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  1. Just to check in with everyone, I went through pre op for three weeks and did not proceed with the surgery at this time. Hoping to go ahead early in the new year...... :(

  2. prettygirlhiding

    Pre-opping, scared or not to be scared?

    Keeping my cool is not what I am or have been known for. Having Pcos, a difficult childhood and addictions to food, nicotine and caffiene are not excuses to behave badly, but they certainly do not help you stay on an even keel! I am sitting here getting ready to go to work for the day... the procrastinator in me is giving the rest of me a big fat I told you so talking to right now. You see I have not only managed to wait until I was 347lbs and 33 years old to decide that I want to be a mother, I have also waited until 3 weeks before surgery to quit smoking, give a liquid diet a try and just for kicks increase my workout routine! What kind of sadistic fool am I??? Work will be a nice distraction today, I care for Seniors in a continuing care facility. It is actually the only time I get away from my big brain thinking about everything too hard! I love the way caring for others makes me feel. Today as I down numer 2 of 3 protien based drinks I will have to face today, I am can't help but remind myself ...... why I am doing this. I will face the day and not smoke ( is it possible to not smoke while driving??? guess I will find out!) I will keep my cool because I am practicing a new me, one that cares about me and my future. I should just go ahead and apologize to all of you right now.... there will be a lot of blog entries in the next 3 weeks. With out Food and Cigarettes, My fingers will be looking for something to do.......
  3. prettygirlhiding

    Pre-opping, scared or not to be scared?

    Gee Ladies, you sure know how to support a gal! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! This online community of "strangers" is the biggest tool to keep me on track and motivated. Love it!
  4. Ready..... Set..... Pre-op..... GO!

  5. prettygirlhiding

    17 days and counting

    I am 23 days and counting, Good luck and can't wait to share the journey with you!!!
  6. prettygirlhiding

    mourning the loss of a dear friend.......FOOD.

    Thank you for your honesty!!!! I am just getting ready to say good by to my old friend. Wait... not friend though! My friend has never told me I am beautiful, it didn't take care of my health, it did not return the financial investment I have made over the years, it has never once said " i'll help you out if you need me". I know that I will miss our time together, but I look forward to making new "friends" The truth is I gave my old friend my whole life, it took away so much of my life like frenemies do! Love that you are sharing what is real about this addiction and I look forward to supporting and sharing with you all the new friends we are going to make!
  7. So I was not sure how I was going to tell my family that I was going to have this amazing surgery to change my life. So we had a fantastic meal and while eating dessert my brother in law was talking about his last work trip to Toronto and I started asking him questions about the locale...... he asked why? you goin' there or sumthin?...... I blurted Yes I am!!!! I gently explained that I was going for lapband surgery and prepared for an enslaught of questions to commence! I was so surprised! My Husbands family was so supportive. They have watched me for the last 10 years balloon from 230 lbs to 347lbs. They supported me when I decided to go to therapy 6 years ago to deal with abuse I went through as a child. They have always met with enthusiasm my ventures at weight loss over the years and never once said anything as I failed each time. My sister in law who has had a 20 lb weight struggle said it best..... you can't give up food right and this will help you change how food is in your life, How do you change a 30 year bad relationship with food? It's not easy..... They had your standard questions about the logistics of it all, when, with whom are you going?, is it safe, how long will it take to recover. I was proud to say and relieved that I had all the answers. I really have done my research in to this. I have watched a friend almost die from her gastric bypass surgery and it's complications, I have watched another friend lose 180 lbs with her lap band and has told me " don't wait till your 50 like I did" and I have been in and out this forum. I am so thankful for the honesty and openess of all of you today. What I am really starting to learn is when you move and act from a place where you are trying to better yourself, be honest with yourself, be true to yourself and really want to change yourself for the better. People see that and want to support you to be happy. Of course I have had negative encounters..... one woman I told stated " have you really tried everything? I mean it's a lot of money" I FUMED! My retort? 25,000.00 For IVF, not gauranteed and I would have to lose weight anyway 40,000.00 adoption and 4-5 years 16,000.00 lap band = healthy me, healthy pregnancy and a tool to control my weight for the rest of my life! I asked her to go home to her beautiful little boys, think about how much money she would have paid for just one of her pregnancies, birth experiences, and sons and tell me how to price that out...... cause that is what I am buying!!! She didn't have anything to say..... I was not trying to be a smart ass, I was trying to remove the stigma. The one that says fat people are lazy, have not tried and are motivated by skinny jeans only..... I am a real person, I am a nurse who cares for others, I have been married and built a life to be a mother. I do not deserve to be judged. That is what my mother in law said to me last night. That was just what I needed to hear........
  8. prettygirlhiding

    Coming out of the Lap Band Closet.......

    Thanks Jess!!! Hope your having a better time!
  9. prettygirlhiding

    Why do we sabotage our selves?

    Your answer was in your question may not be able to control what my family eats but I can control what is brought into my house and I have a Rights. I have the right not to subject myself to unhealthy atmospheres, friends or family who do not support my choice to make a healthy life for myself There is no easy answer or magical answer. I know I do eat because I have such a negative view of myself, that I do not deserve happiness. How do you change that? by remembering, constantly reiterating, I am worth it, I deserve to be happy and trying to change a negative dialogue with yourself that has been going on for years! It happens Day by day.Take care of your mind and your body will follow. Thank you for sharing this post, it is another reminder to me that once I have the surgery I will still have to remind myself everyday to keep moving forward. I hope this helps!
  10. Thanksgiving.... why do you have to be such a delicious holiday????

  11. prettygirlhiding

    What am I doing to myself?!?!

    First of all.... Remove IDIOT from your vocabulary!! You are conscience of your relationship with food, give your self credit for working hard, exercising, being a NEW mother! There is nothing wrong with you. Acknowledge it, accept it and once you have done that all you can do is decide better next time. And these ladies are right.... Tomorrow is a new day!
  12. What an exhausting few days!! My mind has been spinning and whirling with too much information, too many things to consider, too many people to consider, Enough!!!! This is why I am over 300 lbs! Simply because I stopped considering what I need and wanted so long ago! Instead of worrying about what is best for my work schedule, or who can come with me, or what this person is going to think about my surgery, or ANYONE ELSE!! I stopped and took a deep breath, called MY clinic and made a decision which will be best for ME!!!!! And now I have a consultation with my original surgeon of choice.... Dr Cobourn for TODAY! Sorry I keep yelling. I have decided that I am not going to wait and I am trying to book my surgery ( self-pay) for the last week of October and fly to Ontario. My head is clear! It is swirling again with all of my normal stuff.... what time will I leave for work today, where will I walk my dogs, what will I make for dinner, you know normal stuff! One thing I think everyone who has ...... Let themselves go....has in common, is we are too worried about everything but our own happiness. My amazing husband said it best to me last night. Stop worrying about everyone but yourself and do what is best for you. Everything else will fall into place. So simple, but so far removed from what I have become to practice for myself. The truth is, the easiest thing was to decide to have surgery. I have accepted that all the money spent on personal trainers, diet fads, food!, gimmicks HAS NOT WORKED. This little device implanted into my body, that will give me control over how much food I eat will be the best thing I will ever do for myself. I don't fear it one bit. What I have been fearing is how it will effect everyone around me......... and I have been paying for it with my sanity. Not anymore, not today. Today I chose what will be best for me and my life....... I could get used to this.
  13. prettygirlhiding

    Vancouver, Mississauga, driving or flying.... oh my!

    Thank you very much Jess!!, I am already feeling amazing just having made the decision. I am a nurse and started last year with eating healthy and exercise on top of being very active at work ( I'm in Continuing care) and the scale stopped moving at 15-20lbs... I cannot wait to get this tool in my body and get a handle on portions. At the end of the day I just eat too much! I look forward to joining all of you on this journey and getting support and giving support. This forum is turning out to be a great support for me and I am so thankful it exists!
  14. prettygirlhiding

    First day back on the wagon complete!!!

    Jess, it is awesome how honest you are in your blog, I am enjoying your truths! One day at a time is the only option anyone has! So take a deep breath each day, remember staying honest with yourself will keep you moving and on track. I understand with being placated by a loved one, and although they mean well sometimes you just want a kick in the pants! Chin up, chest out and all you can do is try to make the better days outweigh the not so good ones.<BR><BR>Cheers!
  15. prettygirlhiding

    Vancouver, Mississauga, driving or flying.... oh my!

    I just spoke to DR Cobourn... November 2nd it is!
  16. NOVEMBER 2.... HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

  17. prettygirlhiding

    Vancouver, Mississauga, driving or flying.... oh my!

    Thanks Stacey!!! for all your support... I will message you after I talk to dr cobourn in a bit!
  18. prettygirlhiding

    It's time!

    For several years now I have been playing an awful head game with myself.... "Today is gonna be perfect, I am going to eat what I am supposed to and exercise for as long as I am supposed to, I am going to have the perfect weight loss day!" I didn't set out to intentionally lie to myself everyday, but I have been. Today while waiting for my consultation, I am forced to reflect on the days, months, years that have been absorbed by this lie. At 33 I am looking for some way out of this lie. I am facing the truth, I am facing the fear. I feel like this is the best decision I will ever make. I am deciding to live! To have children, to be happy, to stop hiding, to live the rest of my life to the fullest!........ I can't wait!
  19. prettygirlhiding

    It's time!

    Thank you guys for your support and encouragement.... it means the world to me right now!!!!
  20. Everything you were brave enough to share here is everything I share with you. Thank you for this blog and I hope you let nothing hold you back anymore.....
  21. prettygirlhiding

    It's time!

    I sat for two hours! I received an email this morning 8:35am from Kim stating that Dr. Mitchell was available today and tomorrow for a phone consultation today and tomorrow between 5-6 pm MST. I returned her email with confirmation for today and left her a vm to her extension and sat and waited to hear from her or DR. Mitchell. No thing happened. I left her another message this evening..... I am disappointed. I looked back to see when I filled out my patient questionnaire and it was 3 weeks ago. I had a friend who had her surgery in Miss. 2 years ago and has been such a great support to me. I would love to go to Miss., but driving to Vancouver is just easier and then I could afford for both my husband and I to go together! I just found out 2 days ago that they were offering in Vancouver, Their website does not show that information at all. I will let you know as soon as I get my consultation. I am financing the surgery, my friend received almost 4500.00 back at tax time, I guess AHS will pay 1200.00 toward it and the rest is medical expenses. I need to get more information from her about it. I am so eager to get this ball rolling.... It was hard to make the decision to finally have surgery, invest a lot of money, make arrangements with work for both my husband and I, I was hoping for better response time from Kim..... it should be faster to make this easier!!! I will keep in touch and thanks for your response!
  22. prettygirlhiding

    It's time!

    I am literally sitting here waiting for him to call!!! thanks for responding I was so excited to see someone with the same surgeon and clininc.... I have Kim too, and it has been a week or so, whenever I call she does not answer and I work in nursing so my hours are crazy, we always miss each others calls. Was November 30th the soonest you could get in?
  23. prettygirlhiding

    New to the forum - Lap Band scheduled for Nov 30th

    Hello! I am just waiting for my consultation today with Dr Mitchell for my band in Vancouver! I wish you all the best and it's nice to see someone else on here in Alberta and going through it around the same time!!!
  24. waiting for consultation and so excited!!!

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