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  1. I would agree not to eat until you are hungry. Protein first of course...Its such a gamble everyday, week, and month I discover something new.
  2. Joneev

    Start Weight 295 Current Weight 174

    Amesome Job!!! You look good!
  3. Thank you Allison for sharing your story and tips. I get inspired when I hear good news about others having success because I have tried it all. But the stories and pictures I see of others success fills me with hope. So continue to share it helps us all!
  4. I was banded 2/7/12 and I've lost 22 lbs.
  5. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    Im on the tight rope here so I lost 6lbs right. Then gained 2lbs now i lost 3 lbs. What had happened was I've been riding my bicycle 3-4 miles 5-6 times per week. BUT I was being greedy after I found out I was in Onderland then I got kicked out. But now Im back in im eating like a baby bird and my pitbull eats whatever I dont finish. I had California chicken Cafe yesterday almost had an episode because I got a whole wheat pita and that thang got stuck. My eyes watered and I sat there til it passed. I found I am only able to eat a quarter of the chicken breast now. Also I am drinking a lot of Water I bought some Mio and it really is tasty.
  6. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    I've lost 5 lbs since last fill. I think I have 5 cc in my band. I tried taking my biotin capsule this morning and I slimmed and heaved til my protein shake and vitamins came right back up. So now I know how true restriction feels. (null)
  7. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    Waterchick that's an awesome loss!!! Congrats! I think Docs wait til you've lost all you can or atleast my Dr does before he gives me a nice big fill. Currently I take a bite of food that I can pinch between my fingers. That stops me from taking to big a bite . I think at 4.5cc or 5 cc (null)
  8. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    I see my restriction is more intense than before. I did 48hr liquids and 24hrs mushy. I think im gonna go back to shakes in the am I was being greedy with eggs...
  9. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    Ok U havent been here in a while so here goes... I was banded 2/7/12 I weighed 220lbs I am currently 202lbs I just got my 3rd fill and it is tight. So tight I could barely eat eggs. But I dont want to unfill because I havent lost a pound since my 2nd fill. I am currently pbing from breakfast so I made a 1/2 cup of hot coffee. Yesterday I ate beef kabob and hummus with a little pita bread. So Im not sure why its so tight this morning.
  10. Joneev

    Hunger/gas Pains

    Have you been walking? I would drink tea and have a gas x strip. Lay on your left side legs together knees bent and let it rip! If you are drinking Protein the powders cause had try Muscle milk light. (null)
  11. I wanna know too because I get a deep sleep if I lay on my tummy... (null)
  12. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    Yeah hes good and pretty quick but there were alot of people scheduled I was first but then another patient who was there for her surgiversery was seen then me. Glad its over because it was no walk in the park
  13. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    Im doing better 2nd day home sipping water and protein shake. I walked over a mile. I'm feeling much better than I was on surgery day (null)
  14. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    Oh the pain (null)
  15. Joneev

    February Bandsters?

    In the morning around 8:30am sorta nervous but ready. We should keep in touch so we can hold each other accountable. Hope all is well with you.

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