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    I am a 34 year old single mom of a 13 year old son named Cameron.
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  1. HopeThruFaith

    Durham, North Carolina?

    So what point are you in the process? I love the program at Wake Forest even though I am struggling somewhat at this point. I was a year post op in March and finding it harder and harder to remain focused. Anybody else having any issues?
  2. How exciting!!! I hope it all goes well. Keep us posted.
  3. HopeThruFaith

    Durham, North Carolina?

    Congrats you guys!!! Keep us posted and let us know how it goes ;0)
  4. Are you researching surgeons to perform your surgery? I guess I'm a little confused.
  5. I won't give up ;0) Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm getting my gallbladder out 2/5 so I'm gonna use this time to reprogram myself and get back in the game!!!
  6. I have lost 124 pounds but still has 97 more to lose. It's getting harder and harder for me everyday to stay focused and positive about my journey. I've reverted back into some bad habits and find it extremely difficult to get it back in gear. I hate to think after all I've sacrificed to have the surgery and the adjustments I had to go through was all in vain. Congrats to you ladies who have reached or near reaching your goal. I can only imagined how great that must feel.
  7. We are all coming up on a year, how has everybody been doing? Anyone met their goal yet?
  8. Sorry to hear about your appointments. I know they've just recently moved into their own building and one of the nutritionist just recently returned from maternity leave. Those factors could very well play a part in the scheduling confusion but hang it there it'll all be worth it. I had been working with two other doctors to get the lap band and it just was never the right fit for me. Once I came across Dr. Fuzz and he offered the option of the sleeve I was sold ;0)
  9. HopeThruFaith

    Durham, North Carolina?

    How is everybody doing with their sleeves? Any stalls yet?
  10. My surgery was great. I didn't have any complications. I received the best care in the hospital and my sleeve works great ;0) The whole team at Dr. Fernandez's office have all been amazing and I wouldn't have gotten this far without them. I go in Feb 5 to have my gallbladder removed by Dr. Fernandez and feel totally confident that I'll receive the same great care. Keep me posted on your journey; I'd love to hear all about it .
  11. Happy 36th Birthday HopeThruFaith!

  12. HopeThruFaith

    Cigna Insurance/how Long Does It Take For Approval

    I was told they had 30 days to review my paperwork and they tried to take everyday they had within that 30 day timeframe. I found out 2 weeks before my scheduled surgery which was 3 1/2 weeks after submitting.
  13. HopeThruFaith

    Plateau And Weight Gain

    How many carbs are you eating? When I have issues I drop back on my carbs and get a loss immediately.
  14. Congrats on your success and positive attitude. I especially love the pic in your Adidas hoodie. You can tell a big difference!!! Congrats ;0)
  15. HopeThruFaith

    I Can Not Stop Eating! Uuugh

    Going through it right now. I just got through saying how I was ravenous today and can't seem to stop. Even though I've made good choicesI don't see anything wrong with the occasional treat. It's not like we PMS and gorge on fatty carbs everyday. Sometimes you gotta give your body what it ask for. And it's very true in my case, as soon as it goes off my stomach shrinks back to its tiny size. I guess that explains all the horrible cramping I now experience ;0(

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