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    Joyce Real got a reaction from Bremartus for a blog entry, Still Here And Still Losing   
    I am now down 34 pounds!! so it has been 3 months and two weeks, but it is steady! Slow is ok as long it is steady. Just think if I continue at this pace in another three months and two weeks, I should be down 68 That would be incredible!! I am so hopeful!!
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    Joyce Real got a reaction from Bremartus for a blog entry, Still Here And Still Losing   
    I am now down 34 pounds!! so it has been 3 months and two weeks, but it is steady! Slow is ok as long it is steady. Just think if I continue at this pace in another three months and two weeks, I should be down 68 That would be incredible!! I am so hopeful!!
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    Joyce Real reacted to xoxo313 for a blog entry, So Happy   
    Wanted to say what a great site this is and how greatful I am to be meeting so many nice people!
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    Joyce Real got a reaction from pussnboots for a blog entry, Just Updating   
    Well I am nearly three months out and 28 pounds down. I feel good, but I always felt good, Changes are happening, I am down one size in clothes and even my ring size is down one. lol My doctor visit last friday went well and I may get another fill Wednesday. My biggest gripe right now is my baggie pants keep pulling my underwear down lol
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    Joyce Real reacted to brave? for a blog entry, "we Don't Do Hand Holding"   
    "We don't do hand-holding" said the voice on the other side of the phone.
    Tough-love is not my thing.
    I have been tough-loved and tough-loved myself into this mess...
    ...or at least tough-love is what they called it.
    Why can't it just be love?
    What's wrong with hand holding? If someone held my hand maybe I could learn that hands aren't just for eating with.
    I know I should have faith in myself, inner strength and all that jazz... but why should I always do everything by myself. Why can't I reach out and ask for support and encouragement.
    I know I can do this. I can physically stop eating. I can get myself to the doctor. to the hospital. onto the OR table......
    ... but what's so wrong with asking someone to hold my hand?
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    Joyce Real reacted to zil for a blog entry, The Holiay Struggle   
    The Christman holiday is now behine me (and us) and I am sad to say that I did not do very well for 3 days...the delicous foods and goodies were very tempting, and unfortunately I did succumb to the treats. I made healthy choices while having my meals, but I found myself enjoying cookies and carmel corn while we were playing cards and goofing around. I am ashamed of myelf.
    Today I made it a priority to get back on the healthy kick journey. I also learned that I will not be having sweets in my house in the future...at least not the ones that tempt me overmuch. While I did not gain weight, I feel sluggish and seem to not have any energy.
    Well, here is to a healthier new year and another 80 pounds gone forever.
    I am still loving my band.
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    Joyce Real reacted to SumthinsGottaGive for a blog entry, The Importance Of Being Honest...   
    I posted this as my status today:
    "This journey, regardless of how much or how little support we have, is an individual one. No one else can lose the weight for you. Take the encouragement, the support, the good w/the bad and separate the meat from the bones... and ultimately do what works and what's best for you! That is always a key in success!"
    How does this tie in to honesty? Well, I'll tell you. I've noticed, not only in the few short days I've been banded, but in the entire time I've been researching lap band, that everyone has advice to give. We all want the keys to success; what it took for others to lose the weight; the exercises and the food they ate. But the truth is, what works for one won't always work for everyone else.
    Not everyone gained the weight because they've over eaten or because they're lazy. Just like everyone has their own reasons for gaining the weight, everyone will have their own means of losing it, even if we are all using the same tool. Encouragement and advice are great and I know we all have a lot to learn on this journey, but it starts with being honest with ourselves.
    We were honest (or vain) enough to realize we needed the lap band and now it's about being honest enough to admit our limitations and strongholds. Food is an addiction that we're trying to kick (we know that), but my food addiction isn't yours. My habits are not yours, and I have to be real enough with myself to understand that if I'm going to succeed, I have to do what is going to work for me.. and you need to do what will work for you. This starts with listening to your surgical team, dietician, nutritionist, etc.
    If there's one thing that remains consistent in all of the advice I've received from successful lap banders, it would be, "If you follow the rules, you'll lose the weight." Not just the universal lap band rules, but those set forth for your individual program, for your individual needs. One of the dangers of trying to follow the regimen of someone else is that you may not be able to live up to it, because it's not tailor made for you. And on this journey, that is one thing I think is definitely a plus; the capability to contour the band to work for YOU! Remember that there are people that have health issues and co-morbidities that may affect their regimen. Don't waste time trying to compare yourself to everyone else, do what works for you!
    We all want to be successful.. get this weight off and strut our stuff! Be healthier...be happier! For me, it's starts with doing what works for me and building from there! =)
    O well, that's enough ranting for now. Just had a few things on my mind I wanted to share.
    All the best!!
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    Joyce Real got a reaction from TJ91 for a blog entry, All Is Well   
    I was banded on October 14, 2011. I am down 20 pounds. I was not given a bunch of rules, of what to eat or not eat, but my band is teaching me more than reading the rules has. I have had two fills and am at 3 CC in my band. I feel pretty good restriction. My doctor has moved me through the steps faster than most I have read on here. But so far so good. I am well and happy. I am going to try and post pics 1 per month of my progress. I have lost one clothing size. So I can finally wear the clothes I bought last diet I tried. I have been buying the next size down at yard sales. When I hit goal, I will buy a whole new wardrobe, but until then I am hitting the second hand stores and yard sales. I love reading the blogs here and the forums. I am thankful to have a site to teach me the in's and out's. Do any of you belong to a support group? We have one near my home and I am thinking about joining.
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    Joyce Real reacted to brendap for a blog entry, Day 3 Of Preop Diet   
    went to see Dr Lavin today in Metarie, LA. He is such a nice guy. Made me feel very good about doing this surgery. I was hoping that I would get a surgery date today, but apparently the office in Covington, LA schedules those. So I should hear something in the next 3-5 days. I REALLY want to get this thing in December. I want to start my new year off on the right foot. Before I left the Drs office I asked about any special diet, and the nurse said no, just clear liquids the day before surgery. She said they want me to lose a few pounds before the surgery, but did not specify any certain amount. I am still going to do as much liquid as I can so its not such a shock to my body and my appetite. GETTING CLOSER!!! IM EXCITED!

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