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  1. Joyce Real

    New ideas for soft foods please

    Beans are a good option, they all have protein.
  2. When I was too tight, I could not swallow water. Sometimes there is swelling after your fill. If water goes down give it a few days.
  3. I do not think you can stretch your band, you can however stretch your pouch (stomach) by over eating.
  4. Joyce Real


    Until you are adjusted (fills) It is just like before surgery. This takes time and everyone reacts the same way. Very normal and so is your reaction. Everyone goes through all that in the beginning.
  5. Joyce Real

    2Nd Fill Today And Feeling Discouraged

    Do not get discouraged before you get to the green zone! That requires more than a couple of fills usually. Right now it is more like dieting and that sucks. Give yourself time. They do not call it bandster hell for nothing. But it does get better I promise! You will probably have to wait a month before you get any more fill. (or that is what my surgeon does) Good luck.
  6. Joyce Real

    Lapband Restaurant Card

    I have one too, I have used it at buffet restaurants to be priced cheaper.
  7. Joyce Real

    So Mad At Myself

    No offense intended, but these things happen, and will happen again. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just do your best and that is all you can do. I mean you are only three weeks post op, it is gonna get worse before it gets better. When you get your fills and the band starts working for you, you will have this whooped.
  8. Joyce Real


    My surgeons office checked before I did any of the pre-op requirements. I was self pay, because my company did not offer it in the plan at all. If you are self pay you do not have to meet the same requirements either!
  9. Joyce Real

    Out To Eat

    for me loaded baked potato is a win!
  10. Joyce Real

    Gain Weight

    It is quite normal, and everyone banded that I know also gained once they went on real food, the loss comes after you get adjustments to your band. Relax it will get better.
  11. Joyce Real

    Headaches Gone

    Wow it is wonderful to be off the meds!!
  12. it closely resembles south beach, atkins, metabolic research, well bout every other low carb high protein diet. They do work, if you can stick to them.
  13. Joyce Real

    54Shirley Passed Away

    It was more than just a slip, from what she said there was also a cut or tear to her esophagus from the slip, (she was in one of our facebook groups) said she was coughing up blood, also that she had died on the table and they brought her back, I can not imagine them sending her home after that. But what ever happened it took her life. She will be so very missed, I know for me the lesson is if I ever feel something is not right I will be beating down the surgeons door! We all miss her so much!!
  14. Joyce Real

    Omg! Omg! Omg! Goal At 11 Months!

    That is just wonderful!!! Congrats
  15. Joyce Real

    JoyceReal's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  16. Joyce Real

    Good Protein Shakes

    proti diet, has fruit flavored ones. Not bad
  17. Joyce Real

    Don't Want To Be A Nag...

    If he is still losing, he doesn't need nagging or a fill. The doctor will fill his band when he stops losing the weight. He will also learn what he needs to as time goes on too. You are wonderful to be supportive, but you can't unlearn bad habits for him. He will have to tackle that one on his own. It will all happen in due time. You know this is a process and it takes time.
  18. Joyce Real


    instead of feeling resentment for his comment, you should revel in the fact that you are losing and getting more and more attractive. To me your man probably said that to be hurtful, if you were having trouble, it was probably easier to blame your weight than to get down to the real problem. He probably even believed his nonsense. But like you said, you were smaller now than when you got together, so take for what it was an excuse and don't let excuses keep you from your meeting your goals. If you love him, then get past it, and enjoy the new you. Let him deal with your new attractiveness!
  19. Joyce Real

    Day 2

    It will get better! It does take time to heal. I was so dumb about the whole thing, I thought it was just gonna be a minor deal! It wasn't.
  20. Joyce Real


    From the album: JoyceReal's Before and After Pics

    My March Picture
  21. Joyce Real


    they make a surgery for that.
  22. Joyce Real

    Caffeine And Protein

    You are really not suppose to drink carbonated beverages (soda). The Doc says it can cause damage to your pouch! The crystal light would be a much better choice. The protein can come from food or drinks. I use my fitness pal to keep track of how much I get from everything.
  23. Joyce Real


    I guess everyone is different, cause after a little meal, I feel just like I did when I was full before banding. I have good restriction, and that to me does not feel like throwing up, it just means that I am way full after less than a cup of food. Plus I do not get hungry for hours after.

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