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  1. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    Anybody from SoCal - Specically IE and Surround?

    I am in Rancho. I would love to participate
  2. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    Any Military Sleevers?

    Had mine done at Balboa by Dr. Gallus, I love him. Just saying. Nothing better.
  3. In three days, I will hit my one year mark. I've lost 62 lbs. A little shy from my 77 lbs. ideal weight per my surgeon. My question is... when you hit one year, was that the end of your weight loss or did you continue?
  4. So I am officially seven months out and down 60 lbs. I am down from a size 18 to a size 8. Life is good. BUT, I've been noticing that I don't have the same feeling of not being hungry as I did before. I'm really scared. I know its the holidays and I must admit, I have been gnoshing like crazy on things like goat cheese and fig spread, usualy holiday foods and wine... that damn wine. In the last two weeks I've gained 4lbs and I'm freaking out. I need to step up the excercise...this I know. I really don't want to lose that much more weight but, honestly, another 15 to 20 and I'd be at goal. Don't know what to do.
  5. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    Body Temperature

    Very, very cold all the time now. Like bone chilling cold. I do have low thyroid function, but the tests show I'm normal. Weird.
  6. I'm not hungry but I must eat. I've been lightheaded, dizzy, and unable to stuff anything in my mouth lately. I used to LOVE steak, LOVE IT TO PIECES. Now I think it looks like, well, muscle on a plate. Gross. Desserts, something I used to freaking love, are a no go too. I am grateful to not desire and not overindulge in things but I really miss going on yelp, checking out new food spots, food and wine parings, and trying new cuisine. I can't do that anymore. Its just pointless. So I miss brunch with all you can drink Mimosas, I miss bread and butter, an entree and a creme' brulee because I'm treating myself. I'll be over it. What was anyone else's food mourning like?
  7. Not sure how I feel about this. I realize there could be many variables leading me to this conclusion: 1. I could feel a little more confident and exude it 2. I am not wearing the same baggy clothing I was donning before. 3. I am actually a cute girl, maybe there's something to it. But anyone else notice a difference in the way people started treating them when they started loosing? Save humanity.
  8. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    San Diego Buddy?

    Sounds good. Want to meet up sometime this week?
  9. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    How VSG changed your tastes!

    For me it is portion size. I can have a bite of anything and be quite satisfied with just that. I usually crave Breakfast now because, to me, it involves the most protein: eggs and meat. When I look at breakfast portions in some of my past favorite places: Original pancake House for example... it makes me sick to know that I could once eat that much. WOW
  10. Went for another post op appt. yesterday. Doc said I've got a slight hernia that he felt when I coughed. I'm guessing it wasn't there last time. He said if it gets bigger, than it will be a cause for concern, in the meantime, no worries. Anyone else had a hernia from surgery. I'm wondering what caused this or is it just from being pregnant? Thoughts?
  11. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    So doc said I've got a hernia...

    Yeah, its above my belly button.
  12. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    San Diego Buddy?

    Well we can still go check it out. I'd love to go. Let me know if you want to try it anytime soon. There's also a wine steals in Liberty Station across the street from Corvette diner.
  13. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    San Diego Buddy?

    Anyone else want to do it that weekend? How is everyone who has had their surgery thus far? Check in ladies so we can organize something.
  14. I lose weight in a stair step kind of fashion. I'll lose 2-3 lbs in one week, then I'll lose nothing for another week or two. I have noticed when I eat more (low calorie of course), I lose more. When I'm not eating really, I don't lose. WTH?
  15. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    On 8 weeks out, too soon?

    I want a breast reduction really bad. Should I wait until my body is finished losing or start now. I noticed today that I actually do slouch to compensate the weight pulling me forward. It hurts bad.
  16. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    San Diego Buddy?

    Do you want to give the place a trial run the week of the 18th? I'm down if you are.
  17. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    San Diego Buddy?

    Anyone want to shoot for early August? What about wine steals in Hillcrest? We can have a meat and cheese platter (PROTEIN) with a bottle to split between all of us since I know we are all light weights now. I'm not married to this idea, just throwing stuff out there.
  18. So... Before I start. YES, I ate bad stuff. YES, this was my fault. YES, I fell off the wagon, AGAIN, but I'm still losing, still in control 98% of the time, and still appreciative that I put myself through this. So before I got sleeved I discovered this new dessert: French Macarons. * sigh* Long story short. They're cute little egg white Cookies sandwiched together with jam, ganache' or buttercream in the center. I think they're good... they are. I was invited to party of someone who I'm trying to impress because I'm an intern in my graduate program. I knew these fancy cookies would be a hit and a conversation starter. I eat one...an hour later, I eat another. An hour later, I eat 1.5. My tummy gets upset. Like real upset. Then I get a headache, massive friggin headache. Then I leave because my bowels were getting angry with me. WOW, violent bathroom episode (I know, TMI), I hate macarons now. So... my body said, "okay girl, you don't believe you had surgery huh?" So that's dumping.
  19. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    Oh, so THAT's what dumping feels like

    For me it was a very painful sense or urgency with violent, watery stools. TMI but just being honest. Totally not worth it. The only silver lining is that I lost about four ounces after I was done, lol. Is it sick that I weigh myself after taking a poo?
  20. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    San Diego Buddy?

    Sounds good. Hmmm... Next week is a VERY busy week for me. What about the week of the 18th.
  21. Amazing about the little things...
  22. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    San Diego Buddy?

    San Diego resident here as well. Been sleeved for 7 weeks now. We all should meet up for a Protein rich meal and have our own little pow wow. Anyone interested?
  23. My son just turned one. My body is totally different. All my weight is centralized in my mid section. My weight has gone up and down like Oprah since the age of about 24. I realize I have serious body issues brought on by my mother who's been on a diet for as long as I can remember. She always had slim fast or some type of diet stuff in the house. The other day she told me that I should've lost more weight than I've lost by now and you can't really tell that I've lost weight. It got to me. I feel like I can't either. I was wearing a size 18 and can fit a 16 now (pants are loose everywhere except on tummy. * sigh * I'm slow losing and even thought I didn't have a lot of weight to lose compared to some, I still feel... like this "TOOL" isn't working the way I thought it would. All the you tube videos/updates I watched make me feel like that wont' be me. Okay, I'll stop rambling now. Sorry, just had to vent.
  24. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    Slow losing makes me a sore loser

    Thanks guys... Yeah, that was really crappy of her to say.
  25. USMCwifeandTEACHER

    Anyone have surgery w/a baby at home?

    My son just turned one today. My post-op guidelines said not to lift anything over 20 lbs. My guy, six weeks ago, was maybe 22 lbs. I know its over but it was so close I figured it wasn't a big deal. I did fine.

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