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  1. Does anyone know of any WLS or VSG support groups in the Houston area???
  2. Yeah you are right, its actually what my doctor told me...that's my plan starting December 1st to start back monitoring and being aware of what I am putting into my mouth... He said that if I am still having issues in March, we will look into the DS more....but he wanted me to read about it and write some questions to ask him for when I see him again
  3. Because when I had revision back in 2012 my BMI was 62 now I believe is like 47 or something now, and he thinks because I've been at the same weight for 6 months my body may have lost all it could with the sleeve procedure... He told me to give it my all the next 3 months and if I still cannot break the stall then we may need to explore me revising to DS... I really dont want another procedure, but I've heard good things about the DS....but ultimately the only way I will get it is with insurance approval, I had to pay out of pocket for the revision to sleeve, I honestly cant afford another procedure... So, I am going to give it my all the next couple of months and pray I can break this stall, which is now 8 months and counting
  4. Well, they send it to pathology then discard it
  5. I just want to chat with some folk who its has taken over 18 months to get to their weight loss goal.....my doctor and his staff hammered in 12-18 months, but me being 13 months post op and I've only lost alittle over half as of right now.....the reality is that it just may take me longer than 18 months....its starting to depress me that I'm not losing good.... I just need to know that there is hope....my therapist tried to reassure me today, but I just feel so bad....let me stop before I start crying
  6. PEvette

    Revising from Sleeve to Bypass...

    I'm curious as to how you and your doctor made the decision for revision to bypass?? I'm a revision from lapband to sleeve....and I too lost the bulk of my weight the first 6 months....now I'm 13 months post op and I've lost 13 pounds in the last 7 months..... I'm praying that I'm a slow loser, but my doctor wants to see me again in sept to see if I've lost any more weight, but my scale hasn't budged in weeks
  7. PEvette


    A MFP buddy, told me about Quest bars, I love them
  8. PEvette

    Texas Sleevers!

    I had my surgery June 11, 2012....wow, you were almost a year after me...
  9. PEvette

    Teachers Supporting Sleeved Teachers

    COngrats...you will be fine....everything will go smoothly and you will recover well.... All the best!
  10. PEvette

    Looking for s sleevd mentor

    I'm in Houston...13 months out...you can join the group I belong to here we meet about once a month to share our process....its on Meetup.com, its called Houston WLS Active Buddies
  11. I'm a daily MFP logger....feel free to add me, my nick is AskBelieveRecieve
  12. PEvette

    What is 5:2

    As of Thursday I am 13 months out...I exercise 5-6 days a week and my doc has me at 1200 calories a day....I've tried eating more, or cutting back to 1000 and I would lose or gain but having a hard time breaking through past 98 pounds lost the last 3 months....I'm thinking to try to do this 5-2 plan these next couple of weeks until I have to report back to work for the school year....
  13. Thank you so much guys for your posts....I'm at 13 months post op and life is really really hard right now....I lost 85 pounds over the first 6 months...then the second 6 months I only lost 13 pounds...and I've been gaining and losing, pretty much stalled out the last 3 months, having a hard time getting past 98 pounds lost.....I really need to find some way to restart my losing again and having a hard time trying to figure it out...
  14. PEvette

    What is 5:2

    So this would not be a good thing for someone who is like me, at a stall??? I'm having a hard time breaking through to be at 100 pounds lost...
  15. PEvette

    What is 5:2

    Hey, has anyone has success following this plan???
  16. yeah, I totally understand....I dont like them either now....since for FB friends turned me on to the Quest Bars I have been doing much better....after surgery I was burned out on protein shakes...
  17. PEvette

    Muffin Tops!

    I will tell you this...I'm 13 months post-op now....my muffin still has some fat, but its saggy...I will not dare take a pic of it, but I do know I will need something done to my breasts and my tummy....
  18. PEvette

    Any regrets?

    the only regret I have is not doing it sooner....
  19. Comparing tthe two....the crapband is far worse.....with the sleeve your doctor doesnt want you to feel nausea or throw up the first couple of months because you risk complications....but being 13 months post revision I can count on one had how many times I've thrown up since surgery, and still have fingers left.... All hail the sleeve!
  20. PEvette

    Houston Park plaza hospital

    He doesnt do drains....he is a GREAT doctor....I stayed for 2 days, but I was doing so well he was ready to release me the next day.....I stayed the second day because I already paid for it (I was self-pay) I had my surgery in June 2012....
  21. PEvette

    OS Trim High Protein Snack

    Oh, and SMoothie King has the other flavors...
  22. PEvette

    OS Trim High Protein Snack

    yes, I've tried them, I prefer the Jack Link's Turkey Jerky though

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