded?   
    So having been there and done that with the bright eyed bushy tailed (or honeymoon syndrome) and now realizing what the real constant struggle is, how hard is it not to be jaded here? Most people posting are newly sleeved and are so fresh and eager with the easier road still being travelled. While its great that their outlook is positive, it must get a bit difficult to read all these types of posts. Just curious when the rose tinted glasses came off for you?
    I am only 7 weeks out and realize I. Am facing an uphill battle for life. Wanted the solution but realize I only got a calculator! Still up to me to solve the problem...
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    PEvette got a reaction from Cheer Mama in Teachers Supporting Sleeved Teachers   
    I teach 5th grade Science....I'll be 13 months post-op July 11th.....if you have any question let me know....glad to be of help!
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    PEvette reacted to kimbernada in marriage ending   
    Would counseling for YOU help? It might help to figure out why you've been so moody, etc., and help you to work on body image issues. It could be that if seeing a counselor works for you, then perhaps your husband will see the value as well.
    I know I sure didn't feel like being romantic at my highest weight.
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    PEvette reacted to Richard Foor in Consequences of no protein   
    If you don't get enough Protein intake your body has to break down muscle tissue to get what it needs to fuction. As you lose muscle mass it will actually decrease your bodies ability to burn fat therefore decreasing weight loss, as well as making you have no energy. That's why they say protein is the most important thing post op. Good Luck.
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    PEvette reacted to GoldyGirl in Consequences of no protein   
    not enough Protein and you will loose your hair, and lose muscle Not FAT...Protein is VERY important.....add a shake with Medical grade Protein once a day to add good protein that is well absorbed, there is A Big difference in the kind you drink...Good Luck, and remember it is NOT just about Weight Loss it is about being Healthy also!!
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    PEvette reacted to clk in Share your "slow loss" success!   
    Lately I've seen a TON of posts about lucky sleevers that drop 100 pounds in six months.
    Congrats to them and to their loss. And I would never, ever begrudge anyone the right to crow about a fantastic success. It's part of why we're all here, to share the ups and downs of this surgery!
    But frequently, these posts are followed by folks that feel frustrated because they aren't losing at the same pace. All too often, we forget that everyone loses at a different pace. It's easy to lose sight of the real goal (long term maintenance) in the face of the scale goals we set for ourselves. And it's also easy to forget that this isn't a race and that there's no special prize waiting at the end for reaching goal more quickly.
    I would like to contribute my loss pattern so that people can see that there is more than one way to achieve a goal. Being successful is about reaching your personal goals, overcoming your personal food demons and maintaining your weight loss for life. It's not about hitting goal in nine months.
    I encourage everyone else with a slow loss story to contribute their successes here as well. It's hard to research this surgery and find only the stories about extremes - people completely thrilled with surgery or people that regret every minute of life post op. The same goes for loss. When people search out stories on this, it's too easy to only find rapid loss or stall posts but nothing showing the more realistic and moderate journey many of us take. The sleeve is a permanent tool that does not have a special window of easy weight loss. There is no reason to feel discouraged when you haven't reached goal at one year out, or even two. There is nothing preventing you (short of your own body's natural stopping point) from achieving or re-achieving goal at any point post op.
    I lost 60 pounds in the first five months after my surgery.
    And I slowly lost 32 pounds over the next seven months.
    It took me another five months to shed the final 15 pounds to my goal.
    I lost 107 pounds over the course of 17 months. I stalled twice for nine weeks each time. I had months where I only lost one pound. I regularly experienced a gain of three pounds around my cycle, and often only lost weight in the last week to ten days of the month, after sitting at the same weight for nearly three weeks.
    I am a success, and at 2.5 years out (and currently pregnant) I still have good, healthy eating habits and maintained my weight loss quite easily. Even 30 weeks pregnant, I am still wearing a size 6/small (in maternity clothes, of course) regardless of how I feel about my expanding body!
    I learned what was important on this journey and am in better health today (not just physically, but mentally and emotionally), than I have ever experienced as an adult.
    Good luck to those currently on their journey, and I encourage everyone to share their stories here so that newly sleeved folks can see that slow vs. fast loss doesn't really matter in the end.

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    PEvette reacted to epc317 in not understanding....   
    Perhaps you're gaining muscle and losing fat? (Which would tone you and pull things in creating a loss in inches)
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    PEvette reacted to cindymg in Muffin Tops!   
    Sorry friend, I would not EVER let anyone take pictures of my muffin top. And, 8 weeks post op, my weight loss is showing in my face, boobs, my hips and legs -- but the stomach is always the last to go. I am an apple also.
    Good luck on your journey.
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    PEvette reacted to Nursebarbie in life is so much better without the crapband!   
    Even with all the post sleeve complications, I feel 1,000% better without the crapband. It is so nice not to choke or vomit up anything that goes in my mouth!
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    PEvette reacted to DonRodolfo in You people need to take heed!   
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    PEvette got a reaction from Nesa in Houston tx sleever   
    I'm ok...my weightloss has slowed down ALOT since the beginning, so I have to really pay attention to what I eat and how much I exercise....but other than that, no regrets
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    PEvette got a reaction from Kalimomof3 in OS Trim High Protein Snack   
    yes, I've tried them, I prefer the Jack Link's Turkey Jerky though
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    PEvette reacted to SerendipityHappens in Will I ever eat a hot meal again?   
    I eat fairly quickly and I'm 4 months out.. I take a smaller bite than I used to and chew my food very well but I don't wait between bites. My meals don't get cold.
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    PEvette reacted to ASKSARAH - Sleeve in Will I ever eat a hot meal again?   
    You will. Don;t Worry!
    One thing I did was heated up my smaller dishes before I added my food to it.
    Instead of using a dinner plate I use a dessert plate warm it in the oven or microwave.
    Makes it last a little longer.
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    PEvette reacted to NtvTxn in the guilt is eating me alive   
    Find a good therapist, if nothing else, find WLS support groups to attend. They will keep you busy, you'll meet people and make friends. I'm sorry she did this, but I have to agree with everyone else, this is about her, not you. Change scares people, you making this change threatened her, scared her....something. Can I ask you, is she heavy? Could this be insecurity? Good luck to you.
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    PEvette reacted to SueJH in the guilt is eating me alive   
    First I have to say, you DID NOT "CAUSE" her to leave you! She did that for her own selfish/cowardly reasons. Most people would feel happy that their mate was taking steps to get healthy to be around longer. It is her own insecurities that caused this, nothing that you did. I honestly think you should go for counseling. We can all offer you a word of encouragement here, but I think you need a professional to help you see that you have nothing to feel guilty about.
    I wish you nothing but the best and you deserve nothing less. Keep moving forward. You are doing this for you, not for anyone else.
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    PEvette reacted to brebee in the guilt is eating me alive   
    Sometimes people cant take the changes. I dont think we change we may look at food differently. My dr office said that it is common that couples split during and after the weight loss. Im so sorry your having to go thru this. Dont regret the surgery i know you feel healthier and things will work out. I have alot of faith and i believe everything happens for a reason.
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    PEvette reacted to allthatjazz4u in Husband Spying on Me   
    Ok....I can't...well...ok...I'm sorry...never mind. I have no comment *blank stare*
    Sent from my iPad using VST
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    PEvette reacted to maharet111 in Husband Spying on Me   
    What the hell kind of synthetic drug do you make with a cheese grater and strainer.

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