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  1. Jim1967

    Banders #7

    Thank you very much!
  2. Jim1967

    Banders #7

    Hello All, Hope you're all hanging in there and Winter hasn't been too cruel to you. Kelli and I spent Valentine's Day sharing some pretty remarkable news.....TWINS!! She will be 13 weeks tomorrow with a due date of Aug 24. Must admit I have not been eating well these last few weeks, ok maybe months and I know my weight is up. Hopefully, I can get back on track and continue to be healthy for these little gifts on the way are going to require a lot of attention.
  3. Jim1967

    Banders #7

    So has anyone spoken with CarolinaGirl lately? I know she hit a rough patch a while back. Hope she is doing well.
  4. Jim1967

    Banders #7

    Hello one and all! Hope you're all doing well. I've gotten pretty bad about checking in here. I have a new position at work and seems to suck up any and all 'free' time I had. How dare these people expect me to work during a work day. Anyway, all is good here and living life...
  5. Jim1967

    Don't get a lap band

    3+ years here and doing fine.....
  6. Jim1967

    VIP Member Check In

    I'm always late the party... My name is Jim in case that is not obvious and I'm 47 and live in NH with my wonderful Wife of 8 years. Just taking life one day at a time and enjoying as much of it as I can.
  7. Jim1967

    Any Regrets?

    My only regret is the lost time while struggling with day to day life both physically and mentally. Like so many others I wish I had done it sooner. I am a little over 3 years out now and life had done a complete 180 degree turn. It has been such an eye opening experience.
  8. I did the band for two reasons..... 1. I was 488lbs when I started the process and thought the was band safer choice with less chance of complications and reversible. I was pretty concerned about being able to survive the procedure. 2. My only options were band or bypass because the Sleeve was not yet offered at my Center and quite honest I never heard of it before. I have had tremendous success with my band and I have been pretty fortunate to have such a smooth journey but if I am being totally honest I don't know if I would make the same choice if I had to do over with today's available Sleeve option. Decision would definitely require more pondering.
  9. Jim1967

    *Repost* Not losing weight/what am I doing wrong?

    Good to see you my friend and excellent post as always. I have long gave up trying to debate the band haters. I know it works for me but I also know that it may not work for others. WLS is not a one size fits all surgery. It's about finding what works for you and then work it. I am for all forms of WLS if it helps a person reach their goal of getting healthly. What I am against is bashing any form of WLS. Only thing I really get hung up on is when someone says "Oh you have an awful lot of weight to lose. I wouldn't recommend the band". 99% of the time it is a non-bander saying it with no experience with the band to back it up.
  10. Jim1967

    Need to vent!

    Nothing sweeter than a non scale victory!!
  11. Jim1967

    Hunger and Satiety Scale

    Nice reminder to hang on the refrigerator
  12. And this is why I keep coming back Thank you.
  13. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary and success. We share the anniversary day just a couple of years apart. I come back pretty much for the same reasons you mention above. I try and avoid the negative posts but I like to give back by offering encouragement to those looking to change their life. Seems that new bandsters are slowly fizzling out. I can not visit for a week and still manage to catch up pretty quickly. Part of it saddens me but I completely understand medical technology changes all the time and WLS is no different. Seems like yesterday I was new and didn't know where to start. So many people helped me along the way. Most of them have moved on. I guess some get what they need from the site and move on with life.
  14. It is a very slow process. My Wife is also banded and she lost just under 30lbs in the first year. They are bringing her along much slower then I Keep in mind I was pushing 450lbs and generally the more you weigh the faster it goes especially in the beginning. Key is to stick with it and push through those frustrating times. @CTJohn I have a lot of loose skin and as a matter of fact I just went to information seminar this past Tuesday. I have serious wrinkles every where and it is not pretty. I did what I could at the gym but given my age and amount of stretched skin all the workouts in the world couldn't help. I am going to be making a consult with plastic surgeon but a lot is going to depend on whether or not insurance will cover anything. Right now none of it is bothering me health-wise. No rashes or irritations of such. April 16 will be my 3rd year anniversary.
  15. I talk to Missy very often. She is doing great and living life. Like most of us who live in the 'winter' states she is waiting for warmer weather to come and thaw and get outside and play again :-) Sadly, I do not speak with CG much at all. I visit her blog every now and then but I don't hear from her much.

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